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  1. I first saw 1800 and thought there were 1800 designs )) I will try to get a Napoleon 1 20f and then perhaps a 100f piece to add some variety.
  2. I first saw 1800 and thought there were 1800 designs )) I will try to get a Napoleon 1 20f and then perhaps a 100f piece to add some variety.
  3. I haven't been buying much as I have been busy closing on a buy to let in docklands.. well that is now closed and the tenant will move in at the beginning of May so I can now focus on the hobby a little bit more. I have been looking for interesting things with some potential and just bought this item in eBay auction. I love coins from this period. I have an 1812 Napoleon I 40 Frank and this got an AU55 when I graded it myself. This one is 1815 and is a Louis coin.
  4. I have Gold: I have 3 (min 5) $3,000 value max Modern I have 2 (min 5) $1,000 value max (>1955/1970 to present) Value 1 from forum member + 4 more needed. VALUE takes 28 days and needs to be sent separately FULL DETAILS of TIERS https://www.ngccoin.com/submit/services-fees/ PM Me if you would like to send stuff for grading November 24th.
  5. Mega unboxing from March Part 2 Part 3 Parts 4 and 5 to come
  6. It sounds like the 500 was a deal with MCM or govmint. I expect that they will emerge in the next month slabbed with a special label.
  7. I have never found them obliging in that way.
  8. Your Trigos panda did well
  9. I am thinking most of this era sovs at a bargain price are problems. I will be much more careful before I buy my next one.
  10. Yes that must be it. Grading fee is £500 when you pay I will send it over ))
  11. Someone who I coded SS in my list sent in this 1914 Sovereign to be graded and I can't remember who it was....
  12. First of many unboxing videos is up showing the March grading.
  13. Todays update is that the packages seem to have appeared at Coventry Parcelforce and were downgraded to a different service level for some reason. I believe both are now on the way to the USA and one may have already arrived so good news I hope.
  14. A large box arrived from NGC today... With any luck this contains pretty much everything from March
  15. Last time exactly the same thing happened then a few days later it appeared in New York and scanned OK. I dont think Parcelforce seem to care much!
  16. You know those moments in life when a lot of things depend on you and the stakes are high and success or failure rests with a third party who doesn't care if you succeed of fail. My wife things I am nuts to do this and so I have it from all sides... I just hope this stuff shows up like it did last time.
  17. On 13th April I sent 4 packages to the USA to NGC for Grading. Two were sent by Royal Mail Tracked and Signed and Two were sent by Parcelforce Global Express one day expedited service. The two that were sent by Royal Mail are on the way to Sarasota and are being tracked by the Royal Mail correctly. The two packages that were sent to NGC via Parcelforce by Global Express were collected by the ParcelForce driver and scanned into the VAN and have not been scanned further. This has happened before with ParcelForce and the parcels have successfully made it to the destination. The boxes each way almost 3kg and contain ALL the modern tier coins that have been submitted. Parcelforce have carried out an investigation and have denied that the packages arrived at the depot. I have visited the post office and they say the packages were handed to a Parcelforce driver. They are obtaining the CCTV to back this up. I think it is likely that in the next few days the packages will arrive in the USA or be found but there must also be a possibility that this will not be the case. I am not having a good day today as you might imagine and I am waiting for further news.
  18. Welcome Carlos you have been busy and it has been a good time to start stacking in 2013 as all your gold will have been good buys. It's a great forum and we hope you enjoy it.
  19. This was the way I described it.. Unfortunately someone was not paying attention..but it will get sorted I am sure.
  20. Here is the reverse Before After
  21. Yes I agree totally. I have asked for it to be changed.. I have already got them to reslab 20 pandas with the old label...to the new large panda... A word of praise for NCS They were given this... And it was turned into this Same coin
  22. I wouldn't buy them at this point as there is a more than even chance of the £ price of gold falling. I would buy shield back sovereigns in MS at best price you can or invest in peer to peer lending like funding Circle for 2 years till exchange rate reverts to 1.55
  23. Next lot is on it's way to NGC. I divided it into 4 packages this time to spread the risk. It cost more to do that but will make me less nervous. Parcelforce global express for 2 heavy boxes and RM tracked and signed for 2 lighter ones. The gold tier will come back on its own. All moderns will be processed together Value Antique and NCS will also be grouped together.
  24. It would have been nice to get a 70 for my 2 Onza 2014 Silver Proof. Its a key coin with only 750 minted.