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  1. I am delighted to announce that the sponsor of the magnificent Temple of Heaven panda medal has donated one of the 199 bimetallic medals minted to be a prize in this free member prize draw exclusively for members of the silver forum. this is the second in the panda Temple of Heaven series of medals and this one features a massively improved design for the panda, and significant additional detailing for the Temple of Heaven itself. To enter all you need to do is to reply to this message and put the next available number in the reply. The closing date will be midnight UK time on 31 May 2017. A winning number will be drawn at random and the medal will be sent direct buy the sponsor to the winner. GOOD LUCK!!
  2. I am so delighted to see the sponsor of the series making great headway with quality. Panda and Temple is such a great combination and is one of the few modern medal ranges to have made its way into the new panda collector book #3. This is a good sign. As I said in the bought thread I have ordered just one set for my own collection and I will have these graded by NGC. Special detail techniques used to enhance Panda fur. Micro carving of dragon on steps. In #1 this was empty space. See also the writing in the eaves of the levels. On the Panda side the die polishing process and the sand blasting of matte areas has been improved too. This is an early production prototype of the antique version and I must say it's looking great.
  3. Today I bought 3 of the new Temple Panda medal. A bimetallic 199 mintage, a brass with 99 mintage and a brass antique with 69 mintage. There will be Silver variants too. http://www.numicconnection.com
  4. That old sovereign bug.. I have a dose of it myself
  5. I have Gold: I have 3 (min 5) $3,000 value max Modern I have 2 (min 5) $1,000 value max (>1955/1970 to present) Value 1 from forum member + 4 more needed. VALUE takes 28 days and needs to be sent separately FULL DETAILS of TIERS https://www.ngccoin.com/submit/services-fees/ PM Me if you would like to send stuff for grading November 24th.
  6. They got tusks baby!
  7. Some more good news guys .. the first part of the graded coins from April is now back in London however the second part has not yet been finalized by NGC and of course I am in the USA till 31st. So it looks like coins will be back to you first week in June. For those that travel. The Mojitos in the Virgin Heathrow clubhouse are great and Delta Diamonds [emoji184] now get access again on Premium Economy tickets.
  8. I understand the original was a debased 75% silver coin that the Europeans use for trade because they did not want to bring too many of the eight escudos coins into the states.
  9. All of our coins are safely in the USA The TSA agent was keen to talk Coins with me
  10. Another few coins sent in for grading. Only one more packed which is being sent by an American from youtube to me over in Florida but so far we are sending 170 coins over to NGC for grading. Last time it was about 145 and the time before that 117 coins. It is interesting to see what the flavour of the month is for grading each time. Top choices for grading this time: 2017 Perth Mint Swan 2017 Peter Rabbit 2017 Tuvalu Dragon 2017 Netherlands Lion 2017 Silver Proof Krugerrand
  11. Some more grading entries Flying to New Orleans tomorrow
  12. 2017 Lion Dollar Love this coin
  13. They have taken up to 3 weeks! Always track on USPS app
  14. Lets take a look at some more of the ones that have been graded... This is the MS version of the Rooster - It looks almost as good as the Proof. The Small Copper Trigos Medal Nice the way they leave the cut away at the bottom so you can see the serial number. The COA has the serial number and the certificate number too. A 1937 old penny - there are only a very few ever graded better than this one. Almost the top graded MS66 Sovereign from 1925
  15. You did better than me as always .... I only got 69's and you scored 2 70's if I remember
  16. Actually it is the number of the invoice number from grading invoice. Each of these coins is individually serialized and the slab has a viewing area on the bottom to show the corresponding COA number on the coin itself.
  17. Yes thanks all done and good I graded mine ))
  18. Greetings Slabbers... I am delighted to say that at least some the tiers have been given grades. As usual tears of joy interspersed with tears of sorrow... The big tier 72 coins and the NCS tier has yet to be finalised but here are some slabs to give you a taste and keep you going. This one is mine. Some experts were forecasting cleaning or some other nasty. But this time its a clean 58 which I am very happy with. This beautiful sixpence is one of very very few to have been given a CAMEO grading. I love it. My 1853-O got a MS53 which is about as expected. Anything from regional mints is cool. I sent 3 California Fractionals in and this was the only one not to be detailed. Great result as only a handful of these have ever been graded. This lovely 1937 full sovereign graded by @RegalStackerwas awarded a PF64. I am surprised it did not get cameo but hey ho. The Rawanda roosters got 69's (all of them!) and the label looks good. Talking of labels these Trigo's should have had Panda Labels - I am trying to get this sorted.
  19. So far everything sent is ready to go. A few more packages will arrive tomorrow and Friday
  20. I just sent out all the payment notes for the April grading. I cant find who sent me the 4 x 1g Pandas... If it was you please PM me ))
  21. In July there will be the proper proof design. This is the BU version of the regular bullion coin. There should be something special this year I hope.
  22. I spoke to coin portfolio management today at length and I think they are doing everything in their power to help this situation which appears to be a defect caused by the inadequacy of the box and mint packaging. The box is far too large with too much internal space and a lack of padding. I received two boxed items from a silver forum member this morning and when I opened them they were exactly the same as the items I have received from CPM. It seems very clear that the problems are caused by inadequate mint packaging and transit. My two final items are being sent by them today and I have agreed that the capsules will be removed from the packaging and separately bubble wrapped.
  23. Packaging up coins to send in for grading: Please can you send coins in capsules or flips only. Boxes are not necessary at all and particularly with some of the Silver Krugerrrands can cause extra issues. Coins in air-tites are ok - I will remove them and send the coins to NGC in flips as NGC will not accept air-tites. Labels: A number of folks ask for special labels that they have seen - for example the very nice Queens Beasts labels - however most of these limited labels are for MCM or the large USA resellers. The only ones that can be requested by me are the ones that are on the NGC site. The most frequently used so far are: Panda Lunar Mexico Great Britain but there are others too.
  24. It is a little like watching paint dry I know... The remaining two tiers are due to NCS completing conservation. The one with 12 coins is a pure NCS tier and the one with 72 coins has been completed and NCS are now working on a few coins for conservation. When NCS hand NGC the coins in this tier then they will regrade them and release the pics and grades.