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  1. I am not 100% sure but I can tell you that everything in that last list was not submitted originally for conservation. If your coin had a red spot then there is a good chance it would have been originally submitted for conservation and would therefore not be on that list.
  2. The capsules seem to fit very well The capsules seem to fit very well
  3. I have been notified by NGC that some coins can be improved by NCS conservation service. I have approved them for conservation hope I am right to.... the grades given are pre conservation and may improve with conservation.
  4. The coins in the last grading are moving through the system at a reasonable pace. They will only be available to review and know grades when all the tiers are completed and then the system will say "finalised" and this is the stage they take pics etc.. If you are interesting in sending any coins in for the next grading then the cut off at the moment is 10th April so there is still a little more time.
  5. I am eternally frustrated by the way "low mintage" is used for things that are not low mintage. In absolute terms anything over 2,000 of something is likely to be routinely available for a considerable time. It may be that this type of issue can yield over the longer-term, but any hope of a quick flip unless they demand is extraordinary is futile. For low mintage to mean something there also has to be a high demand from end buyers other than those who buy everything they can see in the hope of turning a quick profit. But there also has to be further buyers who want to purchase when that coin is no longer current in order to complete sets or runs. This is the principal reason that I avoid commemoratives that are not part of a widely loved series. Too often, they are forgotten and available for 50% of initial retail in the secondary market. Low mintage also needs to be relative to other similar issues for example, a coin that is usually minted at 2000 but in one year is minted at 500, gets the double whammy of initial shortage of coins and the difficulty of filling in sets later. Libertads are a good example as they are part of the series and have wildly different Mintages in different years. A 2014 gold proof with 250 minted is worth 3 x a 2016 with 2100 minted and really over time in might become worth 10 x
  6. You should get your money back from eBay
  7. It's pretty obvious Box and capsules for qb 2oz
  8. I bid for 3 of them but none of the bids were successful unfortunately. Must take a look at what they went for. Yes there should be an ancient tier this time so please send it over
  9. Won an email bid at Lockdales auction. My first Roman coin. Caligula. Always had a soft spot for that since seeing Helen Mirren when I was a teenager. Will have it graded by NGC Antique Coins and feature it on the channel.
  10. Delivery today from Lucky Big panda is delightful in particular.
  11. Still gradeable from NGC. I only bought the pandas but I did get three copper and one silver 300 g. Still waiting for my package.
  12. @jester it's no problem being state side and you can either send them to the uk now for April or it's cheaper to include them in May and send them locally to Florida.
  13. One always has to watch to see what Jb's coins actually look like. They are presented very well in his listings. This coin was reasonable for the quality. Good pickup
  14. https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-grading/labels/ Lots of choices
  15. Here is what I am planning for NGC grading going forward. Next grading - will send what I have at this date to NGC by post from London 13th APRIL 2017 Following Grading - will take the coins with me to the USA and post from the USA by Priority or Registered Mail 19th MAY 2017 Presentation of coins for grading - Having spent many happy hours getting the coins into a suitable shape for grading (one coin per flip or original capsules) I will now be making a small extra charge for those submissions that are not in the prescribed format that i have to spend extra time on (I think this is reasonable ) of $3 to cover the saflips and tape and time etc... So please no coins in those paper holders held together by staples and NO air-tites - one NGC wont accept coins in air tites and two they are a real bugger to open. It would be helpful if you would list for each coin; Country Description MS/PF Variety Value in US$ Special Label (Panda, Mexico, etc...) + $5 I will then work out the right tier etc..