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  1. Next unboxing video is up
  2. When they bring out coins such as the 2016 Centennial gold they use SP. it seems that the Royal Mint BU is the same as these. special strike, special planchets. However the Britannia Plain fields is similar and they seem to prefer to give this MS and DPL so I am not convinced they have it right.
  3. First unboxing video for grading results is up.
  4. Can they really be blamed if the Mint don't even know what they are minting ))
  5. When I have been sending them in for grading I have been specifying SP rather than MS or PF however NGC have a mind of their own on these things and they will decide how they want to classify them. I believe that SP would be the right classification but they may not do. As for the error, I think that the original COA plus the letter tells a better story than the correct COA. I think it is unlikely to add any value either way.
  6. Grading bullion is not normally my bag [emoji161] baby [emoji64] .... but I had a good feeling about this one and picked up 10 of the 100's. If any look good I will Grade them.
  7. That should be a good buy. Are you grading them?
  8. The dealer in Sarasota! will have 10 sets of 6. Some sets of 5 are still available from Lucky but I don't think he has many left. Here is the brass and antique copper.
  9. The first real pics of the new garden panda medal have appeared and it looks promising. There are 6 varieties and all but the antique silver one have 99 mintage and the antique silver has 59 minted. The silver medals are 2oz of fine silver and all medals are in a scolloped pattern. The second of the garden panda designs is in the planning stage now. I have ordered 2 sets of 6 from Lucky and I will have these graded. The medal is made by XSJ who are connected to Shanghai Mint and I believe there is some crossover in ownership. The XSJ team did the lovely Trigos medal This graded well and was well received. I have confirmed that a large USA dealer based near NGC has bought 10 sets of 6 and will be marketing these. A first for an independent medal.
  10. New Panda Label option is now available. If you submit Pandas please now state clearly if you want #383 the Large Panda or #887 the Panda Ink Brush. I will be using the new #887 on my Garden Pandas which should arrive soon from China.
  11. They can take a kilo coin!
  12. Now the sorting and posting fun comes
  13. Good news.. large box has arrived containing most of the May grading apart from some at NCS Expect to see lots of unboxings and coins in the post over the next few days
  14. for sale

    Mine got a 69 there were a couple of 70's and they don't come up often. I don't think $500 is a crazy price but I'm not sure it would get all the way there in an open auction.
  15. Bought a 2017 1/4oz Gold BU Libertad which will have a mintage of 500 this year. Also pre ordered the Sovereign book from Token Publishing