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  1. It's all earlier in the thread )) got to scroll back a few pages
  2. I think it's just plain wrong )) a mistake Probably a Piedfort Set Maybe a 2017 Piedfort Britannia?
  3. It's rest of April and some of May
  4. What's next?
  5. I am wondering if the RM did not make the strike on the day BU sovereign available to the dealer channel. Not all products seem to be available to the channel in quantity, or it may be that the quantity discounts that they applied made them choose one as opposed to the other. I think that most BU sovereigns were sold to individuals and should be fairly widely dispersed. Can anyone confirm if there are any other lower mintage proof or BU sovereigns that have a distinctive actual design? I can't think of any but I may not know complete information
  6. I sold a 2002 BU and it was very different from the bullion shiny finish
  7. The 2017 BU 5 Sovereign has now sold out too. That's all 3 coins sold in 1.5 days or so...Congrats to all the buyers as this is likely to be a winner (at least as good as the Peter Rabbit 2017 )) @shortstack68 )
  8. Yes I think all should now be back
  9. Box arrived back from NGC...
  10. Next parcel from NGC almost with us... Next parcel from NGC almost with us...
  11. My guess is about 130 or so maybe more probably under 200.
  12. GRADING OF 2017 Sovereigns Released Today Special Grading ONLY for these coins in July when they arrive It looks like by the middle of July there will be a fair few deliveries of BU and Piedfort Sovereigns. Since all of these will miss the end of June grading I thought how nice it would be to do a special grading in July ONLY for 2017 Sovereigns so if anyone wants "First Releases" or "Early Releases" designation they can get them (+$10). My plan was to have a choice of the regular brown label or the Blue (ER or FR) or the Great Britain Label (+$5). Can be combined with Early Releases or First Releases or used on its own Pay the $10 and choose either 1 or the other as needed Standard Brown Label If you want to have yours graded with NGC then PM me as usual.
  13. I don't think even under the old rules that they ever promised a 70 would always crossover.
  14. More grading entries And
  15. Grading entries for NGC I sent a pcgs 1937 Sovereign for crossover to NGC and it did not crossover [emoji854]