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  1. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    Here is how it works guys…. APMEX uses a lot of search engine optimization techniques. If you search for the 1/10 gold BU Libertad on Google+ the APMEX out of stock record will come up. Many searchers will visit the site and buy something that Apmex does have in stock. They may have done this on purpose. They may have tried to place an order like many other dealers but the Mexican mint did not fulfill the order. Who knows the exact reason?
  2. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    Drop feeding does happen as the dealers want to maximize allocations. Not many ever get sent to NGC of the gold BU coins and here is a reminder why.. They come in jingly bags banging against each other. 70 is very rare for BU Libs. Has anyone actually seen any 10ths being sold online? I suspect most have gone to known collectors on mailing lists. I have a good collection of BU Libs and there seems to be more interest. This probably will be the last year of the current design. Is anyone buying up Silver proofs cheaply via the German Dealers?
  3. Withdrawn from sale
  4. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    The minted numbers going through the mints books are always greater than the released numbers. I think there is a good chance the released numbers are accurate. The 1/10th is unbuyable anywhere. The 1/4 is pretty much sold out it seems and only being eeked out by supplier large price rises.
  5. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    There are many invoices that contain the same types of coins. Do his may be in one of the others ))
  6. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    17 18 19 20 are goldmick @goldmick they say gold on description of each line
  7. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    This information may help you guys work out which coin belongs to whom. The owner is at the front of each description
  8. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    Some wise words from shortstack68 (hate to admit that) but he is right. Better to drip feed into a stack and consider it a 5-15 year investment Even then fashion is a bitch and todays cool items are yesterdays has beens. Dont be suckered into buying hot items too late at the highest price, buy items at auction or from other members here at low prices. Buy in tranches of £200-£500 a time every few months and in a few years you will have a massive useful store of wealth that gives you life options. By the time a coin is in the news its too late - its like shares - you need to be the first buyer not the last buyer and with £100 its almost inevitable you will lose and pick badly at the beginning. It might be better advice to buy old USA or UK gold thats over 100 years old at ebay or other auction and just pay more than someone else. When you come to sell that coin will be in demand and desirable unless you buy something very common. Think about buying pre-33 from a dealer in Germany or old gold like a half or full guinea. If you are wedded to silver buy low mintage silver from a good mint the moment it comes out african series are popular. Think about saving postage by using @BackyardBullion group buy and get coins at the lowest issue price and wait patiently.
  9. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Another tier this time conserved by NCS has been released. @RegalStacker
  10. Advice on starting to flip with £100 only

    What to do with £100? Best option is to save more and start with £250 and buy a sovereign. If you get bored with it you can sell it easily and you may make £10 or lose £10 depending on how the wind blows. If you only had £100 and you were going to add to the stack each month then 2oz Beast bullion coins or lower mintage silver bullion kooks or special britannias but consider it as savings not a double your money opportunity. You could do something like 2.5g Pamp gold bars. You could also consider a 2017 1/20th Libertad gold BU @stackermike is selling some beautiful graded pandas and at the prices being asked they are a great buy for a longer term investment and might even give a profit on a quick resale.
  11. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    @sovereignsteve not a lot of point except it says they were among the first to be sent out and got to NGC quickly. Seems the first ones may have been a tiny. It better than the end of the run?
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    More gradings this time some more serious numismatic material wake up @jester and @silvertanner )) @silvertanner @jester
  13. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I think it is yes
  14. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    DING DONG boys Grading results time for @Goldmick @arcglide and others @hooria love this one very much.
  15. Gold has gone up and the Sovereigns are now too cheap. If anyone wants then at the old price I will keep it open till 6pm today only so get your orders in. After 6pm they will be £255 each.