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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Silver Bullion Coins
  1. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    Apologies @fourboysplus i did miss your previous post stating that! Just re-read. Interesting, I hope it was done on a hydraulic one- either that or the fella who did it had a very very big leg.......! Its a lovely piece, I love stuff like this. Bit of history to it and spot price- brilliant. Enjoy!
  2. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    I might be wrong but it looks to me like the bar has been halved using a guillotine, or another method which places the material in shear. This literally tears the particles apart and gives the appearance as shown in the pics- that will be the grain of the metal. The area at the top could be as silver is soft, the top layers have been compressed and smoothed as the blade starts to compress the metal before shearing. Just my view, could be totally wrong- but it looks good to me. Thinking about it, it makes sense to do it this way, as if you were to saw it, you'd lose the weight of the thickness of the cutting blade- and neither husband nor wife would have half, a little less. Unless they swept up and kept the filings of course!
  3. completed 1979 IOM Proof Half Sovereign

    Lovely coin Mr junk bond. Great vintage too- although I'm biased
  4. 1 gram to 1/10 Gold Coins

    I have a one grain bar somewhere. After a beer I can't even see it I'll admit i liked the look of the 1/10 (maybe 1/20?) isle of man angel that's been doing the rounds on here, may have been roys at some point. Lovely looking coin
  5. completed Silver bars

    Buzz on the CML sheffield bar on left of pic, if still available, have sent PM
  6. Sovereign Rings

    Nice looking 1500 there keep us posted on how you're getting on with it. I managed to touch my "project" for the first time in over a year last week, i'm sure chatting on this thread helped the mojo, so thanks for that all.
  7. completed 1892 Jubilee Half Sovereign £120

    Lovely coin sir hope it finds a good home!
  8. 2017 Sovererign - My first

    Congratulations! 2017 was one of my first too, 2nd infact, to mark the year I started collecting. My '79 was my 3rd! '79/'80, the sign of a great vintage welcome to the club.
  9. completed 100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar

    Ash, you wouldn't part exchange a 2003 corolla would you?
  10. completed 100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar

    Want is not the word. I got my very first JM bar (1oz) recently, and i really like it- this would be a nice small step up....................
  11. small donation sent across. All the best!
  12. I'm new (and therefore late!) to the game with the beasts, got the first two (2oz bullion silver) earlier this month. I like the griffin best so far and looking at the pictures of the others that will most likely still stand, but will reserve judgement until i've had all 5 in the hand
  13. Sovereign Rings

    Ha ha yep- these items ended up going for being desired additions to being appendages on classics! interesting thoughts on the celicas- most folk thought the same after the mk1. I had a fwd GT from the 90s which I had for years and ended up sprinting it before it’s death. What year was your gt4? ha ha so you’re a group b nut, I can understand that 👍
  14. Sovereign Rings

    Ha ha absolutely must have seemed a good idea to the person who owned it in the 1980's. I'll admit it was actually quite handy though on hot days! The rally team I sold it to put many hours into it, it is now full group 2 historic rally spec- and as you can see, it has many friends to hang out with too.
  15. Sovereign- King George "small head" 1929-1932

    I managed to source one at normal "dated" bullion prices. Should receive it next week, thanks for the help and thoughts people appreciated