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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Silver Bullion Coins
  1. Has anybody bought from or know....

    its fine on my macbook and iPhone 6...... ordered a few times off the mac
  2. 1887 Double Florin & Crown--what grade?

    Ooh i do like a nice Florin, particularly handsome coins- always been a favourite Sorry I've nothing to add grading wise, just wanted to say nice looking coins you have there
  3. completed Silver Libertad

    By my calcs that's only one '83 left- i'll take an '83 and an '85 then please. PM incoming.
  4. What coin to buy?

    just on looks as i've no knowledge, i'd pick number one
  5. Excellent! thanks for sharing Mr Backyard. Nice to see my big ben's getting a mention too!
  6. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Agreed. I'm new myself but I've used Martin several times (eBay and on his website) and I get great service, and will continue to use him.
  7. Also with shares, i believe capital gains is exactly that- and it is net profit which is taxed. Therefore, if like me you are terrible at selecting shares, any loss in a taxable portfolio can go up against any gain! i'd assume that would work the same if you were a "bad flipper?"
  8. New Scottsdale Silver Coin: Deathstalker Scorpion

    oooooooh i likey that one
  9. Today I received.....

    nice '63. I got a '62 this week
  10. thanks Mr @morezone. A neat stack is a healthy stack.
  11. Good condition one is yours sir, I'll take the damaged one 👍
  12. Bullion Sovereign Collections (what to start with?)

    absolutely stunning
  13. @fehk2001, if @morezone doesn't mind, i'll take the damaged one? TBH mine may not see light of day very often so a little damage like that is no issue to me. Apologies if I'm complicating things here rather than helping
  14. 1 oz Silver Forum Bars - final mintage 200

    Super, thanks you sir
  15. 1 oz Silver Forum Bars - final mintage 200

    Awesome! Could I reserve 179 and 180 please? If payment terms OK in line with what we agreed for the 100g ones.