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    1oz Silver Bullion Coins
  1. Tunes to stack too

    there's an obvious one for me, @Roy beat me to it though! only other springs to mind is fools gold from the stone roses, i think it's probably about fake sov's..............
  2. for sale Big Silver Coins and a couple bullets!

    i believe @ilovesilverireallydo was looking for bullets, i can see why- they look ace! good luck with the sale, HTH
  3. Sunday night metal chat

    seriously- try it. I think it has moved on over the years, I wouldn't have looked at the muck years ago but now I find it absolutely fine. I, like panspurse, plan for the worst and keep a small carton "in stock" for those "dammit, can't have a brew" moments. However, your point about a milkless brew applies massively. Ultimate solution to a big problem
  4. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    addresses would be useful too, i'll dust off my glock
  5. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    Nice one. I think they are nice, they got bad press IIRC but I have one, and think its great! i only play simple chordy stuff though, so it probs makes less difference to me. Go on @CarlosSilver
  6. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    guitar section- that sounds good! With cloning tone its not a bad start to just copy the gear the chap / chapess has in the band you want to copy. And how they do the licks? I've still absolutely no idea, and I've been trying for 25 years...........
  7. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    how do you like the neck @tallthinkev is it wide (nut width) and thin like other 2015 gibsons?
  8. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    I often think of it as "insurance." Rightly or wrongly. My PM's will always be worth some form of monetary value, and I can convert some of it back into cash should i get in a pickle financially. Also, I have some sort of thought in my head that once full time work comes to an end, selling some off may supplement a lower income / pension. I don't plan to value any of it in for living costs, so it doesn't really matter if the price of PM's goes to the wall- but i'd like to think selling a few coins each month might keep me in pump beer and takeaways for a few years! Basically, for me its like a hobby with an interesting investment type slant. I do it for the fun, but if I do get benefits when the time comes to sell, bonus
  9. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Congrats Mr BYB! Good to know the bar is in good hands I'll take one too please sir, PM incoming.
  10. 2018 Cook Islands 3 coin ultra high relief

    Absolutely lovely coins, the cook islands bounty ones are my fave bullion coins- so i find these exquisite! enjoy sir
  11. completed Silver for sale Canada Maples - reduced

    Go on, i can nearly finish my first tube with these I'll PM you
  12. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    very nice man! 2015 junior i believe
  13. YEY it's famous! thats another 0.0001% premium when i sell in 25 years time
  14. Very nice Mr BYB, I am interested in number 8- PM incoming. Can i ask, was that my 1.1oz 2017 bar having 5 mins of fame in the video?
  15. Well spotted- they fit in my tube, so must be a loose tolerance, here’s a pic of the size of mine and the box for the capsules. I’d hate for you to buy ten sir and they don’t fit! ☹️