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    1oz Silver Bullion Coins
  1. Thanks to both- i bet that was a busy day!
  2. it certainly feels it PS no rush for mine if your struggling for time Mr backyard, whenever you can get round to it.
  3. YEY i can see my voyager coin (sorry i know i sound far too excited for a generic bullion coin here) lots of leopards again I see, still popular..........
  4. silver krugerrand

    It will cost you extra, but if you order from Martin at silver trader.co.uk i could pretty much guarantee you'll be getting a great condition, genuine coin. Last time I looked his were around £44 ish delivered though.
  5. No problemo, should have an order ready next few days. Thanks!
  6. @BackyardBullion from this I assume we are only ordering from items which are “in stock?” its not a problem, just want clarification before putting together an order that’s all- a few on my list are waiting stock. cheers 😀
  7. How you keep your BU sovereigns

    Snap- I put mine in those, and I've found they fit nicely into these tubes: dodgy chinese eBay coin tube that's not a recommended seller or price etc, just the first of the type i came across- they're all over eBay.
  8. Sovereign Question

    Very nice, I promised myself an Edward head next but something else I fancy popped up. I will have an edward one day! Enjoy
  9. Absolutely awesome- well done everybody! and beautifully exectuted Mr backyard bullion sir
  10. two entries sent- great idea folks, and well done Mr backyard for putting it into action. respect!
  11. for sale Silver coins

    I'll take these Mr arshimo sir, I will send you a PM
  12. Recommended Coin Books

    I purchased off @Numistacker as at the books launch he had a few available, I'm not sure if he has any left. I will find a link to the thread referencing it- just one minute.... here we go: HTH in some way sir.
  13. Recommended Coin Books

    I'd recommend "Bullion Book- Silver Coins" by Sebastian Wieschowski. I'm a newbie and its been a great reference for me so far.
  14. I'll be adding a little to the order as usual Mr backyard sir, I just need a week or so