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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Silver Bullion Coins
  1. completed Old Silver eagle and maple for sale

    I'll send you a PM
  2. completed Old Silver eagle and maple for sale

    If you can do both for £35 delivered I won't be able to refuse
  3. Quarter Ounce Gold Pandas

    I thought it was Doc Martens at first, but I'm pretty sure she means Direct Mesage, some call it PM Nice to know how the wishlist works at chards- I'm a new customer, so i'll have a look at this!
  4. Athenian 1oz owl worth the ugliness?

    I love the athenian owl, its on my "to buy" list, and has a story behind it too. I don't actually have any just yet but I'm in no rush to buy as I expect they will be around at good prices for some time.
  5. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Mostly for the enjoyment, partially as a safeguard incase my employment situation changes, or if life takes (another!) change of direction. Not many hobbies can almost guarantee a large chunk of your money back!
  6. for sale Various silver

    Out of interest, are the S2 Lunar's 1oz in size?
  7. for sale Various silver coins

    Nice way for people to pick a few up. PM sent
  8. n00b in the UK

    Thank you very much folks enjoing starting my collection / stack
  9. for sale Silver Bullion Mix

    '95 Eagle and '12 Britannia sold to me- my first of each! Thanks Mike.
  10. n00b in the UK

    Thanks Chris and i appreciate the help via email prior to signing up, cheers Budget now blown for first month- so it's research research research until i next get a small budget to play with
  11. My Beginner's Guide to investing in PM's

    Just wanted to shout out a big thanks to you for these videos- very good information and well presented, being brand new to the game I am learning quickly, and I will be following your channel for all the info I can get! Cheers!
  12. n00b in the UK

    Thanks for the kind welcomes @Stu and @Lea79 I am much enjoying my journey so far
  13. n00b in the UK

    Thanks for the quick response. I'll weigh things up and get back to you ASAP