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  1. Purchasing via Ebay (help)

    I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1999. Although I have bought, and sold, lots of silver coins on there; I have - as far as I remember - bought less than a handful of gold coins (and those were from sellers who specialised in gold coins and had a high feedback score that was 100% positive).
  2. World coins & medals

    I've managed to 'right' those capsized ships for you; I now lodge a claim under Salvage Law. 🦑🤑
  3. Puigdemont playing and singing 'Long Live Spain' lol
  4. I never said, nor implied, that the ruling elite were/are pulling the strings of the people (or should that be, some of the people); who have, I'm sure, their own reasons for wanting independence. All I pointed to was the upcoming opening up of the Andorran banking protocols- something, I presume, that is not welcome by those less honest than they should be.
  5. I couldn't work out why the ruling elite, of Catalonia, were in such a hurry to 'force' through independence; then I read this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/02/andorra-to-renounce-banking-secrecy-as-it-sheds-tax-haven-status Chickens coming home to roost, perhaps.........lol
  6. Help with 2009 silver eagle coin

    Possible fake?
  7. This may be of help: https://www.beatrix-potter-shop.co.uk/product-category/collectables/royal-mint-coins/
  8. Today I bought.....

    Buy bullion silver to pay my builder with. Stack gold, any gold - don't care where it's from; in fact, to tell the truth, I'm a complete slut when it comes to (cheap) gold 🤑
  9. market manipulation true or false

    Hi The overview of this report explains it much better than my attempts 🤑 http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Documents/quarterlybulletin/2014/qb14q1prereleasemoneycreation.pdf
  10. market manipulation true or false

    Whether he (or you or I) agrees with fiat currency (and they way it is created and destroyed), is hardly the point; fiat currency exists, and it is created, used, and destroyed, exactly as Professor Murphy describes. Commodity, and representative, money existed in the past (chapter 1 of Murphy's 'The joy of Tax', I believe), and may very well exist in the future, but, for the present, we have fiat. The problem is that 99% of people (MP's, Chancellors, PM's, included) haven't a clue how the system actually works; hence the mistaken 'the Government's budget is the same as a business/household budget' mantra. Regards, reidpj
  11. market manipulation true or false

    All money 'is' created by the State (directly or under license). The State does not have an income - taxation is used to destroy the State created money; it is not used to fund the State. No Government, no fiat currency. I'm surprised that you're surprised by my interest in this subject. Could you, please, provide a link to Professor Murphy's views on 'the intrinsic value of gold/silver as 'real money' - whatever that may mean? Regards, reidpj
  12. market manipulation true or false

    p.s. Government created money, in theory, unlike bank created money, doesn't have to be destroyed - although, in practice, it is (via taxation and Governmental borrowing). Read Professor Murphy's blog (I don't agree 100% with his 'left wing' politics) for a deeper understanding of how money actually works (most of the facts are counterintuitive). Professor Murphy (City University) is a Political Economist who deals with this stuff all day everyday.
  13. market manipulation true or false

    Hi As admitted by the Bank of England in 2014: Banks don't need deposits to lend money. The banks can create money from 'thin air', as long as they've got an asset to counterbalance the debit created. The signed loan agreement is the asset. when you sign the loan agreement (which creates an asset at the bank), the bank credits your account with the required amount of money (which creates the corresponding debit). As you pay down the loan the corresponding amount of money is destroyed. All this bank created money has to be repaid (destroyed) - if you don't pay it back the bank hs to use its own assets to destroy it (savers' deposits are legally part of the bank's assets - you 'lend' the bank the money as soon as you deposit it); the problem occurs when the bank's assets no longer cover its liabilities (too many loan defaults). Fractional Banking is a myth, I'm afraid. Regards, reidpj
  14. market manipulation true or false

    Hi This may be of interest re. how banks actually create money: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2016/01/05/jo-stiglitz-needs-to-lean-what-banks-do-and-dont-do Regards, reidpj
  15. Buy 1/2 Sov or Crown 1887