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  1. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    No what they mean is they still haven’t cleared 2015/2016 stock. They minted 1300 in 2015 and 1000 in 2016, probably some got returned and some haven’t got sold.
  2. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    If true they are really screwing with collectors, just so they can make another $10-20k as a Mint.
  3. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Hush hush, you may have accidentally helped the grading companies to create a label called "one of the first dies ever used". Imagine the cost of obtaining such rarities!
  4. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    The RM stuck 3750 in total (hence the stated/max mintage is 3750 vs 3500 shown in online offering), and submitted the first 250 for special release via distributor. They have been releasing a lot more coins with this process now. Of course we now have more labels than ever :s PCGS First Strike / NGC First Release / NGC Early Release = coins submitted within 30 days of release NGC One of First * Struck = actually what it states. NGC have been working with many world mints to get such releases PCGS doesn't have one of * struck labels yet, but they have special limited edition printed labels (like gold foil) and call it one of xx
  5. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Certainly a fancy label, but this is the first 250 produced and then submitted of course. The Royal mint had an ongoing business deal on several significant releases (like queen's beasts and anniversary sovereigns)
  6. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    Just got this back from NGC, happy with the grade and it's a keeper! Hope the mintage doesn't go up too crazy by year end. Banco de Mexico sure loves giving us collectors some surprises
  7. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    The mystery of the additional 250 mintage:
  8. Gold Libertad 2017 mintages?

    I bought the 1/10 oz BU thinking it might make the key, and given this info who knows... luckily my coin got graded 70 by NGC so I'll probably keep it, quite hard to find the 1/10 currently
  9. New 2017 Quintuple Sovereign

    Yes no distinction. They are certainly different in appearance. It's up to buyers and sellers to understand that difference now. Maybe they should create a special label called "The BU that was promised" [emoji3]
  10. New 2017 Quintuple Sovereign

    Thanks Trueview is usually a hit or miss on the proof coins. Just too shiny and easy to throw the cameras off. I saw someone actually had Trueview with holders, how is that possible? Here in US I don't really see that option, all coins have to be taken out of holder for photography?
  11. New 2017 Quintuple Sovereign

    I think it's a slight shift from the pure technical definition to a more practical one. On close glances the surface is not different from a proof coin we are used to seeing. For those modern coins graded as PL, for example the Mexican silver libertads and 2009 ultra high relief American liberty and 2015 high relief American liberty, they still have hints of a MS surface but if you put you finger above you can see the reflection clearly, hence graded as PL. NGC is also more comfortable with PL grade. Giving SP designation is also tricky, on modern coins they are mostly reserved for burnished strikes or special finishes. Royal mint hadn't made any special treatment on these sovereigns.
  12. New 2017 Quintuple Sovereign

    FYI just got the coin back from PCGS, it's graded as PR70 DC (under PCGS 617455 for first strike), probably the only 5 Sov Piece in the PCGS population now. I wrote a detailed explanation on the fact that Royal Mint regard this as BU but PSGS decided to call it Proof. You can see the Trueview image for my coin here: https://www.pcgs.com/pop/valueview.aspx?s=617455 I have the proof version as well and I also think the BU looked better on reverse