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  1. Cornering or influencing the market

    Now this is an interesting idea, not that practical because of a few reasons, the main one would be exiting. But you are touching on a topic that is very relevant because many forum members are actually considered experts and or influence many others to buyers outside of the forum. They have the influence to swig buyers to purchasing a certain coins or buy from certain mints. That is the real power of the forum. If this idea of yours could work the nautical Rwanda coin would be an excellent opportunity to test it on. There aren't many but there are enough guys that could pick up a significant amount to dominate the market. Trading the coin at higher prices so that the price gradually and steadily rises so that the perception of the coin is seen as an asset that is safe and easy to sell at a profit. We have to be careful because if it back fires we could do more harm to the whole coin market. Coin collecting is changing and people want coins that will appreciate in price, ever time any coin doesn't do well the whole coin collecting market suffers. The more coins that do appreciate the bigger the market as a whole grows. If it was a given that coins are a safe and good investment then there would be a much bigger market. I would recommend that we as a community only speak positively about coins and not negatively because by trashing a coin we actually trashing coin collecting as a whole.
  2. Is peak oil a myth?

    I haven't heard that before, but as you said most things we are told are lies, so you have given me something to research. Interesting post, and definitely if this information was true it would hurt the oil business. Market perception is king for determining the price, if the story was that oil is renewable and much more abundant then the price would remain low.
  3. Is peak oil a myth?

    It is easy to control the market by dropping the price. Saudi Arabia purposely keeps the price lower to keep the Frackers out. Very hard to push the price up, for the price to go up, generally needs a perception change. i.e. Oil is running out. Peak theory needs to take into account price, as if the price of oil was $100/barrel, then there is going to be much more oil than there is today.
  4. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    Yeah I also think it would be fair to say that there would be more of a demand for uncut sheets, especially for the guys that grade coins. In the right time I hope to sell whole sheets to the guys that grade coins, if there are guys that want to profit from selling graded slab coins I would consider selling whole sheets that fit together at a fair price, where they can profit handsomely too. I got lucky and bought my litter of kittens 3 days after the release, and after a bit of playing around with them, I discovered that the sheets are cut from a larger sheet of 50 Coins. See picture.
  5. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    My thoughts are... This coin will do fairly well because of the numbers, and as I'm a numbers guy, here is the reasoning. The majority of these coins were sold in small quantities, this is why the last coins from Apmex came cut out singles. This situation where there aren't many dealers or people that hold hundreds is the reason why the price has a much higher chance of going up dramatically. Coins that have large quantities on the market drive the price down because of supply and demand. The fact that this coin has such a unique story will keep the demand strong while the limited supply will keep the price in the favor of the sellers.
  6. Today I bought.....

    Hey KDave, I have been very interested about bitcoin and crypto currencies, I'm curious how many kWh did it take to mine a bitcoin? Just an estimation or a rough guess, no need to calculate the exact number just a ball park figure would be useful.
  7. The thickness on the high side of the coin I measured is 3.8mm the thin side is 3.15mm. The lip/extra material is too small to measure properly, probably my guess is less than 0.25mm high and less than 0.06mm thick. From the videos I saw about minting coins, the dies look like they can't have any play on them. I think they have a screw type connection, but that is just a guess.
  8. I actually laughed out loud when I saw that. Thanks Legend!!!
  9. Not sure what coin you are referring too??? [emoji12]
  10. Well that is his foundation, and it is primarily bullion coins. When the time comes to sell you don't want to have to wait months before you can sell. If you came with 6000 oz of silver in bars you would need to sell well below spot to sell quickly, if they were coins you probably wouldn't have much problem selling at spot.
  11. Well there are many things that make me different but to touch on some of my differences, I only buy silver and will only buy if spot is below $25. If the price goes up over $25 and the perception of silver hasn't changed, I would hold off on buying. Just like [mention=714]ShadowStack[/mention] I have a foundation which is what I build on. My foundation is 9999 silver coins that have a security feature. So primarily Silver Maple Leaf coins and Perth Kangaroos. Most people in this community stay away from The Royal Canadian Mint, but I'm different and I do like their products. I diversify too and pick up higher premium coins and use these coins to swap for more oz for my foundation, this technique I learnt also from the master shadow stack. He has a lot of good ideas and wisdom behind him, well worth watching his YouTube channel. Also it is a good idea to have a diverse selection when you already have a significant stack, so I keep looking for various coins that aren't so common, like Niue turtles, koalas, Rwanda chickens anything that is pretty. I did get lucky with the 100 Cedis African Leopard coin that I keep calling an error. The price has already more than double and this is without grading results or the mint coming out with a story why they chose a denomination that is illegal in Ghana and then quickly and unexpectedly came out with a 5 Cedi version. Alerting the community about this coin has got me in hot water with a few members of the community, probably because so many coin collectors that have been doing this for years don't like the fact that a newbie like me called it out as an error when they assumed that I don't know much about coins. Sure they have their classifications but it is always too late to pick up a coin when it is already classed as an error. That or the guys at Scottsdale, that hide as forum members, hate that I keep raising awareness to their booboo.
  12. Wishful thinking would be that this is a quality error like you said, errors in the coin world are highly sort out especially if they are unintentional and they slip through QC. I'm trying to establish if it was intentionally produced, which would be less good for my coins. I would prefer to settle on poor quality, as it means that the poor quality error is on another error which then means that there are two separate errors on the same coin. Now that is what I certainly would WISH the coin to be. But that wishful thinking doesn't fit well with the picture that I see. I could be wrong and that is why I keep looking for answers and I don't just accept any answers just thrown out there. Maybe you are right and it is an error on an error. There I thought that the mint choosing a denomination that is illegal in Ghana was unique, how unique would it be that the mint had two separate unconnected errors on the same coin. [emoji857]
  13. And that is what I was worried about. But Scottsdale is a mint with a very good track record, and why I suspect that it was intentional. I personally think it is neat that the denomination error version has a physical error too!
  14. Was he referring to you? I'm also relatively new. I have a very different approach to investing in PM, and it has got me in hot water with some of the members. [emoji38]
  15. I'm not satisfied with this conclusion, it was left me with more questions than answers. Would the leaning tower of leopards not have been noticed and why is the Five Cedis not got this error?