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  1. I have seen this coin at a buy now price on Ebay for £1495 and sold! You'll also see i dropped the price to £1200 each, which I think is fair? Some have advertised for £1700+ on ebay and other coin websites which is completely unrealistic in my eyes. Sadly there is no profit in this for me as I did not buy it straight from the RS and also paid for the grading. It has a mintage of 500 and one for the future if you're willing to sit on it (sadly, I am not) I am awfully sorry if 2823 members do not value this coin the same as I do. But it has only been listed for 4 days, so I very much doubt 2823 members have even seen it. Cheers.
  2. for sale **Gold Sale**

    Hello Beautiful People, Greetings from a sunny London Which makes a change to say! Having a clear out, make me an offer, will combine postage if you want a few bits. Priced to sell!!! Gold Proof 2002 Double Sovereign NGC 69 graded £850 Gold Proof 2017 Sovereign Piedfort with box + certs. £950 Gold Proof 2016 Sovereign with box + certs £700 Gold Proof Last Round Pound NGC 69 graded £1225 (2x available) Please let me know if you need more info, all mint condition Best, Harry
  3. MS, These are 19.619 grams each! Low mintage of 500 and they go between 1300-1550 (in a real world) Thank you
  4. Up for offers on these, Will take 1225 each as need to clear some space
  5. Having a weekend clear out of some of my gold pieces. Long term investment this one, last round pound at low mintage (500) must be a hit! Asking £1250 each including free postage UK. I bought these in at a high price and paid for the grading so trying to break even currently. Many thanks, Harry
  7. **EBAY SCAM**

    Hi all, Please be aware of a Ebay user who calling themselves MICHELLE JORDAN Using ID's BAINTREE--54 or MCK-12 - User is no longer registered to ebay so will strike again. She advertised 1x Gold Proof Kew Garden 50p and a 2009 Gold Proof 50p Set - ALL A SCAM. She posted via a Nothern Ireland address. Sent the item to a false address and provided a fake tracking number So Paypal would release the funds to them quicker. Please be careful on items which are too good to be true.
  8. Today I bought.....

    Today I bought my 3rd Last Round Pound 2016 Gold Proof box with cert. However I looking to sell one shortly if anybody is interested. 500 minted.