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  1. Help saving on Ebay PM Purchases

    Hello, Well I JUST ( as of last week ) started buying silver on Ebay. I haven't used my Ebay account in 3-4 years and feel like im out of the loop on finding savings or using all savings resources. I just started Ebucks, but looking for other ways to obtain savings. Can anyone help and/or lead me in the right direction! I see people always getting " points " or " 1-10% " off purchases. All help is greatly appreciated Thanks - Kyle
  2. Hello The Silver World!

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. Hello everyone

    Welcome! Great group of people here!
  4. New coins from Now til 2018

    Just wondering what bullion coins/medals everyone is looking forward to coming out from now until 2018? Could be new releases or additions to a series. Anything going to bring some hype with it? Just like to see what everone is thinking. Rwanda year of the dog is on my list! Curious is see what its going to look like along with Perth Mint.
  5. Help wanted (coin tubes)

    Do you know how many Lunars they will fit? I was watching a youtube video and tried to count and it looked like 15ish but not sure? Thanks for the reply @Agpanda! Thanks - Kyle
  6. Help wanted (coin tubes)

    @Agpanda Does the i model fit the Lunar Perth Mint?
  7. Today I bought.....

    10x 1oz Lunar Year of Rooster 20x 1/2oz Lunar Monkeys. Im going to start sticking with Perth Mint for my collecting. RCM has killed trying to get other stuff. Ordered my first QB (2) each and both my dragons has Milk spots, got g he 1.5oz Arctic Foxs and all had spots, Somali Elephants look pretty good but couple had tiny spotting, but with perth mint everthing usually looks flawless!
  8. wanted Lunar Monkeys

    Possibly 1oz as well.
  9. wanted Lunar Monkeys

    Looking to see if anyone has any of the 2oz Perth Mint Lunar Monkeys. Thanks - Kyle
  10. completed Silver coins for *Trade*

    I still have the 2oz Libertads for trade. Im pretty open to see what you might have. Intrested in 1oz Libertads, Somali Elephants, drop me a pm let me know if you're interested and what you might have! Thanks again. - Kyle
  11. completed Silver coins for *Trade*

    Nothing specific go ahead and pm me!
  12. Hello, I have a few items im looking to trade (possible sell) Looking for some BU 1oz Libertads and/or possible 5/10oz Bars depending on mint. Send PM if interested. Willing to cut a good deal on a trade! Can send pics! (5) 1.5oz Arctic Foxs in Capsules (some spotting) - completed 1922 Peace Dollar (idk condition can send pics) - completed 1890 & 1901 Morgan-O (same as above) - completed 2014 1oz BU Panda in Capsule - completed 2017 1oz BU Panda in capesule - completed 2015 2oz BU Libertad in Capsule 2017 2oz BU Libertad in Capsule Thanks - Kyle
  13. Mixed Australian 1oz Lunar 'Monster Box'

    I think something for the entry level investor is a must. A mixed 1oz bundle of 5 I think is a great idea IMO!
  14. Silver options & opinions (Buying tonight)

    Those look nice!
  15. Silver options & opinions (Buying tonight)

    Well I went with the Scottsdale. 😊