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  1. stacking goals 2018

    I just started stacking back in May. (Not my first time stacking got out back in 2009) I ended the year at 97oz’s. I would like to end 2018 with 300oz. I think I want to keep going with weight and balance out with semi numi and few numi pieces to feed the collector in me.
  2. Zip lock bags for slabbed Coins

    I do the same with my slabs. I also put Silica Gel packets in my premium box along with anti-tarnish strips. I even put my capsule coins in smaller bags I found from local store to keep my capsules from being all scratched up!
  3. Best idea for this?

    I would just hold onto it. Toning isn’t going to kill the value by any means but may attract a specific customer! Some people will pay more for a toned coin. Its a natural process so kinda hard to fully avoid it.
  4. Willing to do a trade on these for some 5-10oz bars.
  5. For sale: Very nice.....Washington Proof State Quarter Rolls! All 90% Silver Proof Deep Cameo in PERFECT condition! Pics upon request! Mixed dates in the rolls! x4 Rolls available @ $160 - Shipped Buy all 4 @ $150 per roll shipped! Thanks! Kyle
  6. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    If anyone has any leads where I can get some dog proofs please let me know! Im in the US by the way. Good call! I haven’t heard anything on them milk spotting.
  7. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    What about the dog? goldsilver.be? They ship to us correct?
  8. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Im in the US is there anyway I can get my hands on a silver proof? If so what are they running?
  9. completed 1890 CC Morgan

  10. completed 1890 CC Morgan

    I have a 1890 CC Morgan That I want to sell. Asking $90 shipped might consider a reasonable offer so send a pm! Here are a few pictures. Can take better ones if needed! Thanks again! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxsDlb5-xWEzRWdJdDJFeEJObVk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxsDlb5-xWEzZ05DaUgzWlRFLW8 price reduced* $70 shipped
  11. for exchange 2016 1/4oz Koala

    Actually going to hold onto it. Thanks! *UPDATE* 9/28 Willing to trade for some Morgans.