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  1. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    If anyone has any leads where I can get some dog proofs please let me know! Im in the US by the way. Good call! I haven’t heard anything on them milk spotting.
  2. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    What about the dog? goldsilver.be? They ship to us correct?
  3. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Im in the US is there anyway I can get my hands on a silver proof? If so what are they running?
  4. completed 1890 CC Morgan

  5. completed 1890 CC Morgan

    I have a 1890 CC Morgan That I want to sell. Asking $90 shipped might consider a reasonable offer so send a pm! Here are a few pictures. Can take better ones if needed! Thanks again! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxsDlb5-xWEzRWdJdDJFeEJObVk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxsDlb5-xWEzZ05DaUgzWlRFLW8 price reduced* $70 shipped
  6. for exchange 2016 1/4oz Koala

    Actually going to hold onto it. Thanks! *UPDATE* 9/28 Willing to trade for some Morgans.
  7. for exchange 2016 1/4oz Koala

    Sure I can Email them to you! Let me know what it is and ill get them out to you. Working a deal out a deal now so it's currently a pending transaction with someone.
  8. I have a PCGS graded 2016 pr70 dcam koala 1/4 oz gold. Looking to trade for silver. Open to offers. Send a PM! Thanks!
  9. question about sovereigns

    Thank you I understand the AGE's concept, how they weight more but are only 22k I just didn't understand that when you say .2345 oz of gold you actually are referring to 24k even though they are made of 22k. I unserstand now. Thank you.
  10. question about sovereigns

    Yeah I saw that but that is 24k then?
  11. question about sovereigns

    Why does NGC Coin melt value of a Sov say $311? When I use a gold calculator and do 7.32 g of 21.6k says $279. Just curious thanks!
  12. Opinions & Help on a new slab coin

    Thanks for the info!
  13. Opinions & Help on a new slab coin

    Well today I bought/traded my first slabbed coin. A 2016 Pr70 dcam Koala 1/4 oz. Very beautiful coin! As I am new to slabbed coins I had a few questions. First how important is it that the slab remain in the best condition as possible? I notice the one I recieved today isn't horrible but far from how I like to keep my things. Is it worth getting the coin put in a new slab or leave it as is? Not sure if a scratched slab will affect any value. My next question and the million dollar one is, what do you feel the value is? I did some research and came to my own conclusion, but wouldn't mind some other opinions! thx in advance.