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Everything posted by augur

  1. Today I Received

    So the high relief Mexican Elements was yours? Nice! Was much admired on YouTube! An the coin that must not be named, excellent grade! Well done overall!
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Since these things are not supposed to happen, NGC does cover postage back and forth. Since Numistacker is such a big customer, they might reimburse you maybe even sending it directly from your place to them. You might even slip it in with one if your own gradings at the LCS?
  3. Platinum - who's buying?

    I am no expert in this but platinum seems to be the one asset that recovered best from the big dip last month. While the established crypto coins nearly halved PMs seem to hold value and platinum even looks slightly positive. So far I have only bought second hand; while premium remains an issue, getting 69s across the board hopefully adds on to resalability.
  4. Game of Thrones silver medal by the Royal Mint

    Maybe @BackyardBullion can make some hammered rounds like the Scottsdale Lion of some kind?
  5. Seriously? What are you trying imply by quoting this article and using such a "fake news" headline? Do you want me to pull some facts about the quality medical treatment under the NHS opposed to continental Europe?
  6. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    This video had pretty much all the precious metals in it Au, Ag, Pt, Rh – have you ever graded Pd? Amazing results on the Beasts and Rwandan coins (especially the gold Nautical Ounce)! Congratulations to everyone!!! Really pleased with the Isle of Man platinum proof coin set, thanks to @ChardLizzie!
  7. Is this milking?

    Ok, I guess my irony doesn't come across as intended... I don't see milking as big an issue on (ungraded) bullion but I would love to find the magical cure!
  8. Is this milking?

    @fehk2001 I was referring to slabbing with PCGS as they cover the edge so it wouldn't show any more
  9. Is this milking?

    I believe my lions are doing the same. To be honest, as long as its only the edge it's not that bad and even mechanical cleaning wouldn't degrade the coin. It's the obverse/reverse where you don't want to see this. Worst case you can always put them in a PCGS slab, that should cover it up
  10. 2017 Isle of Man Noble Reverse Proof

    £25 is not too bad, that's what the coin that must not be named went for in its beginnings Would have to dig out what I paid for it but it was somewhere in the middle of issue price and spot. Yes, not many collect platinum, that's why I started getting some since spot is low and premium, too...
  11. Milk spot on my Britannia

    The common theory is that the planchets are not rinsed sufficiently and that this residue is then baked in when planchets are heated prior to the minting (to relieve internal stress in the metal). There are a few Peter Rabbits (925 silver) that have milked, so it will have to do with a change in the manufacturing process. My guess is still MoS grease, which might act as a catalyst to turn Ag to AgS, which then can easily change into all sorts of things including AgCl.
  12. 2017 Isle of Man Noble Reverse Proof

    I am not too convinced about appreciation of Pobjoy coins: I got a 1/4 oz Pt proof Noble, 65th coronation anniversary privy mark, first ever with a British Monarch on the obverse, mintage 360 (+90 in set); mine and the one that sold a month later did go below of what I believe was the issue price. Also quality wise these seem to be usually PF69 max
  13. Today I Received

    Took me a while to find an image. Indeed, very nice coin but don't even want to know for how much they go
  14. Today I Received

    1898 South Africa 1 Pond (almost last coinage before entry in WW I in 1914 but the coins from 1899 will be out of reach of most on this forum) https://coinweek.com/world-coins/the-1898-single-9-pond-south-africas-rarest-gold-coin/ If it wasn't for the dies from Berlin, it would be the same as any South African Sovereign
  15. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Uncle Numistacker is the David Attenborough of planet coin 🌎: stunning footage and a lovely story to go along!
  16. Today I Received

  17. Today I Received

    1906 Liberia 50 Cents (last coins minted prior to entering WW I in 1917, new coins were only minted twenty years later in 1937)
  18. Today I Received

    1908 Haiti 50 Centimes (last coins minted before entering WW I in 1918, new coins were only minted decades later in the 50s) the cross on the reverse seems to be a very accurate cut, I assumed it was a centralisation aid for the photograph...
  19. Scottsdales 1oz Bu Ghana leopard mix up

    A couple of 100 Cedis have joined the ranks at NGC and at least two are from this forum (9:11/13:40). Congrats!
  20. Today I Received

    1912 Bulgaria 20 Leva Proof commemorating the constitution of the 22 Sept 1908 (official restrike from 1967/68) Many thanks to @Lr103 for his help in acquiring these coins!
  21. Today I Received

    2006 Belarus 50 Roubles Mute Swan PF69
  22. Today I Received

    MS69 1/4 oz gold Queens Beasts Lion
  23. Today I received my MS69 1/4oz Lion. Many thanks to @Lr103 for his help in acquiring this coin.
  24. I'm sorted for the MS69. Only looking for a 1/4oz bullion lion graded MS70 now. Open to offers including trade in of a MS69/MS70 griffin
  25. Greetings from Germany

    Grüße aus England!