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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I did find all these 1/4 oz proof gold Britannias in their census
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Whoever submitted this bunch of Britannias (or anyone else knowledgeable), could you shed a light on the many different designs in 2006 as to why and which?
  3. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    How bizarre. They indeed have a PF and a PF UC census for this coin... I wonder what makes and brakes it between the two if BU and PF sovereigns are indistinguishable to NGC
  4. Puigdemont will consider his answer well after finding out how his fellow agent provocateur has been treated: Jordi Sanchèz has requested to be moved to a different block in prison after inmates wouldn't stop singing "Viva España"... http://www.elmundo.es/espana/2017/10/18/59e79f89e5fdeabd148b4631.html The comment section gives you a rough idea what could happen if he was moved elsewhere...
  5. Is there such a thing as a megaslab storage box? Obviously there are these wooden presentation boxes but where to put several large coin slabs?
  6. You can always just trust the statistics, you have manipulated yourself. But these official figures will likely affecting lending from Brussels and credit rating. Spain wouldn't want to trim them down just to make a point with Catalonia; they rather would keep the outlook for Spain positive and question the catalonian figures, once they provided them.
  7. Spain already had to revise its economical predictions for 2018 due to the fallout of the "Catalonian Referendum". GDP growth predictions for next year were reduced from 2.6% to 2.3%. It should be noted that theses figures have been prepared in absence of official figures from Catalonia, who has failed to file its report to the Central Government. http://www.elmundo.es/economia/macroeconomia/2017/10/18/59e65973e2704e2d4d8b4663.html
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Edit: glitch double post
  9. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Wow to the fact that they admit that Numistacker stands correct when before they told him trice straight in the face that the coins liked like proofs to them.
  10. Today I received.....

    When @sovereign asked about his 1837 shield back and me, someone utterly unknowledgeable in matters of sovereigns, replied...
  11. Today I received.....

    Obviously I didn't mean to question your authority on this subject either 😊
  12. War?

    The apparent modus operandi of the American Military-Industrial Complex appears to be to force a regime change (replacement of the government against a more benevolent one) whenever the current one does not meet the strategical or economic requirements. Afghanistan, Irak, Ukrainia and Libya (and the so far the unsuccessful attempts in Syria) are examples what happens if more friendly measures (e.g. economic hitman or bribery) failed to succeed. This is obviously neither official US government policy nor sanctioned by the American People – I don't want to offend anyone. Other nations have been and are attempting to do the same but since the US is (at the moment) the largest and only empire, it is playing its cards while it can.
  13. Today I received.....

    I always considered you the authority in sovereigns (well the nickname is sort of a giveaway) but that shield is rather lovely 😊
  14. War?

    I am coming in from a different angle, similar to sixgun: the CIA finances part of its operations by drug trafficking. People starve all over the world; that doesn't trigger a regime change. It is brushed on in this well researched alternate narrative documentary, if you are open to discussion and have 3 hours to spare.