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  1. I believe you have to call in for those coins. Bad investment though, I doubt you will never recoup the premium and if you drop one... the one I handeled was for the Trial of Pyx, not a retail one.
  2. for sale Old Silver

    Rupees and Canada 25C are 925 silver? If so then both, please edit: also Australian Shilling and bullhead shilling.
  3. You loose the coin if there's not enough of a percentage set aside for replacements and get a refund...
  4. for sale .925 silver currency

    Florins, please
  5. Kilo gold coins are overrated. Either my hands are big or their diameter is small but in hand they are not that impressive... wouldn't mind one though but wouldn't buy one either.
  6. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Will the SOTD (plain edge) sovereigns be sent out separate since they will likely miss this deadline?
  7. Pamp 100g cast gold bar - where to buy?

    Apologies, you are correct; they do have access to the single market via a multitude of trade arrangements. Probably best to enquire with the seller if gold exports to Denmark will be affected by duties or not.
  8. Pamp 100g cast gold bar - where to buy?

    Switzerland is part of the EEA. Unless there is tax on gold in Denmark, it should be tax free. Why don't you drop them a line if in doubt?
  9. Today I bought.....

    Do you know if the mintage is evenly split over the Flams and Vallon inscription? And what are these variants about position A and B?
  10. chard

    The only product sourced to order is the secondary market sovereign. Everything else is either in stock or not. The whole point is that you can - as you did with another dealer - buy low premium sovereigns at a convenient gold price. HGM only sells what they currently hold but if you wanted to buy more, with Chard you could. Someone did this and that's why the big queue formed by which the thread operator unfortunately got affected. A while ago people were upset with HGH because they increased their premium - presumably because they had to use allocated sovereigns for their "low" premium product. Every few weeks people get upset with gs.be because of their gentle art to abuse. Chards offers a low premium product and a good service including communication on this forum; in an isolated case a forum member had to endure an extraordinary long waiting time. I don't think this justifies a post this long or an outrage this big.
  11. Today I bought.....

    This coin was announced as a 1918 Canada Sovereign. Pictures weren't great but the date was clearly 1913 – hopes high I was ready to bid just to see the listing pulled last minute because they realised their error. Went to down to check in store and it turns out it is a London Mint 1913 Sovereign. As you can see, the coin has a noticeable die crack on the obverse. This swayed them that the coin is damaged and only worth melt value and the paper markets pushing gold down also worked in my favour...
  12. Today I Received

    JM bar?
  13. Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    The "font" is the same, so likely the punches used to prepare the dies were used to engrave the war medals. Now I know even less about medals than I know about sovereigns but you definitely have some hidden gems in your shieldback stack!
  14. chard

    It is simply about a fair approach: if Eva uses your type of language, everyone is outraged – you seem to find this totally acceptable from the customers side. Now Chards obviously has a product that is tailored to the bottom end of the market, not unsimilar to a "preorder" or gs.be which seems to cause the confusion. The higher premium products are available, this low premium product is not always. The fact that one can place an order for low premium sovereigns at a gold price that suits one, irrespective of stock is quite appealing for investment. Given the waiting time is very unusual and circumstances have been exceptional in this isolated case but if gold rose and one needed the funds, Lizzie advised that they are happy to buy the order back at the going rate. edit: talking about cleaning someone's rear end – can you imagine how dignifying it is to own up publicly to miscommunication and errors committed by others (in the company) just to please the customer?