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  1. If you ordered now about £21 plus shipping
  2. These coins are sourced from Germany
  3. I haven't yet received a notification that this order is ready to ship so if anyone still wants to order one, this mini order is open again.
  4. @kimchi I tried today to gauge the colour of the sun, I failed as I wasn't even briefly able to look into the direction of the sun. The glimpse I caught was definitely more whitish than the yellow hue I remembered; and with age due to UV damage we should usually see things rather more yellow... you are definitely onto something but whether that is on the sun or in the atmosphere is hard to say.
  5. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Considering the weight and value of several hundered coins in slabs, you obviously wouldn't want to park miles away.
  6. You forgot to subtract the volume that you will be displacing, so you might need just half A good delivery ripple silver bar comes to mind.
  7. Today I Received

    I wasn't aware that the Royal Mint makes rounds on their own account? They are definitely not on their UK bullion site.
  8. Today I Received

    A PF70 Lion Dollar
  9. I'll check next time. But I would rather think that there is some change in the atmosphere than a major change to the sun itself. Certainly the sun is burning more nowadays, so I would assume that there is some thinning of the ozone layer in the northern hemisphere, too. What colour is the sun in Australia @westminstrel?
  10. Today I bought.....

    Won an auction on eBay for £100 below Royal Mint issue price. Just hope it is decent quality
  11. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    Well actually it is about countries starting to pull out their gold from the big Central Banks and the question if there will be any left if you are late to the party. Hungary just wants 3 t. When Germany requested 300 tons, they only got 5 tons in the first year. Can you trust the Central Banks if your holdings cannot be checked and it takes 4 years to withdraw 20% of your stack and 50% of your stack has to stay put? Is it fair to assume that the bank might have invested your stack, especially if some of your stack got "molten and recast"?
  12. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    Now it becomes tricky... Just to wrap it up: there are only about 5 million Germans. There are over 100 million holders of a german passport. The passport of the Federal Republic of Germany is a travel document, a photo ID. Germans are by law obligated to always carry an ID on them (sounds a bit like an occupied country, doesn't it?). The Federal Passport or the German ID card Personalausweis (which actually translates personell card) are proof of identity but not nationality. Being born in Germany to "German" parents does not make you German because they only are passport holders but not German Nationals. Anyone doubting that can check the marriage certificate of the parents - there won't be an entry in the field "nationality" unless a parent had a foreign nationality. Now to acquire just the passport is a different thing. Yet most nations will agree that you loose your original nationality if you take on another e.g. a British Passport. With the Brexit any European who has no British Passport will loose their rights if they leave the country for more than 2 years. Only a British Passport will protect the rights indefinite. So most will really have to weigh their options. In the case of the Federal Republic of Germany you can keep your passport if the application is made for another passport of an EU member state. In the case of the German Nationality this will be lost as with most nationalities if you actively seek to become a member of another state. I am not sure what happened to the British Nationalities (England, Scotland, Wales and (Northern?) Ireland) as it seems they were replaced by a citizenship. Although these terms tend to be used synonymously, they are fundamentally different in terms of where the power devolved from: the nationality comes from the natural right of a natural person (natio/born) while the citizenship is granted from a legal entity/person (city). Disclaimer: I am no lawyer and not fit to give legal advice. Please seek professional help if you need advice on nationality or citizenship law.
  13. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    Apparently this is not necessary. We happily live in the fiction, the "free press" of the "free world" creates. The German Government is under US control, remember that Merkel's phone was tapped by Obama? And the government didn't publicise that they got different bars, they only admitted it after a public enquiry.
  14. Hungary repatriates 100,000 ounces of gold stored in London

    Imagine you deposit your Metalor silver bars in the safe of a company. They will be put in sealed bags. After decades you request to check if the bars are still there and you are told that is not possible. You then want your silver bars back and you are told that it will take a few years and you only will get part back. The silver bars you receive are not Metalor but Umicore. Would you be concerned that the other bars may not be in the sealed bags any more but gone? The FED will place the gold holdings of a government in a sealed vault. They don't charge for their service. But somehow you can neither check if your gold is still in the vault and withdrawals are cumbersome. And when you finally get some, it's someone else's.