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  1. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    Can professional conservation from NCS remove white spots? Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS), an independent affiliate of NGC, has conducted extensive research but has been unable to determine a conservation technique that can prevent or remove white spots without damaging the coin. In some cases white spots can be minimized, but they cannot be removed. With that in mind, it would be interesting to test varying methods, in particular now that we possibly have a different mechanism in mind than the "contaminated planchet" theory. Anybody with coins at scrap value volunteering their coins for the benefit of science and mankind?
  2. Hello The Silver World!

    Welcome Michael, I think you came to the right place.
  3. Hello everybody

    Welcome to the forum Dennis.
  4. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Excuse my ignorance but what are haymarks? It looks though as if there was a nice crack across the dye.
  5. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    Although I would love to see @Roy to give his silverstack a golden shower, AdBlue is a better source of urea, which can dissociate into ammonia Elementary silver is black. You will know this effect from photoplates where the exposure of AgCl/AgBr with UV-light leads to the reduction and formation of molecular silver. So in the worst case your white spots will turn into black spots. If it was that easy NCS would have come up with a solution. I suppose an electrochemical option probably has the best chances to reduce the impact of white spots but prevention is better than cure. I wonder if we got closer to the problem causing the whole issue in the first place.
  6. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    Even worse than water; equally alcohol doesn't work. Ammonia dissolves AgCl but again the surface is altered as you would dissolve a piece of the coin.
  7. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    There are many different ways to "deoxidise" or reduce silver chloride to elementary silver but: There is a structural change in the surface so that the morphology won't be the same. The area can remain dull at best or turn black at worst. Would be worth to attempt electrolytic and/or chemical reductions (e.g. glucose/NaOH) but I wouldn't get my hopes too high... Well under those circumstances Mo could also be from the dye steel, still the presence of S would make the MoS2 source more likely.
  8. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    Yes, the measurements showed the presence of Mo (Molybdenum) and S (Sulphur) so moly grease or MoS2 could be the source. Mo can also be found in hardened steel (dye) but then we should find also other traces of Fe, Co, Cr etc.
  9. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    Thanks @UraaniBarbaari for assessing the composition of the spots on your silver Maple Leaf 🍁 NaCl is obviously omnipresent but the further presence of K and Ca could indicate the use of not deionised water to rinse the planchets. MoS2 could be used as a grease for minting equipment. Only Cd is a mystery to me and apart from a use in leather tanning I am not sure of the source of contamination. Possibly the MoS2 acts as a crystallisation germ when it dissociates and aids the formation of AgS which the further oxidises to AgO and AgCl. The replacement of MoS2 grease of minting equipment with ceramic grease might help to reduce or prevent the white spot formation?
  10. Hello everyone

    Wilkommen im Silberforum! Good to see someone else collecting imperial coins from Germany. Are you collecting specific states and denominations? Do you have the Prussian Year of the Three Emperors complete already? Plenty of sovereigns to be had on this forum, just check the trade section or pit a wanted post up. Have fun!
  11. Today I received.....

    20 Goldmark 1912 Wilhelm II. Sort of the German equivalent to the sovereign with 0.05g less gold due to the 0.900 alloy.
  12. Did anyone get this (graded or ungraded) and is interested to flip? Please post pictures here and PM offers.
  13. Hello Silver Forum

    As mentioned you should upgrade to gold membership if you intend to trade professionally on this website or link to your own commercial site. Also, your website states that you only ship to Germany, you are aware that the majority here is from english speaking nations...
  14. Hello Silver Forum

    Ich glaube Du solltest Dich, gegen eine geringe Gebühr, als "Goldmember" anmelden - die dürfen hier im Forum kommerziell in eigener Sache auf ihre Webseite und Produkte hinweisen.
  15. Is peak oil a myth?

    @sixgun I can agree on many conspiracies with you but your article states that anaerobic primordial matter (biological matter/microorganisms) form the origin of oil. I would not expect fossils after millions of years from bacteria unless they had a calcified shell. Both options don't exclude each other with aerobic and anaerobic biological matter forming hydrocarbons. One process is fuelled by the sun, the other by the nuclear/chemical energy from the earth's core. But without recirculating the components a peak will be reached. @SpacedMarine Interesting video touching on quite a few things, even gold... Quite ironic that someone investigating suspicious suicides allegedly meets the same end. After not having been killed before it makes you wonder why now - he was already financially destroyed and isolated. (Interesting enough the omnipresent stigma of conspiracy theorist was not (any more) present in the Wikipedia entry on Michael Rupert. I didn't know it can be disawarded posthumous.)