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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Great results on the Sovereigns. Only 2 out of 40 got the "Slab of Death", the one is marginal IMHO, the other "Jewellery" - never saw that coming! Nice to see some of the Variations have been separated out by NGC in their Census. Numistacker - thanks again for all your efforts, you are going to have a busy January with all those unboxing videos! Mega, mega January unboxing video number 6, 7, 8, 9 etc, etc!! Have a great Christmas and enjoy your well earned break. Seasons greetings to all.
  2. Today I bought.....

    Today I managed to tick two off my Wants List. 1839 Sovereign PCGS AU58 and 1913 Canada Sovereign ICG MS63 Add those to the 1887 Sovereign Proof PCGS PR62UC last week and I'm skint. I shall tell my good lady that I have bought her an investment for Christmas! She thinks I have another woman and got me to take a lie detector test. When asked "Do you have any other women in your life?" I failed - I had to admit my passion for Victoria's..... Well that's blown my budget for the next few months so will, like others, have to make it my last purchase until next year.... 17 days and counting! Please hide my mobile, laptop, smart TV and any other internet enabled device - PLEASE......
  3. Queens beast unicorn bullion

    I was told this afternoon that the QB Welsh Dragon 1/4oz Proof is sold out at the Mint
  4. Newbie's first half sov

    Welcome Pan. You are amongst friends and fellow addict's! Sent from my K6000 Pro using TSF App mobile app
  5. A Brief Panic Moment

    Are you going to get that beauty graded? Makes my mouth water!
  6. Coin mag full sovereign price guide

    If selling a bog standard Sovereign you might find one for £200+ but as previously said, add Auction house commission of say 20% (inc VAT) and you are up to £240+. At that price you may as well buy Bullion unless you come across a nice rarity.
  7. 1911 sovereign help

    Even a really bashed about coin I would expect to see the remains of the polished blank between the letters, around the edge of the head and on the reverse, around the date and around the horse. Generally the high edges protect the "Fields" close by...... Sent from my K6000 Pro using TSF App mobile app
  8. 1911 sovereign help

    It doesn't look like one to me me but not sure from your photos. Here's my 1911 Proof for comparison which I hope helps........
  9. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Nice birthday present. Happy birthday!
  10. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I bought some on Ebay from America direct. Cost me about £13 per box for 6 boxes. Coin fairs is another option. Got 2 PCGS for £10.
  11. Tried to PM you about a swap on one SotDay and you don't appear on the list. Can you try to PM me. Thanks
  12. SWAP - I have had 2 of these just Graded and returned as MS70 DPL. Interested in swapping one of them for a PF70 Labelled coin. If anyone has had 2 or more graded then I think that having one of each Label will make a nice pair. NGC have changed the Census so all of these coins come under the MS70 DPL. PM me if interested.
  13. NGC Grading Submissions Open

  14. 1913-C gold sovereign

    Wow, what a great coin. I'm after one myself and as previously said not seen a MS64 on a 1913 Canada. I have a MS64 on a 1917 Canada but that is more common. Well done indeed.....