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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    First releases - now there's something to debate! I see many list "First Strike" or whatever and charge a big premium for it. In my view, just because you submit a coin in the first 30 days after minting it doesn't warrant this premium. A PF UC 70 is just that - about as perfect as you can get. So you buy a 20 year old Proof and send it off to NGC or PCGS and it comes back PF (PR) Ultra Cameo 70. So why should a coin submitted in the first 30 days command a Premium? In my view - it shouldn't! If you've kept your beloved coin, safe, secure and untouched for 50 years then decide to have it Slabbed - the number is the number - period! Well that's my opinion. What's yours?
  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Numistacker "Over the next few days I expect quite a few more tiers to be finalized and then then there will be a large package returned." Which are you talking about? Are these the ones you took to the US with you? Or an earlier batch? Sent from my K6000 Pro using TSF App mobile app
  3. All points taken. I like the group submission and after submitti g 60 coins in one go to PCGS, acknowledge and appreciate what a great job Numistacker does. Yes I got my coins back fairly quickly by submitting for the Paris grading week but speed isn't everything. Like Numistacker, I am collecting for the long term and treat my coins a little bit like children - and yes when they don't do as they are told I shout at them. "I said you are an MS63 NOT an MS62 - bad coin!". I must admit I have less problems with older coins than I do with new ones but that's just my take on things. Numistacker gets (was it?) 3 x PF UC 70 Strike on the Day Sovs - I get 3 x marked! - Sods Law
  4. I sent a number of coins for grading to PCGS. They were all Sovereigns and 95% older dates. I dropped them off at a local coin fair but by submitting to Paris Coin Grading Week the cost was in Euros and it worked out higher that the US cost. I had the Secure option where they Scan the coin to avoid fraud later on. The image on their site isn't so pretty but you can tell what coin it is. All in all I had 60 coins graded that I had been saving up for 5 years or so. Total cost per coin worked out at £36 including everything (got a 20% discount!!) - not cheap! Was it worth it - yes and no. Yes - Nice Slabbed coins. Value increased by about the cost of the slabbing due to me undervaluing coins until 3rd party grading. Nice bit of plastic protects the coin and I can look at them easily - I know exactly what I'm looking at without a loupe - even without my reading glasses! No - Pain in the derrière to submit. Photographing every coin and detailing what was inside flip. Anxiously awaiting results, sorting out problems because PCGS messed up on not putting images on their website that I paid for. This time I have sent some coins to NGC via Numistacker and await the results. So far not as stressed as before - awaiting the bill to compare but I've asked for the same service so can update later. 80% of the coins I submitted got the grade I expected. 6% graded higher and 14% lower. I feel happy that I know what I own. Happy slabbing - or not
  5. New 2017 Quintuple Sovereign

    Allgoldcoins have the Quintuple at £1,875 with free shipping. Not sure on their stock levels but let me add to my basket. UK based and I dealt with them in the past. Link below, scroll to bottom of page,......... http://www.allgoldcoins.co.uk/gold-bu-5-pounds.php
  6. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Received my replacements from Chards on Saturday - very happy with everything Lizzie did to replace my coins. It should not be the case that a dealer has to check every coin they send out. I would expect the RM's quality control to pick these issues up but clearly there are problems at present. I was at a coin fair yesterday and a dealer there gets his coins very early from the Mint. He didn't appear to have any issues. Maybe quality control scrutinise the first batch meticulously then think that's enough. Personally I think they should check every 10th coin meticulously at least so they can pick up production issues that will always crop up. If they found an issue they would only have to go back 9 coins. If something gets on the die then that will be transferred to every coin until removed. So RM now need to sort QC and Packaging and we are laughing!
  7. Half sovereign premiums

    Don't forget shipping is included in the coin price with Atkinson's. Allow about £7.50 for individual coins because they use Special Delivery and of course the packaging cost. That brings the actual coin cost down to £122.50 and £241.50 respectively, so only about £3.50 differential cost. Good luck with whatever you buy.
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    In my experience Customs will not accept calls from the recipient. I have had stuff stuck in Customs for weeks. If someone there can't make a decision they just return them. At least they are still being tracked and traceable.
  9. Comparison of PCGS/NGC Holders

    My only gripe with NGC is that they don't cater that well for variations. As a Sovereign collector I found PCGS more accommodating on the label. PCGS normally quote the Spink Reference number but for Australian Coins the McDonalds catalogue offers much better variation classification. On my last submission to PCGS, I asked them to quote the Spink and McDonald Reference numbers - and they did! Its nice being able to pick up a Slab and know what's inside without using a Loupe
  10. Slab boxes

    Back to the PCCB Boxes. I bought 4 of them to test out a few months ago. The 10 box size fits the NGC and PCGS Slabs fine BUT with one problem!! Before you make the modification below, don't put your Slabs into the box - DON'T put the lid on!! As you will struggle to get it off again! Half way down each of the longer sides is a plastic bump to hold the lid in place. With no slabs inside you can flex the case side to remove the lid. With slabs inside you can't flex the case. SOLUTION - Get a nail file or file and file the bump down on the inside of the lid on the 2 longer edges - you don't have to file it all off - about half is OK. Even filing most of bump of keeps the lid on. I use them and they are fine, especially for mixing NGC and PCGS. Took about 3 weeks to arrive as I recall.
  11. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Well all we can do is wait and see. At least we have thrown up a debate that may have consequences for the Mint. When I spoke to the Mint about returning my coins I also raised the subject of inadequate mail packaging for a premium product. Apparently the Mint are looking at their packaging due to "feedback" - mmmmm. My returned coins will arrive at the Mint tomorrow. I sent them advanced pictures of the tail and had a reply within the hour. I am sorry to hear that at least one other coin has the dreaded "ring tail" but I am sure there are more out there. If you slab a coin then there is no comeback from the Mint if it comes back PF68 or PF69. If the Mint can get so many PF70's on the 2017 Proof, then as the surface area and design on the Piedfort is the same, then surely the percentages should be the similar on the Piedfort - time will tell.
  12. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Well they've gone back anyway, so I'll let you know how I get on. If I get the same Certificate numbers then I know they are from the "extras". If I get a new Certificate then it looks like a return!
  13. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Thanks for that, I will check and check again. It appears on Proof coins only the Maximum Mintage figure is above that of the "Limited Edition Presentation". In the Piedfort case on the Royal Mint site under "Specification" it states "Maximum Coin Mintage 3,750". This is not the case for Brilliant Uncirculated issues where both numbers are the same.
  14. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    My understanding is that the Mint over produce on Limited Editions for such eventualities. They don't just strike 3500 exactly - they expect a few issues. They will only release 3500 with certificates. Presumably, after a few months they can melt down the balance into the next coin issue.
  15. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Piedfort Tail problem. I found this exact same issue on 2 out of the 3 Piedfort's I received today. Might be a particular did problem? Note the "ring" half way down the tail. Returned to Mint for replacements.