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  1. New Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  2. Updated Michael Marsh book

    I bought mine from Token Publishing for £35. it had two supplements, one is price guide to Sovereigns, half Sovereigns and 1/4 Sovereigns. The other. Collector's choice 2016/2017. Handy to have.
  3. Today I received.....

    I recently received these two 2oz Silver coins. Also an old Victoria penny I found in a drawer a while back that sparked my interest in coins.
  4. Hello there from Bonnie Scotland!

    Hi, welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place, make sure you check with the forum guys before buying silver, guaranteed you will save money. All the best with your collecting in 2018.
  5. Hello from Greece

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  6. Atkinsons terrible customer service

    If the T&C is irrelevant, I wonder where that would leave you if things go pearshaped?
  7. Atkinsons terrible customer service

    I agree. I would also be annoyed as they advertise free delivery on their website. If you didn't agree to pay postage, simply refuse to pay. I am sure they would rather keep your custom than lose it as a result of the cost of a nominal postage fee.
  8. Atkinsons terrible customer service

    I bought a few items from Atkinson and always had free delivery, maybe it was a genuine mistake.
  9. Have you ever heard of Edward Bernays (two books. Propaganda and Crystalizing Public opinion) this is the kind of guy who pulls the strings that make the politician's lips move?
  10. Homeless people

    Homelessness... is neither a disease nor a crime...but a very serious problem!
  11. 1855 Oz sovereign

    Here is some info on this Sovereign. I suppose to some extent it all depends on the grade.
  12. Smoking or Sovereigns

    From one vice to another, definitely the latter more rewarding. congrats on giving up the insidious weed.
  13. Today I received.....

    Baldwin's have a1863 sov with Arabic figure 1 over an inverted Arabic 1 giving the impression of a Roman 1 for £650. They had one with the Roman 1 a couple of weeks ago at £1,000. Not sure if the more expensive one relates to it being rarer. I'm sure someone on the forum will know.
  14. Royal Mint considers coin valuations

    Charge 3 times as much did you say?...The jobs your, start on Monday.
  15. I am currently having the same experience with UPS, I'm at the stage of sending them a registered letter before I apply to the small claims court. If more people did this then, just maybe these rip off merchants would begin to get their act together.