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  1. completed **NOVEMBER** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE

    Indeed, thank you both very much - I imagine it takes a lot of time and effort end to end taking the orders, arranging payments, packaging and posting
  2. completed **NOVEMBER** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE

    Great news, I will be joining in again
  3. for sale Silver Mix

    I take the last one - 2011 Britannia if still available
  4. Today I made.....

    Few more bits to go
  5. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    If I had more money I would be Lord of the Rings 10 oz Queens Beasts
  6. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    My Precious!
  7. completed **AUGUST** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE

    Arrived today - thanks alot byb
  8. This result starting from going out for a date suggests there is some truth to the Multiverse theory where every possible outcome happens somewhere.
  9. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Gold I am planning to cover Christmas and Holidays
  10. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Arh see I have put some thought into this and it depends on the silver price, quite a few options I see: Silver does well and its possible I could be having that fish & chips in sit down swanky restaurant with homemade tartar sauce and a good ale Silver does bad and I have to make do with just chips + mushy peas from takeway or as you say stack 2 OZ , one each for me + Mrs or I could get rid of Mrs. So the bases of my current approach to stacking is to keep an eye on the fish & chip to silver ratio price and adjust then accordingly. Once fish and chips stack supply has been achieved I will move on to other retirement essentials, probably prioritize a few pints of beer a week next.
  11. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    I am a newbie and only a couple of months in but I have come to think of each 1 OZ of silver I collect as ensuring a portion of fish and chips for me and the Mrs each Friday when retired.
  12. Britannia 2017 release date?

    I watched too much doctor who - this design is a bit Dalek like to me
  13. Trashed motorcycle cash

    In that pic substitute the bike for a motorhome + add deck chair + cup of tea (can brewed up wherever you are). As you are retiring you will have the time to really make use of a motorhome, they are a great way to see UK/Europe.
  14. for sale Lunar Series II Monkey & Goat Lion Privy 1oz

    HI Mike - One of each please, paypal.
  15. My Beginner's Guide to investing in PM's

    @BackyardBullion Many thanks for pointing me here - I see there there is a lot to watch - I admit, could not resist and I started with your unboxing of the GS.BE and the one with 10OZ beast in it though, will do the beginners next