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  1. For me I believe that vaccinations are a good thing. However I also believe that potential side effects / possible risks / implications of multiple vaccinations on children (including premature born) etc should be thoroughly studied and openly investigated, so we can make an informed decision on the risk vs reward on using them on ourselves and family. My perception is that this is not the case at the moment.
  2. There are similar suspicions regarding the use of Aluminium in vaccines as well.

    I love that gold oriental border coin me
  4. ANNUAL COIN SETS 2017 and 2018

    LOL indeed I can certainly relate to the "I love coins me" comment at the end
  5. Marvel Coins Anyone?

    I am collecting them, great looking coins that for me are not too much extra premium over standard bullion
  6. As per above I would look at other more focused investment forums and sites. You should look at and develop a complete financial "plan" and you need to look into using ISAs/Pensions (do you have a contributory/salary sacrifice work pension scheme etc) as Tax wrappers. A lot also depends on your risk profile - its very different investing in FTSE100 vs Aim shares for example. Have a look at Monevator.com (+ similar sites) and read further about passive investing in low cost tracker funds vs individual shares.
  7. Cautionary Tale

    Condolences to anyone who got caught. LOL @ his wellness center - one of the last things that I can think off as good for my wellness is sleeping in a beehive.
  8. completed **NOVEMBER** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE

    Indeed, thank you both very much - I imagine it takes a lot of time and effort end to end taking the orders, arranging payments, packaging and posting
  9. completed **NOVEMBER** Combined order of Silver & Gold€ from Goldsilver.BE

    Great news, I will be joining in again
  10. Today I made.....

    Few more bits to go
  11. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    If I had more money I would be Lord of the Rings 10 oz Queens Beasts
  12. New 10 oz Silver Griffin 2018

    My Precious!
  13. This result starting from going out for a date suggests there is some truth to the Multiverse theory where every possible outcome happens somewhere.
  14. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Gold I am planning to cover Christmas and Holidays
  15. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Arh see I have put some thought into this and it depends on the silver price, quite a few options I see: Silver does well and its possible I could be having that fish & chips in sit down swanky restaurant with homemade tartar sauce and a good ale Silver does bad and I have to make do with just chips + mushy peas from takeway or as you say stack 2 OZ , one each for me + Mrs or I could get rid of Mrs. So the bases of my current approach to stacking is to keep an eye on the fish & chip to silver ratio price and adjust then accordingly. Once fish and chips stack supply has been achieved I will move on to other retirement essentials, probably prioritize a few pints of beer a week next.