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  1. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Gold I am planning to cover Christmas and Holidays
  2. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Arh see I have put some thought into this and it depends on the silver price, quite a few options I see: Silver does well and its possible I could be having that fish & chips in sit down swanky restaurant with homemade tartar sauce and a good ale Silver does bad and I have to make do with just chips + mushy peas from takeway or as you say stack 2 OZ , one each for me + Mrs or I could get rid of Mrs. So the bases of my current approach to stacking is to keep an eye on the fish & chip to silver ratio price and adjust then accordingly. Once fish and chips stack supply has been achieved I will move on to other retirement essentials, probably prioritize a few pints of beer a week next.
  3. What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    I am a newbie and only a couple of months in but I have come to think of each 1 OZ of silver I collect as ensuring a portion of fish and chips for me and the Mrs each Friday when retired.
  4. Many thanks BYB for sorting another month. Received today and very happy - added a bit of light to the dark wet day
  5. Man that guy is into some some real heavy drugs
  6. Britannia 2017 release date?

    I watched too much doctor who - this design is a bit Dalek like to me
  7. I am up for this again, its a great deal Will contact you later next week with order BYB.
  8. completed 2017 NGC Ms 69 Silver Britannia

    I'll have the other if still available pm with the me payment info
  9. Trashed motorcycle cash

    In that pic substitute the bike for a motorhome + add deck chair + cup of tea (can brewed up wherever you are). As you are retiring you will have the time to really make use of a motorhome, they are a great way to see UK/Europe.
  10. for sale Lunar Series II Monkey & Goat Lion Privy 1oz

    HI Mike - One of each please, paypal.
  11. My Beginner's Guide to investing in PM's

    @BackyardBullion Many thanks for pointing me here - I see there there is a lot to watch - I admit, could not resist and I started with your unboxing of the GS.BE and the one with 10OZ beast in it though, will do the beginners next
  12. The Queens beast dragged me here

    oh and I would like apologise in advance for my poor grammar/spelling/typing.
  13. The Queens beast dragged me here

    Hello Kman, Other than knowing I must have a Queens Beast coin I am uncertain as to which direction I will go so your link/advice is much appreciated. I have a spending controller I have to sneak past so wont be going to wild
  14. The Queens beast dragged me here

    Thanks Roy - In this case Manfed Mann, but appreciate a bit of the boss as well.
  15. The Queens beast dragged me here

    Hello Silver Web Surfers, A casual look round Ebay one evening looking at cars some how resulted in me bidding on and wining a 1OZ Silver Britannia. This arrived a couple of days ago and I love it, this caused a bit more searching on coins and I came across the 10OZ Queens Beast and some threads on here. OMG! I have to get one of those. I think I am now hooked on Silver - I can imagine having to stop myself saying "my precious" out loud when I do get my hands on that 10OZ coin. Looking around looks like a great fourm/members so just had to join. Now to find the best/cheapest way to get my hands on that shiny 10OZ coin - backyardbullion bulk buy looks ideal Cheers Blindedbythelight/Silver