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  1. Silver Hammered coins

    In case it's helpful these look very much like a silver penny that I have that came with an informational booklet. I've pasted photos of the coin and booklet below. As was said earlier, these are not that valuable in terms of resale, but there is loads of history...
  2. QB box

    I think these are the same boxes. I bought them from the thread above, and they are very nice. They come with capsules, but also hold (albeit a tight fit) the Royal Mint screw capsules.
  3. Today I Received

    ...and one of the originals that inspired the restrike.
  4. Today I Received

    2017 Royal Dutch Mint Lion Dollar Restrikes. Thanks to @augur for turning me on to these coins
  5. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!🎁🎄
  6. Today I Received

    Not today, but recently...I added more to make 1 kilo of BYB's 100g Silver Forum bars! They actually fit perfectly in this APMEX box, which will hopefully also contain 2018 bars this coming year 🙂
  7. And just like that 2017 draws to a close!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! 🎄 🎉
  8. It was a long journey, but it took about a week, which all things considered is not too bad this time of year.
  9. Thank you! And of course there is no chance it's here before Christmas, which is fine. Happy Holidays to you as well
  10. Draw number 6...or you can take the gift receipt option
  11. I read too quickly, apologies. In any case the MS69 lion is for sale there as well for $419.
  12. Here is a retail pricing comparable I found....I don't know if any sold at this price: https://www.jmbullion.com/2016-1-oz-british-gold-queens-beast-coin-ngc-ms70/
  13. gemstones

    A key difference to remember is that gemstones can by created synthetically, so to me this complicates the idea of rarity (although I believe natural vs. synthetic must be disclosed, although they are chemically identical). http://www.jewelrywise.com/just-for-you/article/what-you-need-to-know-about-lab-created-stones
  14. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    I'm in. I'll contribute three 1 oz silver Eagles, with the option to instead receive the equivalent of 3 oz spot silver +5% via PayPal F&F.
  15. You're welcome. Great bars and a great cause, and of course @BackyardBullion is the one actually doing all the legwork so he deserves the thanks!