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  1. There is another thread about the 10 oz silver Griffin, but it looks like the 1 oz platinum is getting released at the same time. https://www.apmex.com/product/154606/2018-great-britain-1-oz-platinum-queens-beasts-the-griffin They are not yet ready to ship, but I purchased through pre-order to lock in the current price of platinum. We'll see if that turns out to be a good move or not
  2. Today I bought.....

    ...and a graded version as well.
  3. Today I bought.....

    I think palladium is interesting, and this is the first time an Eagle has been struck in Palladium. I picked one up on pre-order to go with my only other palladium coin, a maple leaf.
  4. Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    I am also a very big fan of this series, and have some of the proofs as well as bullion. However, if I had to select one only one version, it would be the proofs. Not only do I like the look of the great Jody Clark designs against the mirror finish, I think in the future the scarcity will matter. Silver tarnishes, tones, and has issue with spots. I could be an anomaly, but I would rather own one of 8,500 lion proofs or 6,250 unicorn proofs with milk spots, than a perfect example of one of 250,000+ bullion coins and counting (there was a post from May which I have linked below that has mintage figures). Please take what I say as just my opinion, as I have zero numismatic experience, and speaking based on my own preferences. As I said, I do buy both versions, and plan to continue spots or no spots (hopefully no spots though)
  5. question about sovereigns

    24 karat gold is 99.9% pure gold. Sovereigns (like the gold American Eagle) are 22k gold which is 91.67% gold. The Sovereigns are sized such that the gold content works out to 0.2354 oz of gold.
  6. question about sovereigns

    Sorry....I thought it was posted above. There are 0.2354 troy oz of gold in each sovereign.
  7. question about sovereigns

    0.2354 oz/sov x $1,323 /oz = $311/sov
  8. It looks like this will be the next bullion in the series and will be available next month, as sdbullion.com has them listed as a presale item available after October 16, 2017. They could of course be incorrect, but this is the first time I've seen anyone with the next bullion coin listed. https://sdbullion.com/2018-1-4-oz-queens-beast-unicorn-of-scotland-gold-coin
  9. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    I'll take numbers 16-20 (instead of my 1 random). If these are anyone's 1 oz numbers just pm me and I'm happy to swap back to random!
  10. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    I'll take 1 bar, any number.
  11. Today I received.....

    2017 Britannia silver 1 oz proof and reverse proof
  12. First strike designation

    I was asking about the Queen's Beast lion 1 oz gold proof NGC PF70. They had the 1 oz "Early Release" (random COA) for $3,300 and the 1 oz "First 250 struck" for $4,200. So in this case the price for the lower COA was $900. I don't see this as worth it, but I have little experience in the world of graded coins (Jester has been encouraging me ), but do like the Queen's Beast series.
  13. First strike designation

    I actually called MCM this week to ask about their price difference betweeen "first 250 struck", and coins without that label. The rep told me this designation means the coin will come with COA 250 or lower, and there is of course no way to determine in what order coins were minted, but some collectors will pay more for a low COA vs. a high COA.
  14. Platinum - who's buying?

    I have some of the platinum lions, and they're my favorite of what's available in the beasts series. The density of the coin is appealing, and it also seems to me that platinum should be worth more than gold.
  15. New 2017 Quintuple Sovereign

    Thank you! That will be an awesome set, and perfect use for such a display.