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  1. What If....?

    The idea is that PMs have throughout history been used as currency across the world. Immediately following the collapse of civilisation PMs are going to be of very little, if any, use. You'd want supplies of food, water, hunting gear etc etc to survive that period. Time would go on and civilisation would rebuild. At that point trade would most likely resort to some sort of currency and judging by history PMs will be the preferred worldwide currency. As you stacked a lot of PMs before the apocalypse you are now an incredibly wealthy individual. I do believe that is the Armageddon angle that you talk of. It's a nice story. Here's what will happen to me with my luck: Civilization collapses I somehow manage to survive the period of rebuilding; I'm finally incredibly wealthy! The new government or king or tribal leader wants/needs PMs to fund armies etc The new government / king forcibly removes all my PMs I'm back to square one
  2. @fehk2001 what's your ebay account name? I am terrified of buying from ebay as I feel i'll get ripped off! Always buy from dealers or this forum for that very reason
  3. can you use the offer multiple times? If I add multiple items to cart will it count as one transaction? Happy to spend the full £500 to get the max £50 IF i can find suitable items!
  4. for sale Free Sterling Silver Brick Giveaway!

    I despise Facebook as well.
  5. Christmas present silver coin. 1/2 oz .999

    Mine arrived this morning. As one is to be hung on the Christmas tree I gave them both as an early Christmas present to my girlfriend who loves all things Christmas. The gleaming smile on her face was totally worth the small cost to acquire these. Thank you very much @SilverStan
  6. It's possible that it's a jewellers copy and so it may have some gold. It could be 9ct. That said there could be no gold at all. Id like to think the 915 is telling you it's 22ct. Doesn't seem like there was ever a 1 there. It would be an absolute punt. Already too highly priced for me to take a punt.
  7. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    That is truly stunning. What is it? Where can I get one?
  8. Fake 1887 £5 ?

    I got caught out buying from a well known auction house. I took it that they did all the checks themselves and so I was naive and took their work for it. It was a Krugerrand and I bought it for a reasonable price..not amazing but better than dealers. It wasn't until I got it home that I checked it myself and the weight was terribly out. In fairness to them I sent an email and called them. It didn't take much persuading for them to let me send it back for them to evaluate themselves. A few days later they refunded the full amount with an apology. That one doesn't look quite right to me. That said I don't really collect Victoria's so I'm by no means we'll versed enough to tell you exactly.
  9. gemstones

    No I wouldn't but that is an entirely different thing. If they could synthetically make gold and silver (at a cost effective price; unlike now) then i'd stack it as high as the roof because I love the metals. It would destroy the monetary value of the metals but to me gold and silver are more than a store of wealth. The coins were minted and made and used at a time in history and so when buying those you're paying a numismatic premium based on the history. A Chinese counterfeit of a gothic crown would be just that...a counterfeit. It would have none of the history associated with a real. It's the same with art, you're paying for the artists handy work and not the sum of materials used. If someone etched a gemstone or used them in an artistic piece then that would command a premium. As with pearls, it's my opinion that the value of gemstones will plummet when people move to synthetic gems and so in my opinion as a stackable investment they are not a good bet. It is just my opinion however. If you feel that people will continue to use gemstones from the earth as a store of wealth and that synthetic gems will not affect their value then that's your opinion. Only the future will determine which opinion is correct. I like gemstones as I'm a bit of a magpie and like all shiny pretty things but for me synthetic offers the very best shininess.
  10. gemstones

    Gemstones are shiny and pretty but very overpriced. My thoughts are identical to this article https://www.joshuakennon.com/synthetic-gemstones-vs-natural-gemstones/
  11. wanted Edward VII Coins

    Hey all, It's my birthday soon and I've decided to collect Edward VII coins. I'd like one set from each year. If you have any let me know. Thanks
  12. expression of interest Hand Poured Christmas Silver Gifts

    Can't wait to get mine!
  13. 2x 1/2 Sovereigns wanted for my Birthday

    I have a 1912 half I could part with. Duplicate year for me. Can send pictures if interested. Happy to sell for £125 Inc postage... Can send you a pic if interested.
  14. I can't find the price anywhere :s what am I doing wrong?