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  1. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    Seems like @Numistacker was saying that his 1/10 Britannia was actually a 69 or 70 quality. He didn't say he thought it was a reject, he said he was going to have it graded with a numeric grade at NGC. Numistacker, did you regrade it? If so, what grade did it get?
  2. Big Stack Smuggling

    Probably gold from some General who wants out now (using a mule). https://www.marketslant.com/articles/exclusive-gold-smuggling-explained
  3. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    To me, MCM is a sell the sizzle not the steak kind of shop. They (like GovMint) would send me all kinds of promo/marketing junk that up-sells basic products by wrapping it in some story (take a generic Morgan dollar and wrap it in a card that talks about the Wild West, bingo, a $100 coin!). So it wouldn't surprise me if Agpanda is correct that the Gem BUs are just grading rejects. But they could have some arrangement with NGC to bypass any normal grading (multiple graders looking at each coin to determine the exact grade) and just go straight to encapsulation with the more generic Gem Uncirculated label. Much cheaper and quicker process. But I'm just guessing. Maybe I'll phone NGC on Monday and see if they'll give any more details.
  4. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    Do you know that or just a guess? Not saying you're wrong, but just curious how you know that.
  5. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    I like slabs for coins that I collect for more than just the metal content. So for me, it depends on the coin and why I bought it. You just want to stack some cheap silver? Then don't spend money on slabs (if only $5). Just throw them in a tube and call it a day. But otherwise, I would pay the $5 because that's how I'm organizing and preserving my more collector coins. Depends on how you see this purchase I guess.
  6. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    Definitely get the slabbed. It would cost you $25 to do it yourself. Its easier to sell in future and it preserves its condition. Only downside is if you're trying to stack a lot of them obviously. Where did you find it (Apmex, JM, somewhere else?)
  7. 1924 S US Peace Dollar

    Might be the photo, but looks like it has some nice toning, which isn't typical for Peace dollars (seems to be more on Morgans for some reason). Nice peace!
  8. I thought it was the Year of the Dog? Oh well, dragons sell, make every year the Year of the Dragon!
  9. This MUST be a scam right?

    I like the scooter sob story too, and of course 0 seller feedback. At least your money will go to a good cause
  10. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    Wow, I didn't realize you guys paid so much for silver! And 20% sales tax ?!? I really do have it good here (0% sales tax too for most online purchases, 0 VAT or anything else).
  11. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    Its not fair if you're paying too much. For example, I can get 2018 QBs at about $3 or $4 over spot: https://www.apmex.com/product/152535/2018-great-britain-2-oz-silver-queens-beasts-the-unicorn Where are you buying? I would suggest to shop around.
  12. Is silver stacking a loss leader?

    How is that fair? Do you really pay that much for bullion QB coins? I expect to pay a small premium over spot for bullion, but nowhere near that. Also, higher premiums in silver is (partially) why I've changed my strategy to gold some time ago. Definitely smaller premiums for gold bullion.
  13. Storage for gold stack

    Pelican is probably the best known in this space, but I also have a Condition 1 for carrying/storing a telescope and the quality is also excellent. Got it from Amazon, but its price is only slightly less than a similarly sized Pelican. Probably other competitors out there as well.
  14. Storage for gold stack

    I have a pelican case for carrying silver, its got a strong handle and has foam for added cushioning and to keep things in place so I don't have to worry about cracking airtites, etc. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of weight in gold to worry about it much
  15. How Hard Is It To Get A PF70 when Grading

    With modern coins, I don't think there is any difference between 69 and 70. Its mostly contrived imo. So, when buying a slabbed coin, I usually get the 69 and keep the extra $ in my pocket (unless the 70 is the same $). When grading, getting a 70 feels better of course, but I don't get upset at a 69 either. I will say that the Perth mint and Royal mint (proof anyway) seem to have the best track records of getting the highest grading results from gold.