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  1. Sept Severus (Roman denarius), Seven Hills Hoard
  2. 1881-S PL
  3. I can predict the future: If gold doesn't go down, it'll go up (or stay flat) That said, I'll most likely make a small purchase next week regardless
  4. My sovereigns came in today
  5. MCM is a rip-off imo. They "sell the sizzle not the steak" so to speak. I picked up this coin from Apmex when it first released for not much more than a silver eagle. The quality of the coin is ok, nothing great, I'll post a picture later. Not sure why someone would pay anywhere close to $200 for a slabbed one.
  6. I hope so, I really do. To me, physical redemption (by anyone, even a poor schmuck with 1 oz worth of a silver-backed crypto) would be key. No imaginary paper games, or restricted to large institutional investors. I would need to be able to demand the physical backing my crypto at any time, without a ton of taxes or large fees or long wait times. This, to me, would be the ideal situation (and true price discovery). The advantages of a digital currency with the restraint and intrinsic value of actual PMs backing it. But probably a snowballs chance in Hades of happening this way.
  7. Very true. With a few exceptions, I rarely hear any of the popular youtube prognosticators tell people "hey, this is just what I believe, but I could very well be wrong". Sometimes they throw that in as a disclaimer (5 seconds buried in a 20 minute video). Most are salesmen, pure and simple.
  8. You should @RichRock . I do support the right of anyone (including these guys) to say what they want, come up with whatever backstory they want (I'm reminded of Lindsey Williams and his "elite friend", or Bix's "good guy vs bad guy" theories), and even to charge subscriptions or just collect $ from youtube. Everyone should invest at their own risk. But there isn't a lot of push back that I can see.
  9. I use the "choose files" link. Once uploaded, there should be a + symbol to add the photo to your reply
  10. Hi @watchdog76, NCS is the Conservation wing of NGC (which does the coin grading). You can either submit a coin like this directly to NCS, who will do what they can and then send it to NGC for grading, or you can send directly to NGC (according to NGC customer service, the graders, if they notice a coin that can be helped by NCS, will suggest it to you, and if you say yes, they will forward to NCS first). I've sent a few packages to NGC for grading, but others on this forum (like @Numistacker) are the real experts with this.
  11. Yeah, I'd like I could be a fly on the wall to see what NCS does to remove it (if they can). I'm thinking its some really specialized process done by a team of highly trained experts, when maybe they just dip it in acetone
  12. Even the Panda looks shocked at the price!
  13. I'm in a hold position with silver, mostly because I have enough to enjoy a moonshot if it comes, but if the opposite happens, I'll buy more on a sharp decline. Doesn't mean I won't make an occasional purchase, but nothing big. So basically I'm not anticipating any big moves in either direction, but if/when they come I'll act accordingly.