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  1. What If....?

    For a SHTF scenario (not a situation I think will happen), you'd want something of value that is easily recognizable. True, you could use whiskey or cigarettes or whatever, but how easily is that to store, how long will it last in storage, who would want it (eg, my neighbor who smokes might want the cigarettes, but my other neighbors won't, some drink, some don't) etc... Basically, it comes down to what defines good money. These are: Durability, portability, acceptability, limited supply, divisibility and uniformity. It should also have intrinsic value, so it can hold this value over time. Here's a good youtube clip about barter vs money. For this scenario you describe, 90% silver, ASE and AGE fractionals would be best in the US.
  2. Today I Received

    Great job on the photos! Very nice, really want a 1911 proof! On my hit list for next year for sure
  3. I would agree with almost all of this, except to say that silver is definitely a precious metal. Its main problem (from an investment standpoint anyway) is that there is no real price discovery in rigged markets. As long as they can keep the average jane and joe from getting interested in holding physical, the phony paper/digital games can move spot down (and keep a boot on its head).
  4. Its not unheard of. And the ratio could get wider. Some silver is a good thing, but get some gold too. My 2 cents anyway.
  5. silver krugerrand

    Never understood why these were so expensive...
  6. How low can we go?

    I think what little wind was left in the PM sails just went into cryptos. My guess is PM prices won't turn up significantly until either the bitcoin or stock bubble pops. Which is fine for me since I'm not looking to sell anytime soon.
  7. CNBC now has a dedicated live "bitcoin watch" showing the price fluctuations in real time. And next week is their "bitcoin bonanza" where they dedicate most of their time to pumping cryptos. What could possibly go wrong? To da moon!!!!
  8. 2018 queen beast dragon silver proof

    Hmm, don't see the quarter ounce gold online...anyone have a direct link to it?
  9. What do you think??

    Reminds me of the weird painted silver eagles I used to see at my LCS (which were in the scrap bin selling for spot). But these are definitely better looking. Not sure who's doing the plating(painting?), but once they get a bit better with their process, these would be a fun novelty to have a few (as long as the price doesn't get out of hand)
  10. Today I Received

    My latest acquisition: Year of the Dog!
  11. Any Canadian silver coins that don't milk spot?

    I agree, I have quite a few of the collector coins, some going back to the 80s, and have never had milk spotting. The bullion maple leafs definitely have milk spot issues. Lately the Canadian mint has been using "radial lines" , supposedly for "security". As Apmex describes: I think another unstated reason is to help hide milk spots. As smart as these mints are, why can't they identify the source of the milk spotting and FIX it? Instead, they ruin their reputation imo.
  12. UK 50% Junk Silver Liquidity / Snobbery

    Damn. You guys pay way too much taxes over there!
  13. UK 50% Junk Silver Liquidity / Snobbery

    Wow, nice! Maybe I should resell 40% to you guys in the UK...shipping would be an issue though
  14. 1911 sovereign help

    You're right Pipers. Unfortunately, time seems more precious than gold for me lately