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  1. I was hoping you'd convince me otherwise!
  2. Gentrysilver

  3. I was visiting the NGC site and they had an ad for a special autographed label for the baseball hall of fame domed silver coin. And it bothered me for a bit, couldn't figure out why. Until it hit me...is my collecting in slabbed gold and silver the same as collecting baseball cards? Except for intrinsic value of the underlying metal, if I am buying numismatics, is it really much different than collecting rare baseball cards? From NGC: From PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator): Note the similar terms too (grading, Set registry, etc)
  4. 2017 Reverse Proof silver Britannia on apmex

    I really like that reverse proof! I think Apmex may have been a bit aggressive with the price tho. For under 150 or maybe up to 200 I'd probably consider it.
  5. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    From my experiments, more like 1-2 seconds, and really only for BU or proof coins. It will remove luster quickly! In most cases its a bad idea, but I'm too stubborn to listen to reason
  6. Another good visualization found on visual capitalist: http://www.visualcapitalist.com/troubling-trajectory-hyperinflation-in-venezuela/
  7. Saw this chart on http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/28/news/economy/venezuela-cash-crisis/index.html I know this is a non-PM topic, but it makes me want PMs that much more:
  8. Hand poured

    You can always liquidate modestly sized silver bars. Testing on smaller bars and coins is fairly easy nowadays, and if you have a working relationship with your lcs then it won't be a problem. I personally have never purchased bars > 1kg and most I have are 10oz or less, mostly for this reason.
  9. Lol! A golden retriever? I guess that makes sense for the gold bar!
  10. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    True, although I don't doubt they are much more experienced. I've messed around with carefully (properly?) cleaning coins, and messed up and ruined several coins (dipping too long, too strong a solution, adding hairline scratches, etc). I don't trust myself on any coins of real value But a milk spotted modern coin? I would either try dipping it myself or sell/trade it (for gold)
  11. Very cool looking! Love the contrast!
  12. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    PCGS will apparently try to remove them for you (not sure the fee), by dipping them . I guess sulfuric acid solution of some degree? Would be easier and cheaper to try it myself. Anyway: From: https://www.pcgs.com/silver-coins-spot-policy
  13. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    1/10 Soon to be available at the low low price of $399 from MCM (I don't know this for sure of course, but wouldn't surprise me from MCM)
  14. This is another interesting video on how they made real money (coins) back in the day. My favorite line is around the 4min mark, "the unshakable confidence of the people in the money of their government" ... fast forward to today, well, not so much...