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  1. I am new to Silver

    Thanks, I am watching now
  2. I am new to Silver

    Well yes, I work as a gas engineer... I give free advice and quotations so on that principle, yes. your not making me feel welcome because I haven't paid for a site i have been a member of for 2 days?
  3. I am new to Silver

    I would but im a newb, I have no reason to have access to the traders forum yet
  4. I am new to Silver

    thanks, Yea I am already learning to go with gold as well as silver, Just working out what Ratio gold to silver I want to keep with. Thanks guys for your reply's I do appreciate all of them
  5. I am new to Silver

    the silver market future uses like solar panels, everytime i try searching it always ends up with a taste of alex jones or david icke in it. I start reading and they start with silver and its uses and then they all trail off into a "new world order are bringing fiat currency to a collapse" and I lose intrest
  6. I am new to Silver

    Hi guys and gals, I recently got into silver as a way of stopping myself wasting money, about 4 months ago I got a job that pays me £200 a week more than I was used to and me being child-like started spending that money on take aways, whiskeys, strange things I found on amazon and pretty much anything that I could waste my money on. I decided to put my money into something that isn't a waste and also has a chance of gaining value. However I am a newbie to Silver and metals and I have kind of jumped into this blind with good intentions. Conspiracy theories aside... am i thinking right that silver will increase in value over a few years? I have no idea where I am going with this silver, if I am going to hold it till retirement or be a collector or a bar stacker at this point and as many of you may already know the facts of silver are hard to find under the mountains of conspiracy theories. Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction of where I should be researching or a youtube channel that is based on pure facts? Thankyou in advance Mac
  7. New Stacker

    My first purchase has arrived! I made the mistake of buying silver before i researched the vat free silver but I will buy another 4 of these as these are stack-able in a tube and its more of a personal novelty to me. I will be buying coins and mostly bars after I have gotten my 1st tube.
  8. New Stacker

    hi @Stu, Thanks but it isn't my family, its a picture from my fav TV show Mr Robot, if your into the big banks being a conspiracy you would love it!
  9. New Stacker

    I am thinking about buying about £100 every 2 weeks
  10. New Stacker

    Thank you, Its wierd but I'm kinnda excited about starting this. I have no set plan I think i will like these coins so much i will prob have them as my own secret pension that the government won't have its fingers in. Plus they will help when the zombies come (joke), well its a good idea to have silver if things go tits up. I will be checking out all those sites.
  11. New Stacker

    Hello guys and gals, I recently get a well paid career so started buying silver, I just made my first purchase of the Scottsdale 5oz Silver Round Stacker. I started to research deeper and found as all of you would already know that I can skip paying TAX buying coins (legal tender) by purchasing from certain websites. However I have no idea which websites I can trust to buy the VAT free coins and I am not sure if I can post links so I will just ask if any of you have had dealings with Celticgold? The reason I have gotten into buying silver is that I am terrible at saving money and I know if I buy coins/bars I will hold onto them, If i hold my fiat money I will spend it. So that being said Hello and I hope to make friends on here that can warn me of pitfalls.