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  1. Silver Deals.....

    Cheap pre-owned Maples at Akinsons. I just bought a tube's worth and still loads left at the moment. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-coins/pre-owned-canadian-maple-1oz-silver-coin-vat-fre
  2. Today I bought.....

    Today I bought a pile of pre-owned Maples from Atkinsons. I had an empty tube which was looking lonely
  3. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    I've used localbitcoins a few times with no problems. You just need to read the seller/buyer's ad to decide if they're legit, plus it has a feedback system for peace of mind. The rates/premiums are generally decent too.
  4. Bitcoin is king

    I can see the logic in the bitcoin bulls' predictions of huge numbers in the future, as only a tiny percentage of people and institutions are invested into it at the moment and there is virtually no mainstream awareness as yet. The main reason I'm treating it with caution is that I think when it gets to the point where it's inevitably going to go mainstream, you can be sure that governments and banks will introduce their own 'legitimate' cryptocurrency, accompanied by relentless negative propaganda about bitcoin - how it isn't secure, is used by terrorists etc. I think BTC has a way to go yet though before they're forced to panic
  5. Broadband Speeds

    My BT package claims up to 45MB and it has tested around that figure every time I've tried, so no complaints. It's great for streaming services etc, but for general browsing I see little difference from the old days of 1MB, 2MB, 8MB etc due to the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of general web content - plugins, adverts etc. It can still be frustrating on some sites waiting for the page to load fully before it becomes functional.
  6. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    @HelpingHands @DrDime Thanks for the replies chaps. I've just logged into localbitcoins for the first time in a few weeks and was pleasantly surprised to see they've made an 'Altcoin Airdrop' since my last login - so it took them a while but they've done as you said DrDime. Nice little bonus!
  7. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    I bought a small amount of BTC back in July before the original fork, and confess I've paid very little attention to news about further forks etc, only occasionally checking the current value. It's held on localbitcoins at the moment and I have no idea if I'm entitled to any bitcoin cash? I'm not sure if the BTC had to have been held on a supporting exchange/wallet at the time or if it applies to everything bought before the fork. Also I was going to move my BTC from localbitcoins to a paper wallet, but I assume this will mean I miss out on freebies at further forks.
  8. My wife and I have been saving into a shared pot and just counted it all out last weekend, coming in at £1900. I had always planned to buy gold with my half and was leaning toward a Mexican 50 peso, however since starting this scheme we decided to put an extension on the house which is now complete and we're about £35k lighter So looking at my savings account makes my eyes water at the moment and I'm not sure if I can splash cash on gold right now... I keep looking though.
  9. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    Do you use an authenticator app for two-factor authentication? If so you will probably have to restore your account on that with a key you got on initial registration. Not sure about the exchange apps themselves. I had to do this yesterday with my new phone.
  10. £GBP heading to oblivion

    Bear in mind that a currency being the 'strongest in 2018' just means that its inexorable descent toward worthlessness is temporarily moving at a slower pace than some others
  11. I have a little BTC but PM's are the much safer bet long term. Two different things entirely I think. You know PM's will always have a floor price as it costs labour and resources to dig them up. Cryptos may well have their uses into the future but fundamentally as an investment I don't see them as any better than fiat money. Each coin may be limited but new ones can come and go and drop in and out of fashion.
  12. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    Tin foil hat firmly on here, but does anyone sense a creeping anti-bitcoin narrative in the news lately? There seems to have been more attention paid to criminal activity involving bitcoin payment, not least the recent 'ransomware' attacks. And the big story today about the model apparently kidnapped in Italy for a bitcoin ransom seems a bit suspicious to me. I'm not sure a normal person having gone through that ordeal would want to parade herself in front of the media in not much more than bra and knickers as soon as she gets home. I wonder how long before potential BTC regulation starts being discussed?
  13. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    One thing I don't understand... if bitcoin is completely decentralised and not owned or controlled by any authority or body, who decided to make this 'fork' on August 1st?
  14. Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)

    I must admit I have been disappointed by the bitcoin experience since becoming interested in it and buying one BTC recently. The idea of cutting out the middle man, or the banks, in financial transactions seemed appealing, but the reality is you pay a significant premium for the coin, it can take hours to complete the transaction and it doesn't seem to be particularly secure once you have them.