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  1. World coins & medals

    Edit: its a Double silver Florins.
  2. World coins & medals

    Old silver 5 francs 1875.
  3. World coins & medals

    1887 silver Florin.
  4. World coins & medals

    Another Shipwreck coin, Sister toned, Silver Pillow dollar or 8 reales 1737 coin from Rooswijk wreck with c.o.a. 25.93g. Shows sea curation like cracks around and on the E.
  5. Britannia Photo Thread...

    Oriental border Silver Britannia coin BU 1oz.
  6. Lunar photo thread...

    Year of the Dog 2018 Opal silver proof.
  7. Kookaburra photo thread...

    1994. 1oz. proof And the new 2018 Kookaburra.
  8. World coins & medals

    Shipwreck coin, Silver Pillow dollar or 8 reales 1737 coin from Rooswijk wreck with c.o.a. 26.73g, Has little sea where on rim of coin.
  9. World coins & medals

    Another old greyish Silver 1836 8 Reales. Still has some lustier but may have been cleaned in its hey days or circulated marks.
  10. World coins & medals

    1902 Edward VII crowned. Silver Token, Medal.
  11. European Coins Thread

    A mix of old bronze copper coins in candle light.
  12. World coins & medals

    1812 - 8 reales, Peru silver coin. Not a grading coin cos of all the scratchers, clean marks, and other circulated points, but a coin I see with history as in its been around.
  13. World coins & medals

    A 1812 8 reales in moon light on windowsill.
  14. Panda Photo thread...

    2017 Silver Chinese panda coin.
  15. European Coins Thread

    Restrike Lion Dollar 2017. Silver Bullion coin.