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  1. Thanks, I'll post videos of them when I can or pitchers. Here's a video of 3 of them, but it seems my granddad may have cleaned some at one stage :/.
  2. Better introduce myself before I forget again. Names Offi from UK. I'm new ish to silver and gold collecting as I'm just carrying on a small predation of my granddads small coin stack hobby hes horded over years but sadly he died in 90's he pasted on to my dad and aunty his collection that split which now from my dad he's handed to me to look after and maybe add to his collection more coins in time. The detail in silver and gold coins has got me interested in them and the history. I'm not good with long texts so will leave it there for now. Regards Offi.
  3. hi welcome
  4. UK currency of today. My Pocket change of today In a pot on a old wall..
  5. Old but silver, Mexican 8 Reale.