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  1. For gold and crypto lovers

  2. All received. thanks again!!
  3. Elementos Mexicanos 1 oz Silver Proof Medal

    Fair enough [emoji23] that is obviously a great explanation. Ill be in touch payday to pick one up providing they are still around [emoji4]
  4. Elementos Mexicanos 1 oz Silver Proof Medal

    I mean dont get me wrong its a lovely coin and i was looking to pick one or two up pay day however the link price and your price is cause for concern so hopefully you could clarify [emoji4]
  5. Elementos Mexicanos 1 oz Silver Proof Medal

    Forgive me for potentially coming across rude but the link for provided for the exact same coin you are selling sells for £512 a piece. So either this is an amazing bargin or ......
  6. buzz ill take the box of caps, flips etc if still around
  7. Star Wars Silver Proof Medal

    ive just pre-ordered all the stamps. not sure if they are worth it or will gain any value however, love a bit of starwars so great to add to a collection
  8. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars

    Yeah mate posted in it to reserve 2 Think it was 126 and 127 bit double check my post because i cant remember haha Cheers
  9. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    X2 127 & 128 if available if not I'll have any thanks
  10. Thanks ill check them all oit after work. Is it same principle as bittylicious to buy them? Select what you want how much then bank transfer
  11. Hi noob here. I currently have a few very minor investments in cypto currencies. Most come from bittylicious. However i want to buy some currencies that are not available via them. Any ideas or videos or general help of how to do this and platforms etc will be appreciated