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  1. Book gets delivered today fellas, I'll have a little butchers and let you know what it's like
  2. Ill have 2 mate
  3. Fair enough, might pick up a copy
  4. @levdon01 How much is the book
  5. Fair enough. Thanks for tje advice. Ive set up auto invest for £50 a month then ill spend another £50 on coins or cryptocurrency. Trying to get my finger in every pie [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G925F using The Silver Forum mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  6. Alright guys, just seen this. Had a little look online and thinking of getting involved. Loke yourselves will only be able to invest £50 hear and there. If you dont mind me asking what are the returns like on £50? Is it worth it or will i get 5p a month back Sent from my SM-G925F using The Silver Forum mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  7. I'll have a 100g too
  8. Hi guys, where is a good place to get coins at auction? Do you usually get a bargain at an auction or is it the same really as just buying from online.
  9. Haha I'll get involved pay day then need to grow my collection.
  10. @murph hi mate, appreciate as a precious metal as such they are not worth as much but for collectability and profitability are they worth it. Will they increase just as much as the silver coins as such as tome goes on or are they just a waste of money and if im going to collect the set them ideally i need to buy the silver coins
  11. @fehk2001 would the Beatrix potter ones for a tenner be a good ones to buy?
  12. Thanks guys, I want to get the decent silver coins, but just can't afford a bulk buy. That's why I've been looking at getting General bu 50p because there a lot cheaper and was hoping to flip em in a year or two for a profit
  13. Looking to start collecting some of the Royal mint coins. Unfortunately don't have that much spare cash to splash out like some of you guys can haha so was just wondering if the standard bu coins for £13 are worth it and will increase in value or are they more of a personal collection as such and if I intend on making money I need to buy the silver proofs etc
  14. With the 50p's do you really need to get the £60 coin in presentation box etc for it to be worth the investment as such or would the £10 bu coin suffice?