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  1. Some Upcoming Royal Mint Releases

    Confusing as heck. I’m wondering what this “new” £5 gold coin is going to be. I won’t be able to afford it for sure, but it’ll be fun to wait and watch either way.
  2. Some Upcoming Royal Mint Releases

    The St. George and Dragon coins are both 2018 year coins, right? If so, I am assuming the £5 gold coin is the annual Five Piece Sovereign, while the Silver Piedfort Coin will be a celebratory version of a similar one they released when Prince George was born (albeit that was NOT a Piedfort). Perhaps they feel a piedfort version can be justified given the 65 year coronation anniversary? 🤔 Edit: I am not 100% sure, but I think grained edge and milled edge are the same thing, which is that they are not plain edge.
  3. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    In years when only the regular design is used, I can see why NGC would expect sealed packaging to distinguish the SOTDs. They shouldn’t have required it for the 2017 200th Anniversary SOTD. The also shouldn’t have needed it for the Sapphire Jubilee SOTD as it was the only 2017 to use the regular design. But now with the Platinum SOTD, I can see why they might enforce this rule. Either way, best to just contact them directly and confirm.
  4. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Ah yes, I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen those auctions on eBay 😬
  5. Sovereign vote

    I agree @Kman. The uniqueness of the Sapphire Jubilee SOTD was that it was the only regular design of 2017. With the SOTD “regular design” mintage now up to 1500 AND the added confusion of there being no markings to distinguish between the two different releases, they’ve both negated their uniqueness, imo. Add to that the fact they’re both BU strikes and have an issue price of almost £50 over the Proof strikes, I feel they can only fall in value, unless one happens to encounter the occasional uninformed sucker
  6. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    There will almost certainly be an SOTD for the Coronation Anniversary.
  7. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    Haha thanks for reminding me about the Indian Sovereign. So it’s either 12 or 13 in total, depending on whether you count the Sapphire and Platinum Jubilee Sovereigns as the same or different. In a normal (i.e., sane) year, there’d typically be 8 variations (the 5 Proofs, 2 Bullions, and 1 Brilliant Uncirculated). So 2017 has had about 4 (or 5) too many.
  8. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    I didn’t count those deliberately as I was really only accounting for the good ol’ Sovereign. But yeah, if you take all posssible variations of weights into account, you end up with 12 actually - the 5 I mentioned originally, plus: 6. Regular design Half Sovereign with Shield Privy (Bullion) 7. Garter design Quarter Sovereign (Proof) 8. Garter design Half Sovereign (Proof) 9. Garter design Double Sovereign (Proof) 10. Garter design Five Sovereign (Proof) 11. Garter design Five Sovereign (Brilliant Uncirculated) 12. Garter design Piedfort Sovereign (Proof)
  9. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    I’m just wondering... has 2017 been the year with the most variations of the Sovereign in the history of the Sovereign? 1. Garter design (Proof) 2. Garter design SOTD (Brilliant Uncirculated) 3. Regular design with Shield Privy (Bullion) 4. Regular design Sapphire Jubilee SOTD (Brilliant Uncirculated) 5. Regular design Platinum Anniversary SOTD (Brilliant Uncirculated)
  10. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    Seriously! This almost takes the fun out of collecting Sovereigns
  11. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    Uh oh... Link: http://www.royalmint.com/shop/p/pw17std Mintage of 750 Price £500 Looks like the Sapphire Jubilee and this one are exactly the same. How on earth would people differentiate between the two?
  12. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Oh I absolutely agree the Early Releases designation is rather questionable. In fact, I recall having a similar opinion as yours back when the 2017 SOTD Sovereign was released (I’ll see if I can find my post on it). Really the reason I got the Longest Reigning Monarch Piedfort was not because of the Early Releases designation but because it was less than £75 or so and seemed like a great deal for such a beautiful coin, slabbed to boot.
  13. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    I think that’s very smart as it gives you the biggest possible buyer pool when the time comes to sell.
  14. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Makes sense. Do you still keep your original packaging though? Just curious
  15. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    In my personal opinion, one shouldn’t hurry into grading a coin unless you want to get the “early releases” designation. Otherwise, it comes down to whether you want to preserve the coin in the inert case, or ease of storage, in that order. I put ease of storage last because surely there’s a cheaper way to store coins without damaging them, but I suspect slabbing goes hand in hand with preserving+storage. Thoughts from someone who’s never graded any coins (though I did purchase an NGC certified Longest Reigning Monarch Silver Proof Piedfort Early Releases for less than issue price).