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  1. Royal mint coin releases 2018 coins

    I didn’t realise they’ve been striking Sovereigns on each of Prince George’s birthdays :-/
  2. Today I received.....

  3. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bullion Swan 2017

    Hahahahha! You folks are hilarious. I'd always learnt that a bevy is a group of swans. But also knew about a bevy of girls, yes. @Bullionbilly, I'm kinda rare
  4. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bullion Swan 2017

    A beautiful bevy
  5. Smoking or Sovereigns

    Way to go! Thats so cool. A healthier lifestyle and spare cash for a cool new hobby too
  6. Red Dragon of Wales - Gold & Silver Proofs Imminent

    Ah thanks. I thought the sheet was talking about the proofs I wouldn't be surprised if that turned out to be true.
  7. Red Dragon of Wales - Gold & Silver Proofs Imminent

    That release schedule seems incorrect for least two reasons: 1. The Proof Unicorn was not released on September 25 but in early June (and it was the 2017 Unicorn, not 2018). 2. The Proof Griffin hasn't been released yet. Edit: Unless this is referring to the bullion versions? I don't recall that scehdule.
  8. Based on information in the Gazette, it looks like the Royal Mint will soon be releasing the proof versions of the Red Dragon of Wales. If I were collecting these I'd be hyped, but seeing as I can't afford this series - the 1/4 oz gold is what I'd have liked to collect - I'm just being the bearer of good news to those who are
  9. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bullion Swan 2017

    It would definitely go well with its silver counterpart. However, I can't afford the 1oz, so I'll have to do with looking at pics/videos if anyone gets one.
  10. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bullion Swan 2017

    I received an email from the Perth Mint today about their latest offering - a 1oz gold bullion swan. Specifications include 99.99% purity and mintage of 5,000. No mention of smaller sizes unfortunately. And it's also rather interesting they released a 2017 coin so late in the year. It's a beauty anyway.
  11. Posting gold bullion from UK to Australia

    I highly recommend you read this: https://www.border.gov.au/Factsheets/Documents/importingpreciousmetalcoinsandbullions.pdf And if you're still in doubt, probably better to call the department and get it clarified before you make any purchases. Also, I think there's a fee for releasing your item from customs (if it is held). You should clarify that too. Hope this helps.
  12. Not just UK. Even for shipping to Australia sometimes the cheapest option using eBay GSP is around AUD 50 which is absolutely ridiculous. USPS First Class shipping to Australia costs about AUD 20 for a coin and would get here in about 2 weeks. eBay GSP comes to around AUD 50 and will travel around half of the USA before it gets here, and not in 2 weeks for sure. It's sad if you don't have many options. Edit: And yes, I have experienced that currency conversion thing. It shows me one estimate in the listing but sometimes the actual payment cost after conversion is different.
  13. 2018 Sovereigns?

    I could not agree with you more. And if this is what the RM is doing now, I shudder to think what they'll do when the next in line finally ascends the throne :-/
  14. 2018 Sovereigns?

    Except that the description says these are proofs. I sincerely hope they don't do another special proof next year - that will be ridiculous. I think putting privy marks on bullion Sovereigns is such a cheap, modern strategy for imparting some collectible value to these bullion strikes. The 200th anniversary privy mark was alright (I guess). Imo a privy mark for the "anniversary of the coronation" is a bit too far; we just had the sapphire jubilee strike on the day in 2017 to celebrate the "anniversary of becoming queen". Well if it's a damn proof I suppose I should start saving. I'm obviously going to succumb to the hype and give in to my FOMO
  15. 2018 Sovereigns?

    You missed Royal Baby #3