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  1. As someone who falls into this category, I 100% agree with you on this.
  2. I assumed it would be the special design; but yes, if it's the bullion design, then nothing special.
  3. Sure thing Here you go:
  4. Makes sense about the design of the piedfort and whether it is proof or not. I'm curious what you think about the Quintuple Sovereign too. I shared some info I got (may not be 100% accurate) in another thread. Thanks for your responses.
  5. I did not think about it from that angle. As a relative newbie to all this, I just assumed that given a choice between two coins that look exactly the same, people would want the one with more gold content. I do see your point though, and I did not know about the single vs double sovereign price aspect you mentioned. Guess I have much to learn about how the collectible world works I'm curious what you guys think about the Quintuple Sovereign I posted about in the other thread... I shared my initial thoughts there, but probably you experienced collectors have more valid thoughts?
  6. Peace, my friend I was just casually speaking my thoughts, and the only point I was making about price is that the Piedfort is going to be double the weight while looking exactly the same as the regular sovereign; because I'm pretty sure people will either leave the coin in its holder or get it graded, and in either case, the thickness will be irrelevant when looking at the coin. Those were just my thoughts that day and I thought to post them to see what others think. Cheers!
  7. Update: And it seems the issue limit might be 2000. I'm not sure what the price will be, but I almost feel like if there's one Quintuple Sovereign worth getting in this lifetime, it is the 2017 due to the special design. It probably won't show up for another 50 or 100 years.
  8. I've heard that the Royal Mint is going to release a new 2017 Quintuple Sovereign. I suspect it will be Brilliant Uncirculated (not Proof), but we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Yes indeed
  10. The only downside of the coin (for me) is that the diameter will be exactly the same as the regular sovereign, so as far as seeing the brilliant 1817 design, it won't be any different. The only thing going for it is that it will be the first piedfort sovereign; that may be its appeal. In any case, all the poor folks who got the regular sovereign at double the issue price off the secondary market may be a little regretful now, as they could have got double the gold content at the same price with the new piedfort sovereign :-/
  11. I'm going to wager it's the Piedfort Sovereign
  12. True (though I suppose the "Queen's beasts" will continue to represent what they do today)
  13. Aha there it is. I am loving these designs. But... good grief!!!! I only have the 1/4 oz Lion bullion and these are shooting out the barn like nobody's business.
  14. Congrats. Very cool!
  15. I forgot that I had specifically turned on that feature in my settings. Thanks for reminding me (and everyone).