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  1. Haha
    MancunianStacker reacted to Woodsy in Hi from Manchester   
    Oh that's a tough one, anymore clues?  
    Always nice to too hear from another Manc Stacker 
  2. Haha
    MancunianStacker reacted to Elements in Hi from Manchester   
  3. Like
    MancunianStacker reacted to Pete in Carillion Bust   
    Sort of thing Branson would look for as I still suffer the 100% loss of Northern Rock ( shares ) which miraculously turned back into profit a few weeks later.
    Don't mention the East Coast Rail Franchise either.
    Although Carillon has liquidated I am sure the city slick solicitors and accountants will still manage to charge £3,000 per day per person engaged on unravelling everything so the subcontractors will neither receive their payments for work and materials but a lot of people in suits will still do very well out of the collapse. All the money owed Carillon from late payments will be completely absorbed in fees.
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from fehk2001 in Auctions   
    I personally lick all my bullion 😜
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    MancunianStacker reacted to oliversw5 in Anyone else worried about Stock Market all time highs?   
    I pulled all my funds from the stock market and went 100% PMs, you can still benefit from the market via spread betting and futures etc. Why hold the risk when you can pay a small premium for the upside?
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    MancunianStacker reacted to sixgun in Anyone else worried about Stock Market all time highs?   
    There is a lot of cash in the system. There should be inflation and this is coming out in the cryptos. Physical assets have been suppressed. Agricultural products are in many cases low - when there are an ever growing number of mouths to feed it makes no sense. Some metals are starting to pick up in price. Gold and silver are going to make big moves this year. The new gold and silver cryptos are going to be announced in less than 2 weeks. This is going to vacuum up so much physical it will make the cartel's head spin. It is designed to produce an income stream which will mean the unallocated and allocated gold and silver deposits will be liquidated to move into this new income generating 100% backed fully redeemable gold and silver investment product. This will expose the fact there is no gold in the vaults of these bullion deposits. There never was. The cartel will pull some desperate stunts, they will try to make things difficult, to smear, to generate FUD but they will be on the ropes and then KO'd. The clock is ticking and it is almost midnight. Unless you hold the gold you will be getting a cash settlement like it or not and then comes a price reset and those investors will be left on the side lines. I am 100% sure this is the outcome for 2018. The new currency is upon up but not the one they predicted in The Economist. 
  7. Haha
    MancunianStacker reacted to PansPurse in Auctions   
    It's the only way to check it's not chocolate!
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    MancunianStacker reacted to HelpingHands in Auctions   
    One thing I will say about auctions is assume all proofs have been handled.
    Coins may have been carefully looked after by a collector for all his life and as soon as they kick the bucket they end up at the auction.
    Potential buyers will likely take them out of capsules, weigh them and maybe even lick them.
    The auction house will have probably stuck the lot number on the packaging with a sticker which never fully comes off.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to ChrisSIlver in Bank Of England’s own Bitcoin???   
    Moved to the cryptocurrency club topic section.

    Would be very easy for people to check the amount of GBP in circulation if this happens.
  10. Haha
    MancunianStacker got a reaction from Xander in Bank Of England’s own Bitcoin???   
    So just saw this and thought I’d share:
    It was in the Daily Mail so it could be completely incorrect 😂
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from Kman in Some Upcoming Royal Mint Releases   
    So it looks like there will only be 175 of this £5 coin:
    Edit - the edge looks normal milled on the website 

  12. Sad
    MancunianStacker reacted to Xander in Bank Of England’s own Bitcoin???   
    That would be another step toward a cashless society.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Jordie in 2018   
    Happy new year everyone, back to life and reality I wish you all a happy new year and may good times follow 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to KDave in Digital 'Currencies' Are ALL A Scam   
    It doesn't matter how many times I try to convince myself these things are the future all I see is tulips. Its not the future. The technology, secure, trust based, byzantine all that good stuff, its great, but the token version that is crypto currency is at best trying to do things we don't need, and at worst a scam as per the article. What we could use is a platform to take all of the good things about ledger technology and base things on that, but not individual coins.
    We don't need coins, tokens, because from the start bitcoin and its copies have tried to solve a problem that doesn't exist - we already have digital currency its called visa, we have digital peer to peer payment systems already (paypal f&f ) and we already have digital store of wealth its called gold. You just buy a claim from a vault or ETF if you want the digital version.  
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from CosmikDebris in Digital 'Currencies' Are ALL A Scam   
    Might be a reason why he hasn’t cashed out t in yet. Imagine owning 51% of all the worlds currency (if it successfully replaced all currencies). Maybe an accurate quote:
    "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild
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    MancunianStacker reacted to CosmikDebris in Royal Mint - Crypto Gold   
    If I hold it, I own it! I would take a lot of convincing to put my trust in any institution. I only have a bank account because I'm forced to!
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Numistacker in Deep Dive | The famous 'Ansell' Sovereign of 1859   

    I have always wanted one of these. Maybe some day but meanwhile here is the story of the Ansell Sovereign

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    MancunianStacker reacted to blackadder in hatton garden metals   
    I always price check between each of the sites i use no matter what im buying.Even if i think said site is always cheaper,as you never no.
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Goldmick in 20 sovereign.s now   
    I'm on 20 sovereign.s now and most got on here just wanna say thanks to all I love this place couldn't be happier 
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Goldmick in 1888 Jubilee Head Sovereign   
    Mine love it
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    MancunianStacker got a reaction from Goldmick in 6 x PCGS PR70 PIEDFORT FULL SOVEREIGNS - £999 each inc. UK Postage!!   
    Pay day Bump!
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    MancunianStacker reacted to blackadder in Hello :)   
    thanks for the warm welcome
  23. Haha
    MancunianStacker got a reaction from blackadder in Hello :)   
    Welcome “slackbladder”!!! 😉
    See you in the Forum!
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    MancunianStacker reacted to blackadder in Hello :)   
    lol thanks
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    MancunianStacker reacted to Bumble in ECB Proposes End To Deposit Protection   
    The deposit protection was never really worth much anyway. It would be OK if, say, one medium sized bank failed, but if there is a system wide crash, such as nearly happened in 2008, the cost of covering all the deposits would be far more than any government could afford. For countries with their own currencies, the money could theoretically be printed into existence to cover the losses, but even then the result would just be inflation.
    It is better to behave as if there is no deposit insurance and do things like splitting your money across more than one bank, using other vehicles such as building societies and credit unions, maybe holding a bank account outside the country in a safe jurisdiction, and of course holding your wealth in other things such as coins or crypto.