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    Collecting and Investing in UK Tax Free Proofs, graded by PCGS

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  1. I think UK debt to GDP is even worse too. On another note. World debt stands at $72Trillion. Only 5 countries in the world have no debt apparently. So who are all these countries in debt too? I think the answer is banks. Once some sort of re-set happens those holding physical PMs should do pretty well. The big question is how long can the insanity continue. How long is a piece of string. Only some big financial crisis, bigger than last time could trigger the sanity I believe. Interesting timesww live in!
  2. Little teaser

    Very nice. Inserts for slabbed coins would be mint too! Note: Mancunian Dictionary meaning of “Mint” used in this context is “Really good”.
  3. Sounds like we are in stage 5!
  4. 1870 Proof Shield Sovereign

    No idea but it would be awesome if you get an ultra rare!!
  5. for sale Gold proof 2014 $10 and $5 eagle coins PCGS PR70

    Ooh!! PF70s, my favourite
  6. for sale 2008 gold proof one ounce krugerrand - PR69DCAM

    Just reading some old for sale posts and saw this! A great price considering Atkinsons are asking £1,000 for a bullion 2018 Krugerrand.
  7. March 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Yeah congrats!!
  8. for sale Last Round Pound Gold Proof NGC 69 X2

    Wow, heavier than I thought! There you go everyone, looks like a bargain to me! Harry I think you’ll get a sale on here but you may have to send first. Check their previous feedback (especially the newer buyers!). All the very best with it, it’s a lovely coin!!! MS
  9. for sale Last Round Pound Gold Proof NGC 69 X2

    Are these about the same weight as a double sovereign? I think I have a none proof £1 coin and recall about 16 grams or so (If I’m remembering right?). Looks like a good price considering the low mintage!!! Best of luck with the sale mate! MS
  10. Bump. Would exchange for 4 and a half (4.5) bullion gold sovereigns (any years).
  11. Half sovs

    Bullion by Post advertise on TV so newbies tend to pay more in the early days. I’m guilty of doing so myself. I learnt a lot from YouTube buying silver in bulk from Silver To Go and my gold Sovs from Atkinsons. I still do this after several years stacking.
  12. for sale 1989 three sovereign proof set

  13. for sale 1/40 Fortieth-Ounce (50p) Gold Proof Britannia x 10 FOR SALE

    Down to £60 each now with Special Delivery 📦 They have to go!
  14. for sale 1989 three sovereign proof set

    Does it come with the original box and COA etc? I like to keep these you see. Thanks
  15. Started a youtube channel

    Subbed to you. FYI - on UouTube Richmond is known as “The Bearded Stacker” in case you’re on a mobile phone and want to search for him. Some nice shiny silver in that video, thanks for sharing:-) Do you also stack Richmond sausages???