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  1. Interesting lump of silver

    Or it could be a fake? I personally wouldn’t touch it unless I was an expert or could get it verified as legitimate before I paid or unless they had a returns policy. It sounds very cool though!
  2. Carillion Bust

  3. Carillion Bust

    Some venture capital fund will buy it for £1 with assumption of all the debt and keep on only the contracts that are 100% profitable. It will be a shadow of its former self but I think it will continue. This is just the takin stock period.
  4. Index fund vs other investments

    Invest in gold and wait for the next financial crisis, good will jump up further, shares will drop, buy shares when they are cheap. Most indexes are well over valued so I’m out. Saving cash and gold to invest at the right time.
  5. Auctions

    I personally lick all my bullion 😜
  6. Buy an asset class when it’s low and sell when it’s high. Everything is pretty high at the moment I.e stocks, property, and gold but of the three gold has got further to go and less likely to crash. So I’m all in there at present. Wait for a stock crash, stay in gold (as the sheep dive into gold and increase the price further), then move out of gold and into stocks when the stock prices start creeping up again. Rinse and repeat! A very simplified version of how to build wealth. I’m also in BTL property but well outside of London and until supply starts to increase, property prices (outside London) aren’t going down IMHO.
  7. Visa shut down bitcoin debit cards

    When the BOE state they are looking into starting their own crypto and allow people to avoid retail banks completely it looks like they want in on it. I can see Visa and MasterCard launching their own very soon too. We live in interesting times.
  8. Some Upcoming Royal Mint Releases

    So it looks like there will only be 175 of this £5 coin: Edit - the edge looks normal milled on the website
  9. So just saw this and thought I’d share: http://dailym.ai/2q3o8Ij It was in the Daily Mail so it could be completely incorrect 😂
  10. Elizabethan Sixpence

    Cool to have something so old in the family. I wonders if it’s been passed down the family since 156? Or purchased as an old coin a hundred years ago or so??? very cool!
  11. Might be a reason why he hasn’t cashed out t in yet. Imagine owning 51% of all the worlds currency (if it successfully replaced all currencies). Maybe an accurate quote: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild
  12. Royal Mint - Crypto Gold

    Gold isn’t bulky enough for me to go digital. Unlike of cryptos if it is backed by physical it could succeed when other cryptos get shut down and classed as illegal. Still I would put all my gold eggs in this basket.
  13. Agree with this. Never buying any. Knowing my luck as soon as I join in the Ponzi will end and I’d be left with nothing. No difference in what Bernie Madoff did in that you never owned anything (except he lied about that bit).
  14. Celebrity Numismatists?

    Anyone “famous” on the silver forum? Not the famous for being famous one though!