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  1. don't leave the coins raw in that box or it will start toning them.
  2. Shortstack I might send you a message as well.
  3. Raw Just wondering I brought 11 coins from a LCS. Ialready had two more years. So I decided to buy the other 7. Got an outstanding deal on the 1997 because the owner thought it was a BU.
  4. 97 is proof the rest are BU, some of the older years have slight toning.
  5. Just put together a full set, what do you think the value is, set is from 97-17.
  6. wanted

    What about silver shot
  7. Does anyone know where i can get them for a reasonable price. I tried to do an international order from the Westminster collection site with no luck.
  8. If you UK guy needs a buyer tell him I'll give him 250 for the whole lot.
  9. wanted

    A little rich for me, but awesome coin.
  10. wanted

    @shortstack68 whats your price
  11. wanted

    Yeah I hate i missed it the first time.
  12. If anybody looking to sell or trade I'm interested.
  13. wanted

    I have one but I'm in the US. How much were you willing to spend. This has a very low mintage. Only 12,185 were minted,