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Everything posted by DaveWheat89

  1. for sale Peace Dollars

    I made you an offer a while ago on the peace dollars, what is your best price posted on all?
  2. for sale Silver and 1/4 gold Britannia

    Always missing the good stuff 😠
  3. wanted any cast silver bars around?

    looking for some cast silver bars, 100g, 250g, 10oz, 500g, looking for around 20oz total
  4. completed Silver bars

    dont have any 500g bars lying around do you Mo?
  5. wanted any cast silver bars around?

    nice bar but looking for a cast bar, cheers
  6. Engelhard bar CUT IN HALF

    and spot price it shall remain.., real shame
  7. I'm 28 and been stacking for near 2 years now, mainly a way to save money for a rainy day, it has helped me on a few rainy days! when did you all start? And why? just curious how far this goes back in the forum and can you remember spot price of the metals you stacked when you started?
  8. Cheap Copper Rounds

    yes melting pennies for copper is illegal, im not melting them, i just collect them
  10. Quite a rare one with only 82k mintage SOLD
  11. Is that the one in pcgs holder? If so I don't believe the condition was any better or worse than this one, this has had no interest at all on the forum, had an offer of £200 elsewhere but that's it
  12. 180 odd views and no interest... 🤔
  13. for sale or exchange gold & silver bullion

    Best I can do is free post
  14. 1998 1oz Britannia .958 silver 88k mintage £25 SOLD 1oz .999 silver Scottsdale omnia round £16 2017 & 2018 1/10th oz .9999 gold Britannia £109.50 each BOTH SOLD Mint sealed 2002 1oz Britannia. 958 silver 48k mintage £30 SOLD 20g .999 silver credit Suisse bar £15 Plus post of choice
  15. bumpy bumpy serious offers welcome
  16. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    I have a 1902 half sov without the bp, type 1 reverse I believe they call it
  17. for sale or exchange gold & silver bullion

    Few bits left
  18. This MUST be a scam right?

    Still counterfeit, eBay will open a case immediately for claimed counterfeit, may take a while but you will get it back
  19. Reasonable offers welcome
  20. wanted Engelhard or JM

    No problem
  21. wanted Engelhard or JM

    Not a bar but Got a nice proof Prospector round <500 mintage
  22. Silvergoldbull

    sorry not error, but and unknown variation
  23. Silvergoldbull

    looking at it, i can see someone payin that price, i have sold a 1/2 oz and 3/4oz jm for £200 each, so they are out there
  24. Silvergoldbull

    someones bought it lol, page no longer available, is it an error though?
  25. for sale or exchange U.S Silver with war nickels

    okie doke ill pm ya