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  1. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    I didn't realise there was 2 different grading scales lol, I know there is one over here that goes up to 100 rather than 70 but I don't know anything about it, I assumed everybody used the Sheldon scale because that's what ngc use
  2. Grade is my own opinion, I think it is an easy XF, NGC guide price $175usd but i understand that is a guide price so open to offers, looking for some gold or silver bullion
  3. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    ahhh right, i had no idea there was another grading system, i assumed the u.s sheldon scale was the only one used. We have graded the same just that there was confusion caused on my part, appreciate the help. Edited and corrected the grading.
  4. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    opinions are welcome, no offense taken. I would ask for your reference though. What have you compared mine to, to come up with vf? ive searched alot, this is just one of many i have found, an ngc graded xf45 florin, more hair detail, but more wear around the ear, eye and mouth area and i have personally graded mine and xf40 so a grade below. Didnt really want this to turn in a debate of grading, just wanting to sell or trade
  5. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    I respect your opinion, i wouldnt say there is alot of wear on hair and beard maybe a little, as you said, the Edward head is a low relief and looking at mint state ones, very little difference. Nasty marks i dont believe affect too much of the grading unless they intefere with overall detailing of the coin, someone correct me if im wrong. Guideline for for XF/EF 40: All design elements still show, but high points now worn flat. Little to no luster remains. XF/EF 45: High points of design show light wear. A bit of luster may still be visible in protected areas. i wouldnt even say high points are worn flat but I still would say XF/EF, the lower end 40, thank you for the input.
  6. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    @sovereignsteve what grade would you say?
  7. for sale or exchange 1907 Edward VII Florin XF 40-45

    yes sir!, thats a better way of grading i believe
  8. I'm 28 and been stacking for near 2 years now, mainly a way to save money for a rainy day, it has helped me on a few rainy days! when did you all start? And why? just curious how far this goes back in the forum and can you remember spot price of the metals you stacked when you started?
  9. Bottle Cap Shaped Coin

    This guy crazy? He bought 5 thousand so he can sell for less than $100 each, just googled it, no research just first one I see for $29.99, even that is crazy for a 6g silver mass produced bottle cap, not for me this obe
  10. When did you start stacking metals?

    Haha really?! Cheeky fu....😂
  11. 10x 1/2oz Apmex Silver Coins

  12. completed purefine bullion bars

    The 2 49.8g bars please, let me know final cost 👍
  13. pan american rounds

    forget the ping test, 1oz maples destroy the ping test theory, best way to test for silver is weight, along with dimensions, if they both match then you can magnet test it, ill throw a little neo dym magnet in post for you, i use the same one, had to order a pack of 10 a while ago
  14. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    its the designers initials, BP ( Benedetto Pistrucci)
  15. completed Fractional Gold

    cheers mate but dont reall want to be paying up to £40/gram, mid £30's im happy with
  16. completed Fractional Gold

    Hey all, sold a few pieces of gold last year @spot plus post when needed some cash, would like to build it back up again just wondering if anyone has any fractional going for close to spot plus post? anything from 1 gram to 1/10th oz coins or bars, cheers.
  17. completed Fractional Gold

    £51 per gram is a little more than i want to pay mate, cheers though
  18. for sale 10 OZ Silver Bars

    no sorry bud, north west
  19. for sale 10 OZ Silver Bars

    id take the rmc for £145 but id want it sending first
  20. wanted Pre 1947 50% English silver coins

    ive got a 36 half crown here id say a VF, only collect the .925 really so no need for it in my stack, yours at the cost of postage of your choice
  21. Cheap Copper Rounds

    I get my copper from change, pre 1992 1p and 2p's i keep in a jar, worth around double its face value in copper, got about 1.5kg now and that without particularly going out of my way and getting bags of 1's and 2's from the bank, might try doing that one week.
  22. Any condition, just want for silver value, pm as I don't get notifications of comments
  23. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    oh right, not owned gold long enough to find out, always heard that gold doesn't tone, is it the copper that tones in the 22ct etc. or does 999 gold tone too?
  24. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    gold shouldn't tone, you have a pic?
  25. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    Atkinsons are very customer orientated (is that the right word? doesn't look right after a few), anyways I imagine they will rectify the problem after the holidays, in mean time, get it out of the capsule and have a play like a poker chip