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  1. UK, Leave the EU?

    im still very sceptical on whether they will let you leave unless they wanted a brexit vote to blame the world collapse on us , it must be our turn
  2. UK, Leave the EU?

    well apparently weve done it lets just hope we called right or were going to look rather daft
  3. UK, Leave the EU?

    i voted out . but i think its probably all over bar the shouting i think allot will of been scared by the doom mongering and vote stay plus all the expat and Gibraltar votes will sway it in there favour i hope im wrong of course . but i can at least tell my grand kids i tried
  4. UK, Leave the EU?

    my dear old dad told me the same thing for years if you dont vote they dont get your vote in reality but if you dont vote then you carnt change anything if you carnt change anything then things remain the same if things remain the same then you voted for the government of the day by not voting something like that . it made sense when i was 18
  5. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    fast fingers . did anybody catch the shield back sov earlier . i dont think it lasted 60 seconds
  6. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    hgm is where the 2 sov i have for sale came from . they show the proofs no more love than any other coin as you can tell from the marks ( not that im complaining as it was bought as bullion . so i wouldn't expect mint proofs they did have some shown in boxes as was said at 9% , i would imagine they should be ok and well looked after
  7. coin carving

    morning young man . no its not me mate i havent done any coins or knives for about four months , as i was away helping care for me dear old dad till he passed away in november im pleased the skull brings you some pleasure mate . i will be doing some more once i catch up with the knives
  8. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/19/us-france-shoooting-eu-terrorism-funding-idUSKCN0T81BW20151119#rDODdqjSjGggPpb1.97 i know nothing of bit coin but seems like it next under fire
  9. Jewelers for Sovereigns.

    nail varnish remover dosent work the best on hard glue . try putting it in the freezer for half hour .then pick it gently with your fingernail or other soft object . superglue and epoxies dont like to much cold or heat . it makes then brittle it works on the knives so i dont see why it wouldent work on a coin
  10. well thats one way of getting it back i suppose i asked as i was going to have a dabble with bullionvault my self but couldn't find an answer . hhhmm ill pass for now i think
  11. i have a genuine question here regarding this company and bullionvault . what happens if they go under . i know you get documentation saying you own such an such . but how do you retrieve it the liquidators arnt going to ship it to you as thats not in there interests . if 2 or 3 people share a cask how do you get your bit same as gold and silver . the vault arnt going to start cutting up a good delivery bar for your 200 ounce . and there not going to start buying smaller bars at there cost to ship to you . so how do you get your gold , silver or money out
  12. Platinum

    i dont think that was the direct article , the one i read had pretty pictures in it . but basically that yes mate
  13. Platinum

    i read an article on sharps pixley a couple of weeks back ( i carnt find it now ) that they have found a cheaper and easier way of making cats without using platinum something to do with microwaves and bonding things . early stages i think but how would that affect the price of platinum later down the line if it was not used in cats any more
  14. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    they are moving slowly mate , there 100 coronas are cheaper than hgm at the min not that ive any funds as i spent mine on friday thinking i was getting a bargain
  15. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    although its nice to be able to buy at these prices , though i spent my bit on sovs on friday its quite unnerving realy to see it go so low