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  1. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    @Pete Please let me know how you get on. You raise a really interesting question there, and I have no idea! The distance selling regulations don't specifically state (that I can see) where you would stand if this occurred. As best I can tell, these are exempt from refund and that is that. They are the same kind of terms I see on other websites. Where would you stand if you received all of your order yet were dissatisfied? Is it then a matter of discretion? Does the description of the condition of the item you are purchasing not matter as it would usually because PM's are exempt? I purchased from Atkinsons recently, and they state "If we do deem a product to be below standard we will happily provide you with an exchange or refund." Yet go on to state "Due to the nature of the following products types we will not accept returns of, or provide refunds for; Bullion Coins, Bullion Coins Uncirculated, Proof Coins, Pre-Owned Coins or any coins with ‘milk spots’ unless the items are damaged to a point where they no longer contain the stated amount of precious metal." It seems as though they are saying "yes we will", and "no we won't".
  2. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    I have never used this company but found an ad via youtube linking to an offer on their website. Its not a bad price really but given the posts which precede this I'm not sure it would be worth the hassle.
  3. Sunday night metal chat

    Nail on the head for the 2018 plan! And with the current price of platinum I thought it would be an ideal time to obtain a little. I've not got any yet. I was specifically looking for fractional pieces due to limited budget but as of yet I've still to come across any. Does anyone know if fractional platinum coins even exist?
  4. Is this milking?

    Ive got a lighthouse coin case and have currently have the paper between the coins on the tray. Cheers @C12 you are right... I guess I am a bit OCD about it, but my collection is not solely a financial investment for me.
  5. Is this milking?

    @fehk2001 are you suggesting that I put the paper within each coin capsule?
  6. Is this milking?

    Thanks guys. Would it be best to attempt removal as soon as possible? If I wait until a later date will it make any difference to the speed at which the milking continues? Because I assume if it is related to residue chemicals that it will just continue until until all the chemicals have leached out?
  7. Is this milking?

    Thank you Yes I may start doing the same. I have a little fractional gold and may focus more on this in the future and just buy the odd bit of silver I really like. Unfortunately the QB's are the only silver 'collection' I have been working on and do really like them. Not sure what I will do about the rest in the series still to be released.
  8. Is this milking?

    I don't understand why when I am doing what I am doing. The capsules, silica gel and anti-tarnish paper tabs I thought together would have worked. At least for longer than this amount of time. And why milking on the sides only?
  9. Is this milking?

    I have been collecting silver bullion and though it is only bullion I really wanted to keep it all in as good a condition as possible. I have a coin storage case, and within that have been using coin capsules, silica gel and anti-tarnish paper tabs. I was looking at my coins today and noticed this on a couple of the QB's, it's only on the sides. Can someone tell me if this is milking and if so what the hell I'm supposed to do to prevent it which I'm not already doing? I rubbed it with my finger and nothing was coming off. Thank you.
  10. Help calculating spot %

    Thank you very much for clarifying this And yes I think I did do well considering it's 1/20... I bought a 2000 kangaroo, which I saw goldsiver.be were asking nearly €130 for.
  11. Help calculating spot %

    Just to clarify for anyone else wondering, I believe the above is correct, but also, to calculate into this the postage you would need to account for repeated postage costs to make 1oz for example I paid 6.65 postage for 1/20 oz coin, so for 1oz 6.65 x 20 + price per oz and so on as detailed above. I know I am not guaranteed to pay same postage on a future purchase but was interested to know how this cost impacted the %.
  12. Help calculating spot %

    Thanks so I have done this.... Price per oz 891.80 Spot price 954.89 - Price per oz 891.80 = -63.09 -63.09/954.89*100= -6.61 Does this then mean I have paid about 6.6% under spot?
  13. Help calculating spot %

    Hi, please can someone assist me in my math! I am trying to calculate how much I have paid above/below spot as a financial value and as a percentage. I think all my math is correct to this point but not sure how to get the percentages! And could do with someone having a quick check over what I have done. I have attached a screen shot of my spreadsheet so far. Thank you in advance!
  14. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I got my krugerrand in the post today. Thanks numi!
  15. I have the 2017 set on order, but only have the peter rabbit to date - no issues with that coin though. Whether or not they are worth it for the investment I guess that is a gamble. 1st series probably going to always be a better investment but to purchase now you would definitely be paying an extra premium that would negate the investment potential. It's interesting that issues are mentioned on this set, as like @Oldun mentioned, I have not heard of any issues.