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    Jay2 reacted to Paul in Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.   
    "The Way Back Machine" 
    is a useful tool for looking back into the past and what stuff was listed
    Off the top of my head even when silver spot plunged and continued to do so, the price at the dealers reminded more or less the same.  The dealer spread simply increased against spot.
    Even spot did one things, the local dealers I used still had no problem shifting product at the same price prior to the semi crash in price.
    There was no shortage of buyers and also there was always stock to be bought 
  2. Haha
    Jay2 reacted to Shinus73 in Novel Uses for Fake Silver   
    I needed something solid to prop up the leg of the dishwasher, so started with a fake Sunshine Mint 1 oz bar (an eBay purchase in 2011, refunded).
    This wasn’t quite thick enough so tried 2 together. This was too thick. Step up to the plate a fake 2009 Panda (another 2011 eBay purchase, not refunded, as it took me too long to realise they were fake). Perfect.
    Take that dodgy bloke from Humberside, your fake silver came in useful after all, and you taught me a valuable lesson early in my stacking adventures.

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    Jay2 got a reaction from BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    With you phoning them at the last minute and saying "You know, under distance selling regs I could cancel this order... how competitive are you feeling?"
    And they offer to fly you to Belgium to collect in person.    I kid.
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    Jay2 reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Holy brown trousers batman...
    We have broken Goldsilver.be!!!!
    That is right guys, we have officially ordered too much silver (and some gold this time around too!)
    The order is a mouth watering, jaw dropping, brown trousering 16,000 EURO and has a weight of about 750 oz of silver.
    GS.be have been in touch to say that they are making a partial delivery next week via Fedex because the parcel is too heavy to ship on its own. Now, whether they will make it via Fedex will remain to be seen but either way some silver will be delivered next week. 
    I have no idea which orders will be posted and there is a good chance that people who have ordered 10 or more individual coins might not have their entire orders delivered in this batch. 
    I also do not know at this stage whether we will have to pay an additional 18 EUROs in shipping. But, to be honest if we have to split an extra 18 Euros out between 16,000 worth of orders this is not a big deal. My rough calculations makes this an extra 10p per £100 ordered. Hardly breaking the bank!
    I am still taking orders this weekend, in fact I have been working solidly for the last 3 hours doing quotes and screen dumps for all of you silver hungry monsters!
    So, get in touch if you want something!
  5. Thanks
    Jay2 reacted to Ansel in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Great advice from @BackyardBullion and @PansPurse.
    My next unboxing video includes me checking a sovereign from eBay with scales and a set of calipers. 
    I was going to put it up over the weekend but can stick it up this afternoon if it will help? @ColourSilver
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    Jay2 reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    I have used all of the above at various times for gold. Usually low premium over spot and you know the coins are genuine. 
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    Jay2 reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Also - I just want to give everyone an update regarding one of my nemeses...
    The first time I did this order I allowed capsules to be ordered - but they came loose and it was VERY hard to tell which one was what size. So much so I put a capsule embargo on all future orders. 
    This order I will allow the ordering of the Queens Beast 2 oz Capsules ONLY. As the 2 oz bull is going to be a very commonly ordered item it makes sense to order the capsules too. Mrs BYB and I will even put the coin in the capsule for you at no extra cost!
    So, if you want them let me know!
  8. Thanks
    Jay2 reacted to RichRock in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Goldsilver.be are the biggest pile of poo I have had to deal with in Pm's. Absolute shoddy practices and terrible customer service, along with the worst delivery company you can imagine.
    I don't buy a coin or two, but provided orders in excess of a few £k each time. Each time I had probs. My history is available in the forum if you wish to search.
    Atkinsons: Very Good.
    HGM: Very Good (including speed of buy back)
    Sharpspixley: Very Good
    A couple of german dealers, ie Heubach and gold-silber-muenzenshop etc, all good. European Mint is good, but call and they'll met goldsilvers' price (decent order). 
    All the best
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    Jay2 reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Here are the estimates for onwards postage so you can all work out what you might want to choose.
    Prices are estimates based on your order. Large or unusual shaped coins might change the size of your parcel. 

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    Jay2 reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Thanks for the input. Nothing wrong with feedback and this is great for other members to see. Onwards postage is at your cost and risk. Some choose special delivery which can cost £8 - £12. Others choose 2nd regular and pay £3.90 for a 2kg parcel of silver! Up to you really.
    But, you raise an important point - the more you order the less you will save compared to ordering directly. 
    What the group order does (in my opinion) is save you a lot of the hassle of having to create an account with the dealer, paying them via IBAN transfer (which can be expensive if done from your bank directly) and a hassle at least if done from transferwise. I save you the time and hassle of these things - all for a "tip" of £1 
    Where this works best is people who want to order 1 - 5 coins and are happy with just 2nd signed as their onwards postage option. 
    So if you are considering joining this order - just be aware of that!
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    Jay2 reacted to PansPurse in Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.   
    But... That's brilliant! You've found a system for resisting impulse purchases... Unrelated I may have just picked up another half sovereign 
  12. Haha
    Jay2 reacted to Roy in The price of silver   
    I would be giving it away at today's prices!
    I'm told silver is worth £500 an oz so offers please.
    I also have some bitcoin but that is worth £20000 per coin, I'm told.
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    Jay2 reacted to Roy in The price of silver   
    I couldn't sell it right now. I'd lose too much money
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    Jay2 reacted to fehk2001 in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    u guys are mad 
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    Jay2 reacted to LittleJohnSilver in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    That's insane. That reminds me of a neighbor of mine who ordered something expensive from Amazon or some such site, courier driver got no answer so put it in the wheelie bin that was clearly put outside the main gate because it was bin collection day (bin wagon was actually only a few doors up emptying bins!). Took my neighbour weeks to get that resolved and luckily had CCTV showing the driver doing it.

    I've decided.....all bullion parcels are going to be sent to me at my works. We have 24 hour security so there's never a danger of my stuff going walkies.
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    Jay2 reacted to HyHy in Are slabbed coins vacuum sealed?   
    No they aren’t both NGC and PCGS slabs are only sonically sealed and these plastic slabs are permeable means surrounding air can still diffuse into the slab.
  17. Sad
    Jay2 reacted to Alex in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    Well,they left my 800 pounds worth parcel in the garbage bin outside 
  18. Haha
    Jay2 reacted to PansPurse in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
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    Jay2 reacted to MikeSol in Today I Received   
    Looks like a fake to me, Have you checked weights etc?
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    Jay2 got a reaction from Ojay45 in This MUST be a scam right?   
    And his roman coins he "found in his new house's attic" what a stroke of luck! Especially on the same week he decided to sell his beloved nan's single sovereign heirloom.
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    Jay2 reacted to PansPurse in The Great Silver Robbery   
    Or: 100 years' of inflation in 4 coins.
    Recorded on International Women's Day
    (for reference, International Men's Day is the 19th of November and International Non-Binary People's Day is the 14th of July)
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    Jay2 reacted to ChardLizzie in Newb Question - Old Sovs Vs New Sovs   
    I'll ask Lawrence and Juliana for their opinion - and on Monday, I'll be checking out our half sovereign stock against our Black Museum of fakes.
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    Jay2 reacted to BackyardBullion in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    Personally I think you should ignore all £ costs for European dealers. They probably use outdated and/or a wordpress app to do the conversion.
    Just note the price in € and hop over to transferwise and plug in the numbers.
  24. Haha
    Jay2 reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    Using the falsified figures I give my wife of the valuations I believe silver should be ... yes. By using real figures and charts ... no. Silver is sh*t but many people on youtube tell me I will be very rich any moment now .... I am using these projections and you cant stop me .
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    Jay2 reacted to Paul in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    Awful reply from them and not at all a surprise to seasoned stackers here, its happened before and will probably happen again @Janeey
    Sadly the transfer between currencies will fluctuate in micro amounts, if they are taking their rate from their own bank and you are taking it from xe.com
    For your own part xe.com isnt the exact correctly in its rate
    from xe.com own FAQ's
    XE Currency FAQ
    I compared your rates to other rates and they don't agree. Why?
    Our sources are global, which means that data for a currency can be updated even when the markets of its home country are closed.
    Because there are many currency markets all over the world, specific rates will vary from market to market.
    For example, prices in the New York and London metal exchanges generally follow each other, but are very seldom exactly the same.
    You may also be comparing our mid-market rates to your foreign exchange provider's "buy" and "sell" rates that include overheads and profit margins. To transfer money at the best "buy" and "sell" rates guaranteed,
    It only takes a small couple of fractions on tenths of a percent to make a gap 
    Not that you will probably ever want to deal with them again but i believe folk here have used services like transferwise or currencyfair which use near bank to bank forex rates an and you send them the exact correct amount in euros.  have not done it personally myself but i know lots of folk here have and have posted about it
    Easy just to buy in the UK and save these hassles in no particular order of preference or price Chard, HGM, Atkinsons, Baird & Co will always treat you well in my experience & are trusted