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  1. With you phoning them at the last minute and saying "You know, under distance selling regs I could cancel this order... how competitive are you feeling?" And they offer to fly you to Belgium to collect in person. I kid.
  2. The price of silver

    To make real money from silver don't you have to mine it, mould it, manipulate it, or amorally pump it on Youtube? Anything else is hedging?
  3. for sale Queen Mother silver proof coin collection

    Just leaving a comment to say thanks for the sale. And a big thank you to @MikeSol for helping to mediate the first forum sale between us. @ilovesilverireallydo did you need a few of these to add to a set you were putting together? I have a few doubles of these now. I could go check which ones if you like.

    I've never seen this Archer, except in some pictures. I think now I have to watch it!
  5. The Great Silver Robbery

    The wood grain on your lovely table looks like a demonic skull, with bone grown over the eye sockets! That'll send me to bed with great imagery. From the silver age to the steal steel age. Nicely illustrated. Thanks for the video, please keep making them it's very relaxing to listen to! And it's great to see that sentimental 50p in your hand. What did you wish for when you got it? I know you did!
  6. This MUST be a scam right?

    And his roman coins he "found in his new house's attic" what a stroke of luck! Especially on the same week he decided to sell his beloved nan's single sovereign heirloom.
  7. I have a few notifications set up for certain coins coming in. Is there any way to buy them as they come in, short of setting up a live bot or being fast and lucky? I once tried to offer them the full current price for an out-of-stock gold ounce as a deposit up front, and then to top it up later regardless of how spot had risen between now and then, but they wouldn't accept. That kind of surprised me.

    Does anyone know if GSbe reps get commission? Maybe they'd rather churn through sales all day with people who don't have anything to ask rather than waste precious time on manners. And to hell with the damage it does to the company through reviews and forum rants, it's not like the reps have shares in the company. Just thinking out loud.. Remember when good manners didn't cost a penny? Now it seems to carry a premium!
  9. Is that why I suddenly see dozens of varied coins with seemingly infinite stock? Before there were just a handful and you felt 'lucky' to get certain ones past checkout if you were browsing to add more for a while. For some reason none of this new stock makes it into their Investor page, where you can see the list of +% ( http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/Investor/ scroll down)
  10. for sale Queen Mother silver proof coin collection

    Interesting box, Fehk. Are there 2 boxes like that for the full set? @MikeOxlong Sent you a message.
  11. This is a pretty big lot to lump into one sale, even from someone who buys £500+ silver at a time. Considered pricing them up separately? Or at least by per/oz categories or quantities, & let people pick and mix their own bulk lot?
  12. Just curious can I ask how much the Anubis sold for? I've been tracking its selling power casually for a while.
  13. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    If I read the site right, you pay a non-refundable £70 on your chosen card, and then bank transfer the rest of the fee?
  14. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    After delivery, there's only £1 difference in it. Anyone here happily used Goldline?
  15. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I reported them as counterfeits but it might take a few separate reports for the right employee to take notice. Maybe a better tactic would be to message the seller to 'let them know' from a collector's opinion they look like blatant fakes. It could well be that there's decent gold content in them, which some stackers might want. But we just can't know what carat, if any, until it's too late.
  16. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Young Elizabeth II looks more like Philip in a judge's wig.
  17. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Oh no, someone gave positive feedback for this seller wrapping their husband's birthday sovereign... I hope it wasn't one of these play-doh beard ones.
  18. This MUST be a scam right?

    I'm tempted to watch their feedback over a few days to see the rage roll in.. but I can't be bothered. Someone update this if they notice it, please.
  19. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    What is theGoldbullion website's reputation like?
  20. Today I bought.....

    Guernsey Queen Mother Proof Set 1995, including 25 pound gold coin. Bought it for a smidgen under spot price.
  21. Free Postage on Selected Bullion!

    Is there any chance you'll add Secondary Market sovs to this offer?
  22. The 2014 was a lovely design. That lion is so regal.
  23. First Sovereign

    Ooh, incoming message from me as well then.
  24. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Is the profit margin so low it's not worth sending a member of staff to carefully read dates off a few coins on request? Or as they come in, on a notepad in the stock room. I admit it must be tricky working with high value low margin items, but how hard can a bit of QC be? As soon as it's not 'just bullion' those premiums aren't for nothing; put a bit of effort in.