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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Who are HGM selling to these days, mostly? Walk-in / long-term customers perhaps? I assume the average online buyer is more likely to be looking at competitors.
  2. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    Maximum Mintage for the 2017 PU is 1 Million. According to their own brochure. ( http://www.samint.co.za/wp-content/uploads/KR_SAMint_Brochure_FINAL.pdf ) Page 37. The number of proofs is 15,000. They're making the same amount of 2018 proofs. Not sure about the 2018 PU numbers, if any?
  3. Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    That 'About Us' page is a candidate for So-Bad-It's-Good award. I love how all the empowerment talk abruptly ended with "bring our babes". Totes Woke, yo.
  4. @Pete I had this exact issue a couple years ago. Paying Transferwise via Barclaycard. I got stung with a "cash-like transaction fee" and then interest started on day 1. I phoned Barclaycard, explained that Transferwise are providing a service specifically designed to avoid these kinds of fees, and not a recipient of cash or cash-like handlers. They said they understand the irony of charges on a charge-free service, and reversed all my fees and the interest that had accrued! But they did warn me this was a one-off reversal and in future to be careful of small print on payments that will register as cash-like. I will definitely use Debit or Bank wire in future for Transferwise! Still a great service, mind you. I hope they grow and grow, to the point where other financial services see the folly in their fees.
  5. John A -- Give-Away

    Extended? Count me in then, please.
  6. Silver Deals.....

    European Mint are doing 15 Euro off a 500 Euro order of Phils, Roos and ASEs at the moment, which might help a small number of people who don't join group orders because buying a certain amount makes postage hardly any different. Coupon code 15EURDISCOUNT Valid for 7 days.
  7. Were there silvery versions and gold versions of these? I've seen both on ebay and this one looks silvery.
  8. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

  9. How to spot fake or counterfeit silver coins and bars

    @PansPurse Nice video. And the calligraphic 3 is super pretty.
  10. With you phoning them at the last minute and saying "You know, under distance selling regs I could cancel this order... how competitive are you feeling?" And they offer to fly you to Belgium to collect in person. I kid.
  11. The price of silver

    To make real money from silver don't you have to mine it, mould it, manipulate it, or amorally pump it on Youtube? Anything else is hedging?
  12. for sale Queen Mother silver proof coin collection

    Just leaving a comment to say thanks for the sale. And a big thank you to @MikeSol for helping to mediate the first forum sale between us. @ilovesilverireallydo did you need a few of these to add to a set you were putting together? I have a few doubles of these now. I could go check which ones if you like.

    I've never seen this Archer, except in some pictures. I think now I have to watch it!
  14. The Great Silver Robbery

    The wood grain on your lovely table looks like a demonic skull, with bone grown over the eye sockets! That'll send me to bed with great imagery. From the silver age to the steal steel age. Nicely illustrated. Thanks for the video, please keep making them it's very relaxing to listen to! And it's great to see that sentimental 50p in your hand. What did you wish for when you got it? I know you did!