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  1. Something for the modern coin collectors or traders: £2 coins, these coins came in a job lot of coins that I bought. All have been kept in plastic sleeves, please see pics for details. Selling as a job lot, payment by bank transfer please see my feedback. 10 1995 Dove of peace 6 1994 Bank of England 300th Anniversary 2 1996 Football European Championship £62 + £7.50p postage
  2. For sale 1997 Proof Britannia Box Set, Has some toning like most of these sets, please see pics. £95 +post £7.25p UK only, payment by bank transfer preferred, please see feedback. Any questions please ask
  3. Hi @Micky9776 Thanks for the comments, I don't know a lot about the buckle will post some pics any help would be much appreciated and the name on the medal is PTE J Millington Cheshire rifles regiment there are a few more medals i need to look through there all common first world war
  4. Today i received,As part of my new hobby and side line i have become a picker after a few conversations with local antique shops and dealers cost me a few coffees im starting to build up a few contacts these are a couple of picks i had this week from home visits and just to keep my love of the yellow stuff going
  5. Hello @BackyardBullion The foreign coin is Austrian and is meant to be a gold ducat so obviously a fake, some contemporary fakes were made in platinum and some modern ones were cheap tat given away with readers digest, i think this one is a modern copy would be my bet just using the photos
  6. For sale 1oz 2006 Proof Perth mint lunar dog series1 , Coin,Case and badge in good condition please see pics outer card board sleeve slightly bent on the corners £85 posted. Bank transfer preferred method of payment please see my trading feedback thank you for looking
  7. A piedfort will be a proof strike but the coin will be twice the weight of the normal coin or double the thickness
  8. Some British scrap silver coins and a french octagonal jetton
  9. @Madstacks I just watched your video, lets hope the coins are older than that metal purse i have older stuff in the salad draw in the fridge
  10. Well done @Madstacks I will put my head on the block and say real, would have liked to see a few rim nicks on them and had them in hand to do a drop test, Fingers crossed for you
  11. withdrawn

    Hi @morezone i would but there is no edit option not sure if its because its a old post?