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  1. 1/10th Krugerrand proof or normal?

    Hi @neo4516 yes you will need to take some new pics in natural daylight and in the same context i am struggling to tell if its even genuine, looks like a proof but i don't think it will add much value
  2. for sale or exchange 2017 proof sovereign

    Price reduction £650 + postage final bump before they go back into storage
  3. for sale or exchange 2017 proof sovereign

    @PolarPanda have sent pm
  4. I have for sale two full 2017 Gold proof Sovereigns. Both were brought direct from the Royal Mint and both coins have all the original packaging, neither coin has been registered with the Sovereign Club. The price is £650 + £8 Royal Mail Special Delivery each,UK only Payment by Bank Transfer preferred, please see my feedback. Any questions please feel free to PM me.
  5. Hi @dmwest There is one for sale on eBay ending tomorrow night- eBay item number: 302384386527 the person selling is one hundred percent trust worthy and a member here
  6. Something for the modern coin collectors or traders: £2 coins, these coins came in a job lot of coins that I bought. All have been kept in plastic sleeves, please see pics for details. Selling as a job lot, payment by bank transfer please see my feedback. 10 1995 Dove of peace 6 1994 Bank of England 300th Anniversary 2 1996 Football European Championship £62 + £7.50p postage
  7. For sale 1997 Proof Britannia Box Set, Has some toning like most of these sets, please see pics. £95 +post £7.25p UK only, payment by bank transfer preferred, please see feedback. Any questions please ask
  8. Today I Received

    Hi @Micky9776 Thanks for the comments, I don't know a lot about the buckle will post some pics any help would be much appreciated and the name on the medal is PTE J Millington Cheshire rifles regiment there are a few more medals i need to look through there all common first world war
  9. Today I Received

    Today i received,As part of my new hobby and side line i have become a picker after a few conversations with local antique shops and dealers cost me a few coffees im starting to build up a few contacts these are a couple of picks i had this week from home visits and just to keep my love of the yellow stuff going
  10. Help with some old coins & values

    Hello @BackyardBullion The foreign coin is Austrian and is meant to be a gold ducat so obviously a fake, some contemporary fakes were made in platinum and some modern ones were cheap tat given away with readers digest, i think this one is a modern copy would be my bet just using the photos
  11. 2017 Piedfort sovereign out soon

    A piedfort will be a proof strike but the coin will be twice the weight of the normal coin or double the thickness