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  1. I think if the coin is as good as the pictures and is genuine, I think it was a great buy @Numistacker and would go as far as saying you got it at a good price, I think in the future only top end sovereigns will increase in value and coins that are not quite perfect will lose value. As with stamps, coin collecting is now falling out of fashion, only top grades will increase in value. I really look forward to watching the story of this coin, As I'm sure you will send it for grading. I hope its a winner for you.
  2. I know everyone knocks the royal mint, but there is never any argument with returns and its a damn sight cheaper than trying to return to China. I have seen all mints silver coins develop milk spots from Maples to Pandas, That's the biggest reason why I will not collect silver numismatic coins and never get any coin in a slab, people need to appreciate silver, as a metal, naturally tones.
  3. Not sure if its fake or not, but have been looking for pictures of pamp 1/4 bars to compare with your pictures cant even find them on the pamp website? they do make a 1/4 ounce? I take it there quite rare