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  1. hi I would like my name down for one the 100 oz please , yes I would like a corresponding number to my 1 oz but if its a draw then that's ok too , so count me in for one please dean.m
  2. thank you numi, orange 2 nd time zone hand really drew me to it, and together with it being the easiest watch to tell the time for a old guy with failing eye sight deano
  3. hi being relatively new here, but as well as metals, I have along time interest in watches too here are some ( not all) ,but weirdly i do not like gold or silver metals in my watches only SS, and I have a preference for white ! deano
  4. mine arrived today (70), very nice package / pouch, attention to detail, thank you BB deano
  5. thank you very much, yep as I thought all common , bit like me really , will put up my inherited 1887 11 coin box next for info /opinions , ta dean.m
  6. hi guys, micky , just a quick up date loop purchased, but to no avail, only one sovereign out of the collection has a mark and that's the 1920 one with P- perth mint, the rest are all worn, so must have been purchased as gold bullion, never mind I,ll keep the day job , cheers dean.m
  7. cheers yes so even if just bullion they have sentimental value , I am a android man, oh and also old & a bit of a technophobe so no i phone , however my sons have them ( well they would ) so will ask them to look as well.
  8. loop on its way, thanks Ollie1016 for the heads up dean.m
  9. hi micky thank you kindley. I must get a loop ! but from what I can see with my magnifying glass there is no mint marks on any of the 1800s ones, they all have two tiny marks to the left of he date but cant make out what they are. cant get a good image with my phone deano
  10. see thats what I mean , "mintmarks" I don't know what they are so I will research! thanks for info ta dean.m
  11. hi, , well theses are the sovereign's I have inherited form my granddad and started me buying more & then silver and ending up here , hope they are of interest an if anyone can advise any of particular interest/ rarity etc in the bunch would be helpful to a newbie. dean.m Oh dates from left to right ,1871,1891,1892,1896,1905,1912,1920,1911
  12. hi daz, normally when you want info on company shares you hold you contact what's called its share registrar, which I believe is this link https://www-uk.computershare.com/Investor/contactus/default.asp?cc=IE The Registrar. Computershare Investor Services (Ireland) Limited Heron House Corrig Road Sandyford Industrial Estate DUBLIN 18. Ireland. Map ... 239353 and is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland or try this link https://aib.ie/investorrelations/shareholder-information/personal-shareholderinformation and check your shareholding at bottom of page link hope helps dean.m
  13. I like them , can I ask were the are from or if inappropriate , I still like them and I will go off in search dean.m
  14. thank you , what next is a good question ! first is either a 18 or 08 panda to fill the gap , then I was thinking a tube of something for additionto a stck, but I don't have any graded coins so looking at something in graded, but not well versed in them ! so not sure where to go with them. dean.m
  15. hi came in today, nothing spectacular for you guys , but now means I have a small collection of 2009 to 2017, I have one space left, do I go 2018 or go back to 2008 ? dean.m