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  1. wanted 1956 sovereign

    well thanks roy. guys, my bubble burst , 1956 such a bad year no one could afford to buy sovs so they did not make any will have to look for some thing else year related to celebrate the world becoming a better place , dean.m
  2. wanted 1956 sovereign

    wanted for my birth year , a proof or graded 1956 ? I have no idea if either of theses requests are possible, but based on the theory if you don't ask you don't get, or at least any info that I am wasting my time may be helpful. thank you dean.m
  3. Today I received.....

    I have a bit of a confession and cautionary tale, I asked earlier what a 2005 proof full sovereign would be worth/ value , there was good advice and I had done my own research, thus when I left a speculative bid on a 2005 coin on e bay I did not expect to win it in fact , so much so I did not have the funds to buy it at my max bid if I won ! yep I won it , so I have had to arrange mr credit card ( 0% interest on purchases) to pay it . caution , don't get obsessed and leave speculative bids if you don't have the funds I am sure this is just me and a one off anyway ( I hope ) dean.m
  4. Today I received.....

    nice, got to say apart from a few collectable coins, favourites, that would be as much gold I would ever need ! astonishing and well done dean.m
  5. Today I received.....

    hi can I ask of a experienced forum member, what kind of price/ cost should I be looking to buy a 2005 full proof sov for ( general not a backhanded way of asking what yours cost ) either here ? or ebay/ dealer thanks dean.m
  6. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    probably against all logic and theories but hey , I would like to have at least some sort of krugerand denomination in my small collection at some point dean.M
  7. how and do you display coins

    that's a nice idea , logic dictates large stacks are secured , just thought a few might be nicely displayed. dean.m
  8. hi don't know if been asked before, how do you or do you display your coins, or are they all safely under lock and key ? do you have display cases, display drawers , just folders ? any images for some suggestions ? not sure what to do with my few , some lose , some in slabs , some in boxes ? dean.m
  9. gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de

    hi jus to give you hopefully a bit of confidence, I got my libertards from him and there was no problem at all, with good communication and good delivery times, dean.m
  10. 2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    I got a email saying they will notify me when back in stock , when i just missed out last time ,? deanm
  11. shortstack, I did intimate and say "no matter where its for sale" so meant globally not just here ( but inc here )so if some one buys something the item is worth what they paid , even if its more than here, kinda like your luna ,if someone buys it @ $400 it was worth $400 for that item at that time to that person, even if someone else thinks they overpaid . dean.m
  12. shortstack , is that not just kinda a different interpretation of what I said ? its worth it because someone buys it or its not because so no one does . dean.m
  13. is it too simplified to say something is only worth what some one is willing to pay or it ?no matter where its for sale . dean.m
  14. well I am from Yorkshire so not Sure I should comment , think when I go shopping there is little on the sales forum/uk/ Europe I wish to buy as I don't want silver at the moment so the rules a lot of sales out (as I highlighted seems to be a lot of silver for sale lately) I must admit I do check prices offed here in the market place , e bay , dealers , etc sometimes I do find the same coins for sale here with little difference in price than the same coin on e bay for instance. The biggest influence I have at the moment is finances, and I cant afford £1000 coins at the moment so its fractional / semi/ Numismatic coins sovs at best at the moment even though I have to pay a premium . have to say been a pleasure doing dealing with members here when I have bought in the sales section. dean.m
  15. Today I received.....

    just arrived, small pick up from evil bay no idea if its a collectable , my 2 nd slab coin, my have paid too much but its not a short term investment , just for me to own for a short time dean.m