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  1. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    tutti frutti ? anything like euro trash ?? any way looks like money back time and , buy some sovs for Christmas, e mail from silbertresor.de. dean.m we get an respond from our importeur of the gold libertad proof coins 2017. Bad news. He can´t say when he get the coins or when we get it. Today the whole order of gold proof Libertads 2017 are in mexico. We called yesterday aboaut your order. If you want we can cancel the your order and send you the money with paypal back. Please respond to this mail if we should do that. Sorry but we don´t know when we get the coins...... Best regards, Martin Schönberger
  2. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    to be honest it may well have indicated a lead time when I purchased it ( and if it did while I recall 7-10 days poss as I did use google translate to make sure I was getting the correct coin) ,it was not 4 weeks as now!), also not sure they would have too many sales if they told correct /advertised lead times of two months and counting!. excitement has passed now for this and don't mind if it does not come and I get my money back and will stick to sovs dean.m
  3. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    so update today, I phoned the dealer, I am told while the stock is showing on the website , they have none, stock is subject to a delivery time ! must be in german small print! be warned , advised they are waiting on news from there supplier in Asia , as the coins come from Mexico via a contact in Asia (so clearly not direct from the mint!) so I advised had to be here before Christmas or its money back time , guy was understanding , but just kept blaming supplier , but still not very professional way to do business IMO ? dean.m
  4. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    gutted to be told although should have noted myself they are showing stock!, so far I have mailed four times while I have been waiting + another tonight, been polite so far , but subject to the response I get to the one I sent tonight I will start getting shirty, if its no go I will demand money back, and threaten bad press , will advise dean.m
  5. what is your best silver bargain

    Turns out none of my silver was a best buy/ bargain as the price has dropped significantly since I bought mine , so moved onto gold , had nore success with that dean.m
  6. should I request my money back or wait as I have waited so long anyway for ? this Friday it will be two months from the day I ordered a Libertad Siegesgöttin 2017 - 1/4 Oz Gold PP from silbertresor.de. now obviously I am a newbie in coin collecting / stacking is this normal?, as clearly they did not have the coin in stock when I ordered and paid ( I was under the impression wrongly they did ) they are informing me the supplier is the problem ( mint?) so is pacentce a virtue ?. dean.m
  7. Security Safes

    I have one of theses, its bolted to the concrete floor, under the stairs, I figure as most robbers are quick grab and run merchants they wont hang around to blow up the safe , I also have a house alarm and live in a cul de sac in populated area, but if I was ever robbed I would change the location of the safe / and or get rid so there would be nothing to steel if the came back tooled up , I feel better for having it not just for my coins its also got will /important documents in there as well with some fire protection . its a recommendation from me. dean.m
  8. Misleading Prices

    it not just coins etc , try buying concert tickets ! I buy tickets very rarely , But I have just bought some ELO tour tickets for next year, very last page just before you hit pay for the already expensive tickets/ seats it added £75 in ticket fees +ALL inc ticket price + vat!! by that stage there was no going bck as they were selling like hot cakes ! robbers. dean.m
  9. Do you keep proof of purchase & receipts?

    i am impressed by the record keeping here , I do have some receipts for the coins and metals I have bought mainly from companies and e bay , but not all, like things I have bought here in the sales section , even some for cash! but then again I don't have a lot so don't have to keep track of thousands of pounds of metals, metals are in a fire proof safe but paperwork is not , may be is should be ? . dean.m
  10. Coin Fair

    so , first attendance at Wakefield /any coin fair this morning, arrived at 10.30 am was already busy ( image below), really really interesting !, lots to look at and by the amount of cash being banded about lots being sold!, surprised at cost of some of the coins & bank notes being so apparently high . but every gold sovereign coin from 2017 & variations available and some I had not seen before ! no did not buy anything , more of a fact finding mission as I for the most part had no idea what I was looking at!, but did see two sets (image below) of the 1887 11 coins which I have inherited for sale @ 5 & 6 K each nice . some snaps will go next time as well. cheers dean.m
  11. Coin Fair

    hi may well have a wander down, it would be my first , out of curiosity if nothing else , go early to bag the bargains ?? dean.m
  12. I find it kinda sad some ones probably life time passion, collections & memories are just boxed and sold off in bulk, sad if they had no on to pass them onto, sad if the people who they were left too or there children did not want any of them, just goes to show one mans treasure is another mans junk!!, well done , and thanks for the story but apart from turning a profit which I applaud for taking a chance and it working out I do feel a touch of sorrow for the original collector deano
  13. wanted 1956 sovereign

    well thanks roy. guys, my bubble burst , 1956 such a bad year no one could afford to buy sovs so they did not make any will have to look for some thing else year related to celebrate the world becoming a better place , dean.m
  14. wanted 1956 sovereign

    wanted for my birth year , a proof or graded 1956 ? I have no idea if either of theses requests are possible, but based on the theory if you don't ask you don't get, or at least any info that I am wasting my time may be helpful. thank you dean.m
  15. Today I Received

    I have a bit of a confession and cautionary tale, I asked earlier what a 2005 proof full sovereign would be worth/ value , there was good advice and I had done my own research, thus when I left a speculative bid on a 2005 coin on e bay I did not expect to win it in fact , so much so I did not have the funds to buy it at my max bid if I won ! yep I won it , so I have had to arrange mr credit card ( 0% interest on purchases) to pay it . caution , don't get obsessed and leave speculative bids if you don't have the funds I am sure this is just me and a one off anyway ( I hope ) dean.m