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  1. Big Stack Smuggling

    wow , I know small countries that don't have that amount of gold reserves dean.m
  2. Newbie saying Hi 👋 from Yorkshire

    hi janeey and not the only person here from Yorkshire hi from Wakefield dean.m
  3. 400oz full stack pic

    impressive to a minor player like me, but I feel its all relative to your situation but still impressive non the less , wish you well to your next target dean.m
  4. Gold Stacking and Ethics

    well I have lived approx. 3/4 of my life now, so have done all the damage I am likely to do to this earth and cant change that, and to be honest what little time I have I have other things to worry about, selfish may be but what the sun goes supanova it matter a dam what we did here on earth! dean.m
  5. Done with Silver!

    my bank Lloyds stopped allowing space in vaults some years back , had to remove my tin box, suppose the top banks will sell you a proper safe deposit box, and just hope it does not get robbed like the in the film hatton garden deano
  6. Done with Silver!

    Ay sh*t happens, but there is this thing with silver about storage which does concern me , I don't have a lot but what I do have takes up a lot of room for its value if you know what I mean, and keeping it in good condition is another concern, so I am primarily storing gold which takes up less space may be because I have less of it as my money buys less but storage is not so critical . dean.m
  7. I have done a lot of my investing based on advice from this site, wish I had known about investing in s&s 20 years ago it really is a long term game, I am utilising my s&s isa to the fullest , http://monevator.com/ dean.m
  8. My 2017 stack

    if you are going into stocks long term I recommend ( no I am not a financial adviser so if they tank don't sue me ) looking into passive funds . but nice stack for a 5 months! dean.m

    well new years day, lets see what 2018 brings , and hope we are all here to celebrate 2019 happy new year people dean.m
  10. 20% off eBay today

    briefly, you register on the site its free ( unless you go premium, you get paid faster in some cases if you do) , you got to the site you want to purchase some thing from via quidco link, if you the purchase a item it logs the transaction and you get "cashback" it can take 3-6 or one of mine is 12 months to come through but if you use on a on-going basis it builds up over the time I have used it I now have had over £ 500 back, issues, sometimes it does not track so you have to do it manually sometimes it does not get paid a all ( only ever had one of those), go to quidco and have a read . dean.m
  11. Today I Received

    so this is my e bay 20 % purchase , it actually arrived yesterday less than 24 hrs after purchase . dean.m
  12. Audit time everyone

    this is my little 2017 year gains, slowly catchy monkey eclectic/mayhem method , couple of Indian sovs, 2005 proof full & 1/2 sovs, couple 1/10 libs , graded 1/4 QB lion & eagle, 1/4 PP lib oh and another 1/4 proof 2012 sov. dean.m
  13. 20% off eBay today

    was it not 12 - till 4 pm ?
  14. 20% off eBay today

    if it does not look or feel right or its not right for you, buy form someone with good feed back and pref for selling coins , not 40 pairs of trainers ! if your not sure put a link on the forum and someone may be able to advise good luck dean.m
  15. 20% off eBay today

    confirmed works on coins, just bought a 2012 half sov proof and got £28 off !! magic dean.m