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  1. New Member

    Welcome to the forum Howard, it would be interesting to take a look at your website
  2. wanted Maria Thaler 1780 Silver Coins

    Try weighton coins they do special deals if you buy 10 https://weightoncoin.co.uk/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&zenid=5365h207avchi2oqlsijkkv0i4&keyword=Theresa
  3. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    Much appreciated
  4. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    I only have one date run of Britannia’s with privy coins so one would be great Thank you very much for the consideration
  5. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    No it isn’t part of the series, just a partner for the 2017 trident version
  6. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    I understand, I have only been collecting and stacking since last June so need to adapt to the frustration factor 😀 i am only short of the two Goldco coins, the dog privy and the lettered edge. I have many loose ends and am enjoying the searching around, you meet many interesting people along the way
  7. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    The privy missing from your list is the 2017 rooster and a separate “Goldco only” privy being the lettered edge Britannia also from 2017
  8. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    I bought all of the privy coins up to the “dog privy” and gave up after the resistance from Goldco. As you say they may not have them yet and also as Morezone says, they may come available in the future. I was just a bit frustrated at the time of the post due to the unavailability of the coin
  9. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    Yes you are correct, I bought the more difficult ones on eBay, and as you said, the dog privies may come available sooner or later.
  10. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    I believe that the Royal mint provided a US company (A-mark precious metals) with silver bullion “lunar privy” Britannia’s from 2013 (snake edge) to 2017 (rooster edge) including all years in between 2014 (horse), 2015 (ram), 2016 (monkey). These coins were and still are available to purchase openly, even though they were supplied on request from the US bullion dealer (as per 2018 to Goldco) It is my fault for not doing sufficient research before buying the initial Privy coins, and as it is unlikely that Goldco will be selling the dog privy in the same way as A-mark, I will not be continuing with this series.
  11. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    Hi Stone your point is very valid, but with the example of the “year of the dog” privy, how come the Royal mint can start off a “set” of lunar privy coins available to the public, and then allocate all coins of the next “in the series” to a private seller. Maybe they will issue a different version to the public at a later date. A request to mint coins to a set of unique requirements is understandable. I will of course keep an eye out on the secondary market and maybe they will turn up.
  12. 1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    Hi Frank I was told by someone in the know that the CEO is actually leaving, so this reply may be genuine. If the practices of the Royal mint were made public there would be an uproar. As it stands, it is cheaper to buy from a UK dealer, who buys from an overseas seller who is supplied from the Royal mint than from the Royal mint themselves. Bizarre and crooked in my opinion !! As for the 2 types of Britannia privies, an American contact of mine told me to wait a while and see if they eventually hit the market. Utter disgrace and a reason for me to stop collecting privies and to try and avoid using the Royal mint at all.
  13. completed 1oz Perth mint silver emu

    Hi Arshimo, I would like 2 please and will make payment once I receive your PM. I am in the UK
  14. New Addition to the Dealer Directory

    Welcome to the forum and a big thank you for your professional approach and standards throughout previous transactions. I look forward to many more
  15. Received my boxes today Alun, thank you for your hard work and good luck with future issues, I will be watching to see what is next. Great quality and well priced. You should do a workshop in packaging for the Royal mint, they could do with some advice 😀