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    United Kingdom

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    Newcastle on Tyne UK
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Coin Series I am collecting

  • Perth Mint - Silver
    S1 Proofs - 1oz
    Kookaburra BU - 1oz
    Koala - 1oz
  • Chinese Mints - Silver
    Chinese Panda BU - 1oz
  1. completed

    Hi Rebnah are they still available if so I am interested
  2. Hi i would like to add to my collection a full date run of preferably silver proof or 69/70 grade 1 Oz Koala coins, in capsules. regards Marko
  3. Hi i am looking for a complete set of American silver Eagles 1986-2017 preferably proof (minus 2009) or NGC MSC 69 / 70 perfect condition Thank you Marko
  4. thanks dancavendish, this forum isn't so bad after all, there are some really helpful people
  5. Pete Thank you for your post, I saw the box on coinvest and it may be the best way forward. I will check out the German site, I hadn't heard of it before. I appreciate the advice Mark
  6. I would like to purchase a wooden Kookaburra box with facilities to store 40 X 1 oz coins inside capsules. Thank you
  7. I am interested in purchasing a full date run of silver Britannia coins in capsules. I am new to the forum so hope that this is the correct place to post my interest
  8. No problem but you did well with the free sets. Thanks for the replies
  9. I thought they were scarce. Hard to split up your full pack so difficult to judge an offer. Any ideas what you wanted for it as I don't know what offer would offend
  10. Apologies once again. I live in Newcastle on Tyne UK but am working for one month in the Netherlands thus the IP address wow everyone is ruthless to newcomers here I appreciate all help but have two negative feedbacks already and only joined a couple of hours ago thanks for your help
  11. Many thanks and once again apologies for my ignorance
  12. Apologies sixgun. Please advise me where to post these, I thought I was correct but obviously not, I am new to the site and making mistakes already, sorry
  13. Hi I am looking for silver proof royal shield of arms one pound coins from 2010 and 2016
  14. withdrawn

    Why negative report what is wrong with my post ? I am simply replying to the post above
  15. withdrawn

    I am interested in a buying a full date run. If you still have them available please let me know and I will arrange payment to suit your requirements. UK based