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  1. I couldn't have put it better, I echo every sentiment! It's been a delight to receive my three yesterday and to open today (I had to dash across the country for a gig yesterday!). I would like to reserve no 123 again from the 2018 release please, as well as the same number from any other issues such as the proposed 10 Oz. Beautiful work BYB, you must be very proud of yourself
  2. It all depends where you live and the local sorting offices involved in my experience. Here we get most stuff the next day regardless of first or second class, from some of the most outward parts of our islands even. However! There are notable exceptions (strange and fairly local!) exceptions that never fail to take at least two days to arrive first class if not longer! If 'just' sending recorded I'd always post second class from here, unless the recipient insisted otherwise - cheaper for them and I know for a fact that any delay would only be at their end, whether first or second. SD is the only guarantee alas. Tldr: Yes, it's a scam!
  3. How's the water? Last I heard it isn't what it oughta.
  4. I had lunch the day I was born, by george! It is always after lunch! (A 'few decades' now and counting ) Anyway, thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated! I am onto beer number four and it's helping a bit...no perhaps it's not...I am not sure, I'll have to try the next one and see how I get on...
  5. Wassat? This ice cold beer isn't too pongy luckily, in fact it both smells and tastes rather nice I think I can just about cope if I really put my mind and all my strength into it (?)
  6. Oh blimey I feel your pain... Right, I've tried everything else. Last resort - off to get a crate of beer.
  7. Ooh you're a braver soul than I! I best not dip my toe in those there waters for my own good methinks I think I'll stick with the recent key years and the 'simple' 1888 that's been passed down to me!
  8. Oh blimey I think I have to avoid the forum and this thread in particular until some funds come in! <edit> I just looked back through the last page too and had to stop myself...torture... @MikeSol Lovely aren't they? You picked a super year to start off with! Welcome to the club and best getting saving because now you're in there's no going back and you'll want to add to your collection!
  9. Having spent the afternoon in London chatting to strangers in some of the poorer parts of London, of all ethnic backgrounds and religions, I can say that sentiment among most who I talked to about this is 100% that of the videos, and these were people not directly involved (although some knew people local to the event - I do too but he lives on one of the most expensive roads in Chelsea). If I had gone to meet my friends in the City, the tourist spots etc no doubt things would have been completely different, but on the street even around central London and on the Tube of all places I felt a unity and saw simple acts of kindness I've never seen before, or probably rather are so long ago now I don't remember when it felt like that. I think it makes a huge difference. I would say there would probably be riots, but the Muslims are too peaceful. They are planning marches, these would certainly be bigger. I think May would have to resign, and the country's leadership already hangs in the balance right now. She won't last that much longer, we all know that, but there will be a crisis if it happens now. Whatever you think of the BBC, they will follow the official sources on such a tragedy. The legislation is already in place to keep people who know strictly in line under National Security (if required). Even if the local community get a proper list together between themselves and its loads more people it won't be broadcast later on by the media, will it? What are they going to say, the chiefs of police, the fire service, the local council and even the government lied to us and used us to lie to you? I can't see it somehow myself! I hope the numbers are true, naturally, but it doesn't tally with the people known locally who lived there who haven't been seen since, and the families searching for loved ones who are getting no answers.
  10. Absolutely shocking stuff. I still cannot believe it...the woman in the video talking about where the food and clothes are going to go to is spot on imo. I was at a gig at Wembley and they were collecting unbelievable amounts of money, you've never seen anything like it. I felt so sad because everyone meant well but through these big charities who knows where the money's going to go? (Just like the money for the 'improvement' which clearly seems to tbe the cause of this tragedy - they somehow spent £10m on that and there's still £2m missing!). Folk think they've done their bit but that money will take months at best to reach the victims if it ever does with all the red tape and managers and execs to pay, and the funerals need to be paid for NOW. Like the lady said, sell the food and give the money direct to the families in need. On a more positive note, being in and around London on Saturday there was a new found sense of community and kindness between everyone I met of all ethnic and religious groups. By and large the 'man on the street' is rightly (imo) outraged on many different levels, from the suspect refurb to the handling of the aftermath by our politicians (who we must never forget WE pay to act in OUR best interests). It was my local white friends who had told me that the Muslims were the heroes on the night getting everyone to safety as the Imam says in the video (another story I never saw mentioned on the national news).
  11. Blimey, well of course you're going to make mistakes, that must be absolutely back breaking work! I trust in this forum and I trust in you (as well as your Youtube vids, the way you've gone about this, I think it's been fantastic. The hallmark is really the absolute icing on the cake for me Ah I see, thanks. You posted earlier that some had been rejected as a 'Mint error' so I thought you now were regarded as such...still, only a matter of time perhaps! Can't wait to see the bars whenever they arrive (no rush here!).
  12. How do you mean mis-stamped? The wrong numbers or just a bit out of line? Sorry, I'm maybe being too nosey (I'm just a beginner to hallmarked hand poured bars, for now and so please do feel free to tell me to either push off or just ignore my questions!), but all aspects of this wonderful craft absolutely intrigue me since I joined this fine place. That aside, I think it's amazing you now have your own recognised Mint!
  13. @BackyardBullion it looks like absolutely tremendous work mate (and a massive amount of effort, to say the very least!), can't wait to receive the beautiful hallmarked forum bars as and when they come out! Out of interest, how do you polish them, and how have some been sent back as 'mint errors' - any idea on the latter?