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  1. Hi from NH

    Welcome buddy!
  2. Royal Mint Proof Coins

    100%. You may have made more as separate lots, but the auction house for that bunch was definitely not the way to go imvho. Still, we all make mistakes - the trick is to learn from them
  3. Britannia proof COA without number

    There are other ways to prove the coin is genuine 100% - a CoA doesn't do that, but neither would a number stamped on the coin.
  4. Britannia proof COA without number

    Never (to my knowledge), hence CoAs cannot be attached to certain coins. I have a coin where the CoA number on the certificate is probably worth as much as the coin itself! They can certainly check if such a mistake was made (or rather previously known about) on this issue. They may not like to do this - certainly the first person you speak to will not be able to check, but I would insist if it's important to you
  5. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    I couldn't wait for the meringue to set - I unboxed my box while watching your unboxing vid BYB I am very happy with the condition of my 2018 Brits compared to the absolute rubbish (tube of Owls, tube of Perth Roos, tube of Perth barcoins - already opened by GS.be) I got last time (not in the group order) as a private customer so I will be using European Mint directly (as BYB has been open about, it's not always cheaper in the group buys if you are buying in a lot) in future for sure and encouraging others to do the same. Much credit to all involved! Yes it's 'just' bullion but it's very much nicer not to receive milked, toned, dinged and marked coins when you spend a fair bit (especially when they have already been 'checked'), and this is the second lot I've had from European that has been good quality So I will join the group buys from European for odd coins again in the future, avoid GS.be full stop (heard of a milked Emu today from them ffs!) if European will price match for me, and I will use my rhubarb crop and meringue for a direct unboxing from them that will get me a free Oz rather than a half from a group unboxing
  6. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I've never seen much benefit to these either - I'm sure first/early releases have 'a market', particularly on large mintages, but I don't see it myself for the larger secondary market - and I think it looks a bit 'odd' on the likes of SotD! That's my take on it too, and I believe you strongly put forward the case that they can't release an indistinguishable coin this year with the 'maximum mintage' declaration on this, unlike the two non-Pistrucci SotD's last year (?). Some folk are being extra careful here I think, and I understand after what happened last year, but I understand the difference in the CoAs on this make this (hopefully) a non-worry?
  7. Britannia proof COA without number

    Sounds like great advice from @Lr103 The thing is, if it was a copy CoA, it'd actually be slightly harder to produce one with a consistent black colour where the white CoA box should be - forgers would surely just use the same number, after all there is no database on each CoA is there (unless the Mint post-purchase registration process creates one - not sure as I never register my coins with them - ?).
  8. Blimey you must offer good prices if you expect to see these! It was a good bet indeed, but well called I'm more of a (pickled) cabbage surgeon meself
  9. That seems sensible, I always think it's best to grade asap anyway Good buzz on these on Numi's channel, I do feel good about these myself today I must say. I hope I don't wish I'd bought more, I realised today that I had the final one in my basket yesterday when I was posting on here (the lag in stock updates on the site meant I got five in my basket when the lady on the phone said 'four left', but when the system updated a few minutes later it defaulted to one until I cleared my basket - and I know the person who bought the previous three ). Whoever got the last one has me to thank when they clicked refresh and the final one popped back up A somewhat different kettle of fish, but ofc there is overlap - a friend today had an offer of almost £600 for a PF70 2018 Sov, so they are performing as expected (i.e. rather well already) at the moment, and already a steady increase on the £550 mark of last month
  10. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    That means we can reclaim postage from BYB like RM SD by 1pm right? Page 11 of this thread I think
  11. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    An SD arrived today that is so carefully packaged it can only be from one place...many thanks! Now, to fiddle around for hours with my rotten (literally now, in the case of the organic components ) 'tripod' or dive straight in (which might be quite painful)..? That sounds entirely appropriate, I heartily approve Have you considered the addition of a meringue?
  12. Hmmm...I woke up this morning wondering how many serious collectors worldwide might have missed out on this one. Going to be very interesting to see how this does! Surely not. I would think/hope the plain edge will be kept for far more important coins than George's birthday too. And there's no need to not unbox yet surely if you submit quickly to NGC?
  13. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Silver - Pixies Live and Let Die?
  14. Royal Mint Proof Coins

    Yes BT is Bank Transfer. It sounds like you don't know what you have to sell, so I'd very much suggest asking folks here what you might be looking at (as well as doing your own research) - just be prepared for some 'cheeky offers' (maybe) and work out what's what first You can't start selling and pricing things (definitely not negotiating) until you know what you have got! I'd actually suggest Ebay might be better than here unless you know what you have!
  15. Royal Mint Proof Coins

    You can sell them on here to trusted members at a set price (or by negotiation on your set price) without the hassle of ebay listings fees and waiting times, and all the hassle of not knowing really who you're selling to etc. Your prices should be lower here to reflect the ebay fees you save (probably should be a happy medium for all parties) if you'll accept PPff and/or BT. I would say though that you'll probably get some chancers on here PMing you looking for too cheap a price, so work out what you think is realistic in advance and stick to your guns! You can also of course put pics up in advance while you're still working out what you want for everything and I've found many folks here most helpful in helping you to value stuff (with many experts)