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  1. He's got a forum group order with clear instructions, which you've rightfully quoted. You are now suggesting there is a carte blanche caveat for the forum group order where he can additionally just do whatever he decides, yes? And not only that, not announce it on the forum beforehand, but only after he's purchased the whole stock for selected individuals. Sorry, trust lost here.
  2. Yeah I saw that, I thought it was a disclaimer for exceptional circumstances though - I never imagined it would be 'if you're in my gang I'll make an exception'. You either have basic 'rules' (your choice of word not mine) or you don't, which is it?
  3. For only selected people, and against the concrete 'rules' you set out on the group order? I'll say no more.
  4. A bit shocked at this tbh. I'll quit the thread at this point I think.
  5. Personally I think 20 Euro plus for these are silly prices, what am I missing though (there must be something, surely Shirley!?)? I thought group orders were only being made at the weekend @BackyardBullion?
  6. So do skinny fellas, but I'm not minting a coin with my ugly mug on it
  7. I don't get this one at all for an investment, it's surely never going to be another Swan. What am I missing?
  8. Cool Coins from our stack

    I have a milky Brit I took a blowtorch to out of frustration which looks almost identical, plus it was a very therapeutic experience @dixiesilvergirl just joking! Very interesting coins, thanks! I think my most interesting modern coin for some folk might be a Penny Black (world's first stamp) boxed with a 1/25th black pearl finish proof commemorative 24ct gold coin. This one is still a bit of a mystery to me (I believe the boxed set may be as low as 500), and it's so tiny (and my camera so poor) that I probably can't do it any sort of justice, but it's one that fascinates me still!
  9. I've given up on silver collections myself as my OCD makes problems with milkspots, toning etc a nightmare! Except for Kooks really, which were my first love, and are good quality, so I always pick up the new releases as soon as possible, any privys I can get at a fair price, and rolls or partial rolls from on here. Gold is too expensive for me. Tell a lie - I do have one thing I've collected every issue of - the forum bars
  10. With Lizardbreath every year is the year of the dragon. When Camilla is queen maybe we will have more dog and horse themed coins
  11. Anyone might think almost all of these problems are down to the central and/or local government, and almost by design as they run so like clockwork. No communities = no opposition. I would suggest local pubs, shops, community gathering points/events, etc, have not been destroyed in the favour of multi-national corporations that pay no tax and are accountable to no-one (except their majority sharholders who are usually government stooges - surprise surprise) for nothing.
  12. It's great for us to get a super price, but on the other hand it's possible to look at our high streets (or certainly around here) and see how they've been absolutely decimated since Amazon took off. I wish there was a balance
  13. Greetings from Virginia

  14. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    Ah that's good to hear! Dhani said Prince just turned up, didn't know the song, didn't rehearse and then disrespected the Heartbreakers and the Wilburys with his antics. I think you can see he's kind of the nervous kid worrying too much in the vid. Just being needlessly over-protective of the legends he grew up with I hope, though I thought his comments afterwards were pretty off. Anyway it's an amazing vid! I've seen Prince better imho (though I only saw him twice) on e.g. All Along The Watchtower and Whole Lotta Love, but no video captured like this
  15. Gold is money

    We'll hook up buddy! Best only talk about this stuff without external assistance (only beers or something stronger perhaps to dull the senses lol) because this stuff gets pretty heady once you see it! If you're a Catholic especially because then we get into possible trouble with the Papacy (paper sea). We don't want to risk our citizenship! Simple maritime law. Folk say they've never heard of it but it stares you in the face every day. Amazes me. Tbh I haven't looked at this stuff for years, but it's interesting, if overwhelming! How many folk on this forum or in the world realise that legally they're dead? Not many I'll bet, but there it is clear as day on the British government website. You are a dead fictional ledger book entity, already a corpse (a corporation). Sorry for the bad news one and all, also for taking the thread off-topic.