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  1. So that's that, then? 'Just deal with the official forum system as it is'? When we've just had a member with a pretty sketchy (from the sounds of it) longterm trading and communications behaviour, who only had one 'negative' feedback on their profile, only at last banned from trading via the catalyst of telling yourself to '**** off'? I'm staggered.
  2. Thank you I absolutely didn't want to be the one to set this discussion off (I still very much feel like a newbie), but I think it's one that needs to be had (at least from a new member's perpective, after all you do want new members to stick around and be active and positive members of the community, don't you?). This has been bugging me for a while when I spend over a grand and a half on multiple items and folk can't even be bothered to give me a simple 'plus' and a 'good buyer' comment or whatnot. You know, a word or two here and there, along with the positive feedback, because I pay immediately and never cause any fuss, try to haggle, be an arse etc. The system as is clearly doesn't work imvho when a seller with apparantly a long track record of withdrawing sales, terrible (if any) comms, late deliveries etc only gets one negative feedback, and it takes him or her telling a moderator to **** off to get things in order. Hopefully there will be a hearty discussion and a 'better way' will be found
  3. Yes of course, but I haven't been posting about buyers wanting to stay anonymous. @Roy didn't specify either buying and/or selling. <edit> Or am I meant to 'read between the lines' there as well as the pretty ropey (sorry guys, I love this forum, but...imho...at present) feedback system?
  4. A very interesting point I'd never thought of, thanks @Roy. The sellers I've bought off never said they wanted anonymity though ('so we won't leave feedback for each other if that's OK with you?' - which would have been fine!). Each time I suggested leaving feedback which they happily agreed to, but it seems they either just didn't bother, or it's too much of a struggle on here on mobile formats (again @ChrisSIlver)? I had politely asked for honest feedback in return, was given happy noises, and received none despite leaving it for them. Surprise surprise @arshimo2012 (as just one example) left feedback after just mentioning it to him in my initial payment and confiirmed receipt PMS. It's not rocket surgery (or is it on my mobiles/iPads etc)? The system just generally isn't working for a relative newbie like me who doesn't do loads of trades but would like to build up their trading reputation as and when they make significant purchases, I don't think that's too much to ask.
  5. Very true, and I admire your stance (it's absolutely the correct one imo). I just have felt that as a newbie from joining around May it's a bit intimidating as it is (and with the forum change it got harder to work out how to leave feedback). If no-one knows you and you're looking to be known as trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with, albeit only as a buyer initially, as long as I got the goods eventually and all was genuine and as described I personally wouldn't risk having 50% negative after just two deals, or (say) 33% after three. The cost is too great to your account reputation. Luckily all my purchases have been spot on on here so far, and have often been a great pleasure. I've never left exaggerated feedback in the hope of receiving some back, and never would. But like I said I've spent over £1500 (that might not be a lot to many but it's a huge deal for me) and yet I politely asked for feedback and got none in half of my six or seven deals on here, from long term members with loads of feedback (I'm alright Jack). I don't know - maybe I wasn't as easy to deal with as I thought (I'd be surprised though as I pay promptly, never quibble over stuff, never try to haggle it down once I've committed - I PM to buy something at the asking price, pay straightaway, and then chat for a bit if the seller is interested in doing so). I think some sellers don't realise how it matters to have an honest trail of whatever kind when buying through the forum (or perhaps they do and that's what some avoid - ?). The former like the guy (lovely bloke) who left me feedback as a seller on the wrong thread when I was the buyer. I know he meant well (hey I left you good feedback on a random thread!) but what would an eagle eyed buyer see when they actually clicked through - it looks like fake feedback (and to a large extent it is). @ChrisSIlver I think you need a different system so 'fake' feedback can't be made, at least, and there is more of an onus on the seller than the buyer. The forum is growing (even since I've joined it seems to be at a turning point of sorts as of now with rapidly growing - if somewhat 'casual', perhaps - ? - members signing up).
  6. It's not very intuitive at first so maybe that's something that could be looked at (?) @ChrisSIlver After you've worked out how to do it once it's pretty simple on a PC, maybe it's harder on a mobile or tablet (?) I've always left feedback for folk and have only had some lovely buying experiences through here so far (touch wood), but perhaps a more nuanced feedback system (comms, delivery etc) would be good. If it's a simple choice, and especially as a relative newbie, as long as I had the goods eventually I would be hesitant to leave negative feedback in case of a 'revenge' negative left against me, and would more likely just leave nothing (which you'd hope to some extent would speak for itself, but it doesn't) and avoid that person in future. Also, as a newbie I've left positive feedback for everyone and asked for honest feedback in return, but two sellers didn't bother and one left feedback on the wrong thread (I guess because it's a pain to search for the right thread title on mobile - ?). That's OK for them - they have loads of positive feedback already, but as a newish member here looking to build a reputation as someone honest and good/easy to deal with that's well over £1500 I've spent on here and received no feedback for two purchases (where I left it for the sellers) and one where I got feedback as the seller (!) on completely the wrong thread. I think the feedback system needs looking at. As does this nice cool Heineken, cheers!
  7. A newbie from the hills of Wales!

    A big welcome to the forum from the Garden of England here I'm sure you'll love your bar, I can't wait either!
  8. I think with that kind of attitude it should be a permanent signature after that for that member. Wow.
  9. Collecting 1oz coins as a beginner

    Do folk think the Lunar Roosters still have 'promise' at the £22.21 I'm looking at on STG (I have no idea about these coins but the base stack is secure so looking to diversify a bit - also the half Ozs come in cheaper at £9.63), and/or the Dogs at £20.80?
  10. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Payment & Shipping

    Thank you for the very clear instructions Just paid, can't wait to see my three little beauties!!!
  11. Death of a Royal family member

    Good points! I don't know is the completely honest answer. I just have a feeling that should things get that bad, as they ultimately could take control of electricity supply and the entire digital infrastructer, as well as almost all the production, distribution (and therefore who can buy what, where and how for most of the population), they would. If banks won't make good on card payments and either stop pushing those fake pounds through, cancel cards, grab your savings, or just disappear completely, the only alternative for most apart from the few who have large stores to barter would be cash and PMs. Don't listen to me though I'm a pessimist of the highest order I should think!
  12. Storing silver bars...

    You know far more than I do my friend! Please share your knowledge, and correct me where you think my thinking is wrong (yes I know we all have different 'strategies' but no doubt the longer term members here are almost certainly the ones to listen to - not the likes of me!). I absolutely agree with that, and that's what I do - keep everything in as best condition I can
  13. Storing silver bars...

    Very interesting to hear a completely different take on things, and one which chimes much more readily with the OP I am careful as I can possibly be with everything! (So despite my possibly apparent differing opinion with @sixgun on 'the future') I would definitely agree 'better safe than sorry' - that way you are covered all ways.
  14. Storing silver bars...

    All seems weird to me...I appreciate a nice bar is a 'nice bar' but when/if it comes to sell surely it'll do well (or not) simply if it's genuine, and silver weight and purity verified. Maybe I'm completely wrong (ready to accept that anytime - don't listen to me!), but I've come to look at silver as spot price only, recently. We all follow our instincts (or don't!). The way I see big gains in silver in the future (other than the built in 'inflation' - or rather not) is for industrial/emergent tech/health use. Then the worth would be hugely more than your investment price (as of recently), and buyers would not care if it was spotted, toned, defaced with a pen, or urinated on (etc!). It'll just be how much metal there is, and the purity.
  15. Storing silver bars...

    If in doubt why not seal them separately? Ziploc bags are cheap as chips, and it takes no more space to store!