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  1. Black Friday

    Course it's fast food - if you're buying stuff like that it means your body needs to 'fast' to get rid of all the crap you've been eating! Try a coffee enema at the same time, and please don't post pics of what comes out on the 'today I received' thread
  2. Black Friday Bargains

    I'm glad someone can remember, I was three sheets to the wind in the beer tent by the time the dancing kicked off!
  3. Black Friday Bargains

    You can't beat May Day though, and we had a cracking forum day out this year!
  4. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    I read it, sorry I just didn't think it worth replying to, otherwise I would have done so. I feel I've wasted enough time on this (as have many others, much more experienced collectors than me, only for you to ignore them). No worries, hope if you choose to buy this coin it does well for you
  5. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    Yes of course but the OP has already said they do not want to lose such money. It's not 'a little more' - it's almost twice the value of the gold. It's irrelevant if you would or would not ask for advice - the OP has, it's the whole point of the thread. It's not hot, it never will be. Have you even bothered to read this thread and follow the links and pointers that experienced folks have given? There is and never will be any missed chance here. It's a lovely coin at a ridiculous premium that you will never earn anything much more than spot back for, and will in all probability not even that (like almost all the RM commemoratives). Am I the only one sensing a possible wind up here?
  6. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    It's not a case of 'may lose value' - it's guaranteed. I don't know how many experienced people you need to tell you this? The value loss is already there staring you full in the face when you first buy it - the history of such coins is jus about 100% proven. Yes you can buy happy to soak up that loss for the 'pleasure' you will get from it, if you like. Or you can wait six months and buy it for spot (almost half price on this one). I have a lovely house I am thinking of selling right now. A selling point is the amazing views and the seclusion. If you'd like to waste money how about you pay me double what it's valued at, and if and when you need to sell, OK you have lost 50%,, but at least you've had some lovely views from the windows and no noise from the neighbours for your extra half a million?!! No wonder coins like these sell for more than the current direct purchase price on ebay with such 'thinking' about!
  7. Black Friday Bargains

    Rather sad to see coin shops buying into this Black Friday nonsense imvho. However! Some really super prices there - very impressed with the silver considering it includes VAT! A very good price on the half soveriegns as well imo, but how are secondary market half sovs showing a range of years on your listing 'newly minted' please @ChardLizzie? Thanks!
  8. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    It's good to be thorough, they now seem to have CoAs into the 180s so are doing slightly better I still say this will never, ever be worth more than spot in the medium to long term. As for why people list them on ebay at decent profits when you can still buy them elsewhere cheaper - imo chancers looking to snag a fool (and they do find them, alas). What other possible reason is there? Far wiser and more experienced folk than I have already told you the black and white situation with this coin. If you care about your money then listen to them. If you don't and are rich and have money you can just burn then get this coin. Last word from me, but good luck!
  9. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    NO (Am I getting the hang of this now? )
  10. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    It's a 'maximum mintage'. There's no evidence they've produced more than a few dozen. If dealers are 'sitting' on them it's because no-one will touch them with a bargepole, not because they think there is anything to gain by doing so (there is nothing to gain - these coins are on a very steep downward spiral drop to spot price - why not pick one up then?). If you want to make up imaginary interest just because you like the coin, against all advice from relative experts on here such as @Numistacker, then there is nothing more I can say.
  11. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    It makes me think the Royal Mint may have sold a few more than the few dozen (the highest CoA I've found online is in the 30s) they expected, so have thought 'let's mint some more for the suckers willing to pay such a ridiculous fee for a coin that will only ever be worth spot'. Jesus wept.
  12. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    There is no market for these commemorative coins (however nice they may be) full stop. You can't create a market on one issue that has never existed for any other issues, even if you buy 100% of the coins (which you can't anyway, but that's besides the point). @fehk2001 I can appreciate why you simply said 'NO' now, very wise
  13. Today I Received

    Oh blimey that was quick! I think there's a thread on here for advice on how to deal with such 'tensions'
  14. Today I Received

    How's the beer spreadsheet looking at the moment @Roy? And nor will the better half's (if you have one)! 'Golf widows' - what about the poor 'Sov widows'?
  15. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    The bottom line here! @buckeyecoins you will see many coins which have potential and have people excited simply by hanging around here Don't always buy into the hype (e.g. see the Silver Proof Krugerrand, though people did make on that in the very short term) but there are some very likely winners (some of the special anniversary release Sovereigns for this year, e.g. the Piedfort and Strike on the Day - take a look at e.g. ebay prices compared to release prices, also you can search for those threads from the time on here, they may be a very interesting read!).