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  1. door

    Solid silver door handle?
  2. Off to Lidls tomorrow, many thanks @fehk2001
  3. You have a car, and now a gym room as well? Blimey students live in absolute luxury these days Mais oui!
  4. Today I Received

    I received a Christmas present from @augur (thank you again!). The Coin That Must Not Be Named. Therefore I think it best if it is also A Coin That Must Not Be Photographed (or the Ghanian Embassy might come knocking)
  5. Congrats! And it's Lidl toilet roll shopping for you today, can a day get any better?
  6. Caught it last night from the Premiere that they have (deep, proof-like - ?) cameos in the new film as Stormtroopers... Harry's choice I guess! No spoilers but I hear Snoke may not be based on Phil the Greek after all
  7. door

    The Ents with Sauron by the looks of it, I wouldn't wear a ring near that
  8. door

    If the Athenian Owl and Zombie Dog could mate with a tree... Have you tested for poltergeist activity there mate?
  9. Photo when your 'toilet roll' arrives please, exciting stuff! (Hopefully...)
  10. Sovereign 1888

    I'd check my 1888 now if I knew where I'd hidden it!
  11. Forum toilet roll and spoon race
  12. 100 <------------------------ see dis?