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  1. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    Ah that's good to hear! Dhani said Prince just turned up, didn't know the song, didn't rehearse and then disrespected the Heartbreakers and the Wilburys with his antics. I think you can see he's kind of the nervous kid worrying too much in the vid. Just being needlessly over-protective of the legends he grew up with I hope, though I thought his comments afterwards were pretty off. Anyway it's an amazing vid! I've seen Prince better imho (though I only saw him twice) on e.g. All Along The Watchtower and Whole Lotta Love, but no video captured like this
  2. Gold is money

    We'll hook up buddy! Best only talk about this stuff without external assistance (only beers or something stronger perhaps to dull the senses lol) because this stuff gets pretty heady once you see it! If you're a Catholic especially because then we get into possible trouble with the Papacy (paper sea). We don't want to risk our citizenship! Simple maritime law. Folk say they've never heard of it but it stares you in the face every day. Amazes me. Tbh I haven't looked at this stuff for years, but it's interesting, if overwhelming! How many folk on this forum or in the world realise that legally they're dead? Not many I'll bet, but there it is clear as day on the British government website. You are a dead fictional ledger book entity, already a corpse (a corporation). Sorry for the bad news one and all, also for taking the thread off-topic.
  3. And no-one said we weren't! I may soon write to The Lovely Debbie McGee regarding the next unboxing. She owes me a favour, likes being 'caught' on film, and it is after all the year of the dog ().
  4. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    It is a high ticket item, it certainly took me until a number I held very dear to come up to buy in, but that's perhaps 'just' me - money's a bit tight here so that was the final push, but it won't be for many. Seriously, there really aren't that many left considering the size and the premium (fully deserved). I have been absolutely certain from the start though - at a capped 25 these will sell out, no question
  5. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    All sounds good bud, no stress at all! Myself and @Lr103 were just having a gentlemanly chat and working out what was what I think, with all good intention I reckon he or she deserves a crack at the last two bars having been early signed up and shifted around for other people, (with no fuss) and consecutive bars are always good imvho, but that's between you two All otherwise understood, thanks for clarifying, and I cannot wait to get one of a very special and extremely limited run of just 25 of these. Cheers!
  6. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Thanks buddy! I don't know why 13 didn't go quicker (I grabbed it as soon as I saw it!) - unlucky for some maybe, but very lucky for me, I'm stoked Personally I would leave things as they are and have a crack at the last two bars, and you might as well have consecutive numbers if you're getting two, but entirely up to you (ofc) to sort out with BYB - whatever you're both happy with. BYB always does things very fairly and I trust in whatever arrangement is in place (even if he doesn't explain it very well to simpletons like myself when he is very busy)
  7. Gold is money

    Yes of course - our parents unwittingly and in good faith follow the procedures (pro sea duress) and from that point onwards you are also a corporation (a corpse, a legal dead fiction entity whenever you engage with the system under that {presumed dead} legal title). If unregistered the child still exists, it just isn't a slave from birth. But yes I get your point, I think that is what you were saying - it cannot be taxed, co-erced, licensed, monetised etc.
  8. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Many thanks for clarifying (not that it was needed!) and I hope I didn't seem rude (I didn't mean to be!). I don't see any problem with any of that whatsoever! It just got confusing (for me, easier done than said ) when BYB was talking about why 12 might not be available and then 13 was, but he had other things on his mind during the narration as he was also focussing on finishing the actual piece :) If 'late in the run' was accepted by BYB I wouldn't take that back myself! - you've been super-flexible, so why shouldn't you have a good crack at the last two bars?
  9. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    Bib - I'm not so sure about that. I can't see any reason for Perth Mint to check, and if they had they would surely have done a better job making everything fresh and brand-spanking new before shipping. The fact Goldsilver put their own tape over the top leads me to suspect it was something with them (because I can't see them carefully examining Mint tape on tubes and thinking 'that doesn't look 100% secure let's make sure by putting our own tape on top'). I think the only answer is to open the tube (I couldn't sell it on as 'mint sealed' anyway) but I'm a bit worried what I might find tbh... I do have to say I'm disappointed in Perth with the QA on these given their record with the Kooks etc. I'm especially surprised given that there's a gold version, I think they should have positioned these more in that sphere of quality. They're trotting out silver versions possibly akin to their basic bullion stuff (like the Roos) which in my experience can have major problems out the door. I don't know Tom Petty much (just as a 'legend' ofc) but his grimace when Prince leant back into the bodyguard's arms didn't endear him to me too much! Nor did Dhani's comments afterwards saying Prince went too far. You invite Prince of all people to play and then get pissed because he upstages everyone else and throws his guitar at the end...um, he had been doing that relentlessly for decades, it was kind of what he was known for lol
  10. First Video

  11. Gold is money

    Most folk won't get this, but why not throw it out there anyway as an aside? Currency = current (as in a body of water) sea. We are under maritime law from the minute our mother's waters break and we pass through the birth (berth) canal to be checked by the doctor (dock, tor = tauroidal field) and we have to get a berth certificate. If you get into trouble later in life you will have to appear in court (caught) and stand in the dock. Keep your nose clean, or don't get caught, and you can keep your money in a (e.g. river) bank. Etc.
  12. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Very glad to have bagged number 13 as I thought long and hard over this investment as it's quite a big purchase for me, and I was looking for a number which meant something, and I thought all the personally 'significant' ones were accounted for. We're all different but that's how I can justify my purchase I thought 13 had already gone, so was really pleased to get it. 13 is maligned quite unfairly if you look into it, it's very 'lucky' indeed in many ways, and for many faiths and peoples etc Your explanation about the numbers available @BackyardBullion have been a bit confusing to me, so I had to work it out myself lol I think what you're saying is that someone has asked for two consecutive numbers and don't mind which they are (except they want them late in the run if possible), but you didn't assign them at the time. Someone else had asked for 12, but that relied upon someone taking the 'odd' 13 to stop 12 and 13 being those first two consecutive numbers for the first buyer, so unless I bought 13 the person who wanted 12 couldn't have it (?). If that's so and the buyer of the two consecutives has said they want them as late as possible then they've got a good chance of the last two numbers in the mintage, because these will surely sell out. Very clever! The only thing is, like with me, it makes what is available 'technically' a bit confusing!
  13. See @sixgun's signature
  14. Shall do my good man in a few hours! Thanks
  15. Fascinating, many thanks BYB! The graphite dust 'issue' was something I was recently very interested in as you piqued my attention in a previous thread/vid If it has not already gone I'll take bar 13 as seen here, cheers!