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  1. I'm selling these lovely jersey uncerculated notes I have a £100 note the queen's diamond jubilee very collectable, and vintage £50 £20 £10 £5 and a £1 note ALL UNCERCULATED and in pristine condition, i though someone may be interested in these, I'm selling them at a very low price just to fund other projects, I can supply the notes serial numbers if needed, any questions please feel free to contact me £200 including postage of your choice and risk,,, 07534507251,,
  2. for sale 2017 50th Anniversary silver krugerrand

    Click on the pic!!
  3. for sale 2017 50th Anniversary silver krugerrand

    REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!! £190 free postage
  4. Greetings

    Ah I see my friend,, yes please if you don't mind that would be great thanks [emoji4] [emoji106]
  5. Greetings

    Hello and welcome my friend [emoji4] No its not winter just yet lol I think were due another day or so of sunshine, I'm up your neck of the woods in a few weeks, Orlando,, can't wait, do you have any good places I can go to too pick some coins silver etc, thanks in advance my friend Thanks, kind regards Alan
  6. for sale Backyard Bullion GIANT Hand Poured Silver Bars 8 oz+

    There really nice mate,, spot on I'm going to get one once I return from Orlando,, [emoji106]