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  1. Today I received.....

    A lovely '63 shield from @austack
  2. Today I received.....

    @sg86 Wow! Absolutely beautiful, please do make a video.
  3. Shield please. I've messaged you. 🙂
  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Is it still the gold pound coin they have? That seems to have been there for ages!
  5. for auction Auction! Auction! Royal Mint Coins

    Cupronickel, not silver.
  6. Today I received.....

    An absolutely stunning piece by@BackyardBullion. I had to prise this from my wife's fingers to take a quick photo, it feels absolutely wonderful to hold.
  7. Thinking about maybe getting some silver

    Buying in the UK means paying 20% VAT on your purchases of new silver. Consider purchasing from one of the firms in Europe such as silver-to-go.com or goldsilver.be @BackyardBullion does a group order every month or two also that could save you some postage costs. Check out some of his unboxing videos on YouTube to see the many different things people order.
  8. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    @BackyardBullion I have pondered over the purchase of one of your beautiful bars for too long, today is the day. 😃 Is number 97 still available, please?
  9. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    Mine was in pretty good nick as have all the sovereigns I have purchased from them.
  10. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    I bought a Krug as my first full ounce, mainly as it seemed to me to be the ubiquitous ounce bullion coin. I got it from hgm so only paid 2% over spot and as it is purely bullion it is nice to fiddle with "naked" without worrying about future value. There is something very satisfying feeling a ounce of gold in your hand. I think it is quite a nice design too. I see you are thinking about a half or quarter, as long as you get it at a good price why not. Edit: Clens92 makes a very good point regarding tax though, if it is likely to affect you.
  11. Today I received.....

    Any day you receive a new Vicky shield is a good day. 🙂
  12. Kookaburra 2008 V's 2018.

    @Wolves, welcome to the forum. I think the 2008 is a beautiful ounce of silver. I'm not decided on the 2018 yet, I will have to see one in my hand to decide. I think it probably would have looked better if the moon was more subtle or even not there at all.
  13. Updated Michael Marsh book

    That Blackpool rock is very tasty 😋
  14. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    @Cornishfarmer, I bought two sovereigns yesterday so it is bound to continue to fall to the lowest this year now!
  15. The 1923-SA Sovereign story

    Wonderful coins and a great video. In fact all your videos are fantastic and very informative, keep up the great work!