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  1. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    On the way down again today. It has broken through £940 and is currently around £937, I'm hoping it will drop further when the USA market opens. For someone, such as myself, who only started stacking this year these cheaper prices are rather exciting and a good opportunity to bring my price average down.
  2. A Brief Panic Moment

    They have these in a bowl on a table if you visit the Sharps Pixley store in London. I always take a few when I have visited in the past. They can be either milk chocolate, white chocolate or if you are very lucky a rare mint one!
  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I took recommendations from this site which included scales from: http://www.ourweigh.co.uk and calipers from eBay.
  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I have finally purchased myself a pair of scales and some vernier calipers so I can check everything going forwards. I'm a bit embarrassed to say I haven't done this before. I would like to think the dealers I buy from are trustworthy, otherwise I would not be purchasing from them. However as has already been mentioned, mistakes do happen.
  5. That 2014 1/2 oz is beautiful, lovely coin.
  6. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I have given them a ring just before ordering a couple of times and they have always been accommodating.
  7. Today I Received

    Thank you for an informative reply, very much appreciated.
  8. Today I Received

    That is what I was wondering, do my photos show anything of concern for the many experts we have on the forum?
  9. 20 sovereign.s now

    Well done, a very nice milestone. Are you not going to show us a nice photo of your stack?
  10. Today I Received

    1923 double eagle just arrived from the postie: Unfortunately it seems to have had quite a severe cleaning at some point. Is the pitting on the surface normal?
  11. Today I bought.....

    Gold price took a dip again and a St. Gaudens $20 came into stock at HGM. Having seen @BackyardBullion recent YouTube video my finger didn't pause for more than a second!
  12. 1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    I'll echo pretty much everyone else and say sovereigns all the way, mostly. I do have a few ouncers and they are very nice to hold and feel in your hand.
  13. Today I bought.....

    I bought three bullion sovereigns and a guardian angel today, so I'm expecting the same.
  14. Stay frosty, boys..
  15. Today I Received

    Wow, you must have an incredible collection of shield sovereigns. Wow, again.