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  1. Detecting fake British trade dollar

    Very informative video, great job. The numbers don't seem to suggest it is even 50% silver. Glad you are getting a refund.
  2. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I was about to post the link to the new website but you beat me to it. They also have a shop in Hatton Garden that you can visit, to save a bit on postage if you are nearby. Be aware that the shop doesn't always have the same stock as the website though as I believe that comes from a different location.
  3. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Big stack of silver there, very impressive.
  4. Hi from Manchester

    Hey there @Woodsy, welcome onboard. What are your main interests in stacking/collecting up until recently/two years ago?
  5. Hello from Ipswich, UK

    Welcome to the forum! A lovely collection you have already. The forum in general is a big fan of sovereigns so you should find much to talk about.
  6. Newbie from the Cotswolds

    That all sounds very much like my journey over the last 12 months or so. I adore pre-decimal and European silver. I've had quite an attraction to some French and Polish silver recently. Shield sovs are my favourite though, if only I was a rich man I would disappear down a gold rabbit hole I look forward to seeing some of your new picks up in the "Today I received thread", I must warn you though, there be very tempting things in that thread!
  7. Hello all!

    Have fun and enjoy yourself, it's a great ship with a first class crew!
  8. Newbie from the Cotswolds

    Hi @SilverSkipper Any particular silver you have been stacking thus far? Any idea on your direction for gold etc? Sovereigns are very popular with many here and are great for both stacking and collecting. Welcome!
  9. Horse head from the mafia

    I would like to know this too, please. A very pretty piece.
  10. Buying junk silver in the UK?

    50% half crowns can be found on eBay under spot if you find the right auction.
  11. European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!

    Really good narration and a nice variety of coins. Looking forward to your next video.
  12. Today I Received

    I have a gold coin very much like this, same design maybe. It was given to us by my Wife's uncle and was the prod I needed to look into PMs and then start stacking.
  13. I invite you to feast your eyes on my collection of beautifully crafted, hand poured silver pieces by @BackyardBullion. Including a story of cosmic happenstance and closing in on my YouTube imposed limit of 15 minutes, I hope this video keeps you entertained throughout? Have a great weekend everyone.
  14. A/V Nerdery

    Thank you Pan, the shutters work pretty well to give me some pleasant light to work with. Much like @Thelonerangershorse, my shot limits are marked too - anything up to an inch from the edge of the box is in shot. I've just noticed that I really should get round to painting those radiators!
  15. A/V Nerdery

    This is the set up I am currently using, rather Heath Robinson, but it seems to work.