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  1. 1870 Proof Shield Sovereign

    I don't really have anything useful to add I'm afraid. I just wanted to say that that is one beautiful coin, thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more about it if anything comes up.
  2. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    I was thinking about putting an order in last weekend but I was away. This weekend isn't quite as tempting although it is still pretty low, well since I started stacking anyway.
  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I think Sharps Pixley or Bairdmint are probably the best bet at the moment. Or Atkinsons of course. Depends on what you are buying. YH Victoria's are £17 cheaper at Bairdmint than HGM at the moment!
  4. Today I bought.....

    Payday so a single Eddy sovereign. I would like to have purchased more but having just paid for a funeral this is it for now. Over half way on my sovereign tube now.
  5. Recommendations

    Yes indeed, belangp is incredibly good.
  6. Today I Received

    Congratulations, your first bit is always special. I remember my wife buying me my first sovereign and walking around London with it in my pocket feeling like a king!
  7. for sale Weekend Clear-Out Gold & Silver

    Can I take the two 2012 Rio handover silver proofs, please? Plus a couple of US quarters.
  8. Today I Received

    21 hours! From purchasing these yesterday to receiving them at at my door. Incredible. Very happy with the price, LOVE the coins, over the moon with the service. @arshimo2012 You rock! Thank you very much, kind Sir. Heads up for everyone, Ash is now using time shift/travel delivery. He informed me that he would be sending on Monday and they arrived today, two days before posting. This must surely be some new upper tier Special Delivery service RM are offering? So much to consider while I look lustily at these two beauties. Now I have two have I started a collection? Should I send these for grading and a little clean up? Will I buy a 1/10 platinum Brit from the group order to keep them company? Video incoming, proper camera being dug out....
  9. completed Gold

    Picture the scene: A hot bank with a big queue and muggins here decided last night that ordering £250 worth of 50p was a good idea. Hmmm, this is slow lets have a look on TSF...Oh, Ash just posted, "Gold". Yum, 1/10 proof Brits, I'll take one of those please. Hold, I'm paying for delivery, should I take both? YES! Well, sticking to bullion sovs didn't last very long. Oh well tube is almost half full.
  10. completed Gold

    2004 and 1995 1/10 Brits, please.
  11. Couldn't sleep so...

    Looking pretty damn good, incredible that this is your first attempt. Bravo!
  12. Received, all good, thank you Mr & Mrs BYB.
  13. Bullion Dealer Finds - Sleepers

    Well that worked out very well. Would you care to tell more and maybe show this beauty?
  14. Payday

    Yes. I have changed my wasteful spending ways quite a bit. No expensive coffees at work or on the way. Always take lunch with me. Cut down on bills where I can. However you still have to have some fun and enjoyment.