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  1. Blame the immigrants again... If its not, 'they are coming over 'ere stealing our jobs' etc... Then its, 'they are lazy good for nuthings' etc. Yawn. So predictible. Can't wait for the government to steal the rest of your money.
  2. I would suggest the opposite, but thats the fun of the fair.
  3. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    Number 45 arrived and looking lovely! Superbly packed and very happy to have. Thanks Backyard and the Silver Forum!
  4. Well done... It has been slowly climbing steady since you posted. I wish I jumped on, though I don't understand what it does. Best of luck.
  5. Wow! I just read the article myself. Pro Bitcoin is he? My arse. Moron of the first degree. "What will happen when everyone tires of the Earth and wants to make a run for the nearest Planet available? You will not have time to pack and will be left behind, Left to fend for yourself. Don't say I didnt warn you. Do the math!"
  6. Where to buy

    Welcome aboard Londonstacker. I have found this forum a great resource. I have just relatively started Silver stacking too.
  7. bitcoin inverse relationship with silver & gold?

    Bitcoin was only getting started in 2011, so it doesnt have a track history to compare with Silver and gold. I feel if anything, People who are holding Bitcoin are also holding Silver and Gold. Theres nothing anyone can do about Silver prices whilst Robber Barons like JP Morgan has its boot on Silvers neck, at least with bitcoin, one has some measure of ones destiny.
  8. Flipping art, easy money

    ... If you ever need any Mr Brainwash works..
  9. Buying Bitcoin

    If anyone who is finding it difficult to get their head around Bitcoin, maybe listen on youtube to Andreas Antonopoulos, he's very good in explaining Bitcoin. You can transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to another, though I suggest getting a wallet to store your Bitcoins thats not on a exchange. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. The Nano Ledger S is the best hardware wallet to buy and the easiest to operate. Your coins are ultra safe in that wallet. In my opinion.
  11. Has anyone ever bought from coin portfolio

    Coinportfolio must have got a heads up about this forum and decided to change their strategy and post them with tracking (Just like other good dealers do) straight away instead of keeping everyone on a string with their 3-5 days to never nonsense!
  12. Buying Bitcoin

    I'm no financial advisor, but I feel in the long term, Bitcoins price will keep going up as more people adopt it, but one should not get worried when it takes its occassional swan dive now and then. Although Ethereum's price has gone high in the last three months, its still early doors and enough time to hitch a ride. Though explaining cryptocurrency is a hell of a thing....
  13. Questions about tubes of Britannias/silver storage

    Yeah, I feel your pain.. I'm new to the game of Silver stacking. If I got your order, I would be fuming!
  14. 10oz QB Lion or 1/4oz gold

    Decisions.... I like the 1/4 oz Gold.... Tiny (compared to the 10 oz Silver) but very classy!