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  1. Those look like they are in very good condition, what does the Royal mint think they are doing?
  2. I don't think the RM had them for sale here, I bought the 1/10th last year. I think the quarter may have been for he US market only initially, probably a batch they could not punt.
  3. Eddie Izzard & Terrioriser May, what do you think?
  4. There has been some discussion in other threads regarding stocking up on silver from the EU before Brexit to take advantage of the system as it stands before low vat silver becomes unobtainable here in the UK. What has been running through my mind is what will happen with gold? As I understand it, the U.K. reluctantly released physical gold from attracting VAT when pressures came to bear from the EU and assumingly to make uk bullion dealers competitive with their European counterparts, much like the betting industry. My question is, do folks think our lovely post eu government, regardless of colour, will reimposed vat on gold when we are sovereign again? Personally, I think they will as there is a tradition for this, a lack of support for real money and no reason for them not to grab a few extra shekels where they can. Should this come to pass, those with a physical stack would see a 20% increase in the fiat value of their stack immediately as I am guessing like silver, the resale price from private individuals would reflect the all in price? The flip side, obviously is anyone looking to add to their stack would pay 20% more. Do we stack up on gold also in this short timeframe given the above? Would we see more folks from here backing miners in shares or allocated gold accounts like bullionvault ( without vat ) as a result? Just to focus minds, if vat was applied at today's spot, you would be looking at approximately £1200+ per Troy Oz as you are no doubt able to calculate. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. I hope it all works out for you in the end mate. I don't know how you fit in all in with your arbing and stacking on top of a job like that, I am knacked just working the 9 to 5. I upsticked with the family a year ago to a better area and although the job was not as advertised, the lifestyle and area have been worth the move. We live rural with some land and cracking views. I still have half an hour drive to work however it is on well maintained, very quiet roads. Previously I was stressed before I even arrived at work with traffic jams and tailgating idiots. Even if you can find something with less money initially you will probably feel better with more time to devote to your family and perhaps more energy to make some money with other sidelines? Good luck in any case.
  6. Hi and welcome
  7. If this was sold as new I would be sending it straight back to the dealer at their expense. If was sold as bullion then no complaints. Who was the dealer?
  8. I would go either new 2017 sovereigns with privy mark for 200th anniversary, may carry a small premium in a few years time or lucky dip sovereigns from HGM. where you may be lucky and pick up something a bit rarer. Both are CGT except should the price go rocketing up.
  9. When I started stacking silver about 30 months ago. Silver spot was around £10 , not stacking any of the cheapest coinage I could get my hands on up to my max budget. Moan the stackers, your time will come!
  10. Hello and welcome.
  11. Hello and welcome.
  12. What size, purity are these? Can you post any close up pics?
  13. Welcome to the forum
  14. Hi and welcome