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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum
  2. Wouldn't trust a storage unit myself. Lots of ways to be creative around the house unless you've got thousands of ounces to store?
  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Their number is on the top left of the home webpage.
  5. The problem with these are the large diameter which equals a thin coin. I bought the 1/4oz which comes in a mint capsules and the coin still rattles about good style as its so thin. Have kept the 1/10ths in the pimply OMP
  6. Proof sovereigns are about £400 from the mint so a very big premium there. 2017 was a winner due to the 200 anniversary however I would not ordinarily buy one. Very much depends on many factors. You can get lucky with HGM and buy proof Britannia set for around 10%. I wouldn't pay too much above spot unless you have money to burn or you have done your research.
  7. Why do you have to steralise the poor wee fellows? Can't you just leave my one intact?😆
  8. for sale

    £21 including rm singed for?
  9. Hi and welcome
  10. May gambled big time with the best interest of the country for personal and political gain and got a bloody nose. Selling it all as to acquire her mandate to follow through with Brexit negotiations. How the hell can she now turn round after this humiliation and say she has that mandate. Unless she is holding on to maintain stability, then bugger off very soon, she has no honour; who would be surprised if she did not? A very good point was made on question time last night also, can't mind by who. The Eurocrats will no doubt will have been watching all this unfold and be pissing themselves. The fact that she did a massive uturn regarding personal care funding in the blink of an eye will not be lost on Herr Junckers et al.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. Is the your avatar a pic of you and family or just a random poc? I would suggest you keep your identity under wraps somewhat if collecting precious metals, particularly if your stack grows in size. Members of the forum are a good bunch but it is an open forum on the Internet and it pays to be a bit circumspect.
  12. If I could get it cheaper than any other gold then I would grab it. Bullion gold can always be had for a few % above scrap price. The lower purity would not worry me and the storage space for 9ct would not be an issue. Also selling on to the likes of HGM when you want to liquidate would be easy. More cost effective than refining the stuff I would think.
  13. Hi and welcome. Keep your eye on the sales section on this forum, there are some good deals that arise. May be worth delaying your next coin purchase and get the premium membership, this way you have the best opportunity of seeing sales as they are posted. The best deals from the likes of Arshimo don't hang around for long.
  14. Ah, enjoyed a good pint or two in Broughton Street in my time. Had no idea the assay office was there however.
  15. I buy a limited amount of semi numi silver and a couple of proofs but think I will be sticking with bullion only when it comes to silver.