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  1. Greetings from Germany

    Welcome to the forum mate, I wish you well in your career and stacking choices. I mind when we went to West Germany with the school many moons ago, a 5pence coin could be used in the vending machines for a Duetschmark, about 5 times the value at the time if I mind correct!
  2. Are privy marks overdone?

  3. Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome
  4. If they are paying above spot price which is unusual I would suspect they will want good condition coins. They should state this in their t&c's however. Like the post above says I would contact them fist to save any additional expense, time and aggravation. Any reason you do not want to sell via he forum itself?
  5. I believe Prunella Scales has an extensive collection of Reichsmark coins(uncirculated). I have absolutely no evidence regarding this however this is what I believe!
  6. Who is jack black? I don't own a telly so do not know many celebrities. Or more precisely, what is he famous for?
  7. Newbie's first half sov

    Slippery slope mate! Enjoy the ride
  8. Hello silver forum

    Welcome to the forum mate.
  9. silver price by 2020

  10. Silver is undervalued imo however if you do the sums on purchasing the cheapest physical metals the ratio drops significantly.
  11. Topcashback

    I keep forgetting to go via TCB when making purchases recently. Bought a gift from Argos today then remembered about cashback. Clicked the link retrospectively and low and behold it has tracked so may be worth considering if abscent minded like me!
  12. Introduction From Alabama, USA

    Welcome mate, what's the weather doing over there? Freezing over here
  13. How low can we go?

    Never noticed any shortages in 2014 or 15 when around that price although Mike Maloney would probably try to make you believe it. I think it would need to go sub $1000 now for supply issues to appear.
  14. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Now that doesn't surprise me. One of them is probably owned by old Betty Battenberg in an offshore Caymen,s account if you know what I mean?