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  1. If an opportunity presents itself to be able to pay more tax, I will always be at the front of the q.
  2. Hi from NH

    Hello and welcome.
  3. Hello

    Hi and welcome
  4. No TVs for the past 2 years, don't miss it.
  5. Hi

    Welcome to forum
  6. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    You got the silver(but I got the gold) the stones silverr machine, hawkwind
  7. Hello Everyone!!

    Hi and welcome
  8. Thanks for letting us in

    Hi and welcome.
  9. Hi

    Hi and welcome. If it's mainly old silverware/hall marked stuffed you may find other places more knowledgeable. @HighlandTiger Posted links to a few sites a while back if you can do search. For other things bull ion, coin and bars, this is the place to be.
  10. Hello

    Hi mate, sounds like you sold at the right time and are hopefully likewise with buying now. I like the 10oz coins myself although haven't added much recently. The queens beast series out at the moment is very popular if looking for ideas.
  11. best safe for under £250?

    That's a 1/4 of gold, I would find a good place for the gold and forget about the safe!
  12. Not wanting to rock the boat or anything but can I vote for Chards?😀
  13. I disagree, they will poke and prod around until they find the sweet spot of apathy regarding Brexit, they will not be so complacent this time around. They will distract with their fake headlines, Chirst they may even force house prices down 10% as a tactic when the vote is occurring. Even on this forum I have heard some very pro brexiters say they have switched off from this debate. I think we will have Brexit in name only and the substance of any agreement will differ little from what we have today. I believe Joe Public will be complicit in a tacit agreement that we need another referendum to approve any leaving agreement process.
  14. When Siver goes through the roof!

    Just an aside here. If we ever did get sky high prices do you think it would be feasible to cut a deal with your local "we buy any silver merchant"? That is to say you provide him with x amount of mixed silver and he gives you a receipt to say you cashed in silver Britannias. This way you keep all the profit with no CGT. Obviously you would get less than market value but would make up for this with 0 tax. Just a thought as I have a right mixed bag ATM.
  15. Don't want to appear surprised but what the hell is my Grandad doing in a NY subway in the 80's? And what the heck is in his suitcase as looks keen to keep it close!😝😁