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  2. What he said^^^
  3. It's not taken you long to create these, I'm impressed.
  4. Hi and welcome.
  5. Hi and welcome. Very easy to get gold and silver by courier from/to any eu countries. Bit of a bugger buying from uk companies when it's silver as you get whacked for full vat. German, Belgean and Estonian companies appear to be generally the cheapest/best. Silvertogo, gold-silver.be are a very good start. You generally have to make a decent order for example a tube of Britannias minimum to reduce the impact of postage costs. That said, stacking should be on a longer term basis and buying a set cash amount on a regular basis will even out the highs and lows of spot price and postage costs.
  6. Welcome
  7. Hi and welcome
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  9. Interesting to read other people's general disillusionment. I have voted SNP all my days however getting hacked off with calls for another referendum and doubt will vote for again. That said, the more the tories deny this right, the more likely it is to actually happen and become a reality. I think if left to make the call for real, Sturgeon would realise there is not a the appetite currently for this up here, we really need to see how Brexit pans out first. Looking at main parties they are shite. Interesting to note that although the greens total package is totally aspirational, they do have tsound monetary policy and would withdraw the privilege the private banks have had in creating debt and then deciding who they will favour and encomber said with. A policy which aligns with most people's views here I would think? "EC664 A Green Government will therefore develop and implement a programme of banking reform based on the following principles: a) All national currency (both in cash and electronic form) will be created, free of any associated debt, by a National Monetary Authority (NMA) that is accountable to Parliament; The 1844 Bank Charter Act will be updated to prohibit banks from creating national currency in the form of electronic credit. To finance their lending, investment or proprietary trading activities, banks will have to borrow or raise the necessary national currency from savers and investors; c) The NMA will be mandated by law to manage the stock of national currency so that it is sufficient to support full employment, while avoiding general inflation in prices, and taking into account the development of local currencies (Ref. paragraph EC678); d) Any new money created by the NMA will be credited to the account of the Government as additional revenue, to be spent into circulation in the economy in accordance with the budget approved by Parliament; e) The members of the NMA will be appointed – for fixed terms - by a Select Committee of Parliament; f) The independence and integrity of the NMA will be assured by law requiring NMA members and staff to be free of any conflict of interest; mandating full transparency of NMA decisions; and prohibiting lobbying or undue influence of NMA members or staff by government, financial institutions, corporations or any other private interest."
  10. GS.be is coming in around £195 for the same order.
  11. https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ee-home-broadband-exclusive-offers/?refreshcache=1 not sure if link will work as got it through email but I think it's worth a go. Topcasback have a deal for EE broadband packages. Any broadband or fibre broadband with phone package , new customers receive £150 cashback. I have went for unlimited broadband with anytime calls for £27.50 per month. There's a £7 postage charge for router but I think EE will pay up to £50 if you are tied to an existing contract. Phone package is excellent also. Working out at £19 per month over the 18 month period.
  12. Good call @Cornishfarmer but it looks like it may be the other way around http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39931635 NK has still got the scope to say they were behind whether they were or were not.
  13. Coin Portfolio Management
  14. completed

    A so a swan if still available?