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  1. Newbie on here!

    Welcome matey.
  2. Hello to all!

    Hello and welcome.
  3. New 2 it

    Hi and wrlcome
  4. Where to buy

    Subscribed, I do like a half!
  5. Platinum Wedding Anniversary SOTD Sovereign

    Have a pint mate😀
  6. Hello from Portugal

    Hi and welcome.
  7. Starting a stack

    Can't go wrong with sovereigns or Britannias. If you find you want to change direction after dipping your toe in, as said before they are easily sold with little lost unless spot price drops! In such a case you would still be able to purchase an equivalent weight of new choice of bullion.
  8. Hello

    Welcome to the forum
  9. New member

    Hello and welcome Dan, everyone seams intent on using your name so I will too (Dan) , from Stu.😀
  10. Folks would soon realise the value of precious metals in such a scenario, the problem I see is that if folks are batering in the community, how do they verify that the PM is genuine? Most folk would want to barter for a tonne of fire wood or a trailer or what have you would be my guess. Holding tangible assets of anything which you can easily store is good insurance in my book.
  11. Price drop incoming?

    There you go my man, your suspicions are correct! https://www.jmbullion.com/gold-and-silver-dealer-hedging-infographic/
  12. stepping up a gear

    On my last mortgage we could overpay and drown down as much as we liked and we used it as a high interest savings account in effect. The only penalty was £500 if we cleared the entire balance early. My current mortgage only allows us to overpay a certain amount then we are penalised, fined in effect but not sure by how much. Can't draw down on it either. The kind lady did tell me however that f overpayments were made then we could stop paying the mortgage until the balance was used up! Banks, don't we love em. Always read the small print when your stressed out your eyeballs and waiting for a mortgage to be processed. Sorry, a bit off topic again Craig!
  13. stepping up a gear

    Get your purchases from here when they come up. A post was on today for £15 an Oz, no minimum purchase and I think postage Of your choice so could get 5oz for undef £80 which is good.
  14. Hello there from Bonnie Scotland!

    Welcome to the forum