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  1. Hello everyone.

    Hi and welcome
  2. Has anybody bought from or know....

    Wakey Wakey Carlos
  3. for sale 1KG Umicore silver bar

    @cravethatcoin you must list a price for your item, thems the rules.
  4. Tonewheel

    Hi and welcome.
  5. Hello Everybody...

    Hi and welcome.
  6. If there is a "soft border" agreed between ROI and NI but customs checks are initiated and enforced between NI and mainland UK I will be well pissed offed, This may be the fudged agreement that comes to pass however . This is probably the most overlooked and least discussed issue in regards to leaving the EU. I don't have the answer but neither does anyone else! I reckon the EU has to accept non duty imports by default to the UK. If they do win, win folks!
  7. Gold buyers

    I think we are all giving @leowashing a hard time. He only wants to enrich the forum members at his own personal expense. Here is what I suggest Leo. Send me 1kg of 22ct dory bar to my po box co Zaire, I will pm you my address. No need to authenticate the goods I am sure, you are a trusted poster of the forum now. I would then initiate a group buy from our forum( inclusive of the cost of the kg you sent as a deed of confidence) I am sure we can achieve £250000+ in sales for such an attractive offer. They certainly don't come by our way that often!
  8. Gold buyers

    This fools gold you mention, is it 22 or 24ct? I'm not a fool you know
  9. Gold buyers

    I don't need a partner, I can buy gold all by myself, in fact prefer it that way.
  10. Imperfect new sovereign - luck of the draw?

    Bullion coin mate. As long as I was assured it is gold in content, I would not be concerned with physical appearance. If your into collecting, most co ectors hate new sovs unless they have something to distinguish from usual shite, a privy mark, cartoon design like 2005 etc. Excuse my cinicism but I will continue to stack on (unless I see a no brainier like 2017 proof sov, anyone want one for £800? Lol)
  11. Selling to atkinsons

    I would go straight to HGM as Pete suggests. Is it worth pissing about, sending goods before payment as this will usually be required as newbie seller on the forum for 1 or 2 % extra with all the time and hassle involved?
  12. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Do folks think the price spike when markets reopen shortly due to the carry on in N Korea.