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    thebol reacted to Bullionbilly in Withdrawing from coinbase ?   
    Ive just sent some from my 1st direct acc to coinbase hopefully its goes through then i can reverse it and withdraw. Thanks again @thebol
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    thebol got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Withdrawing from coinbase ?   
    No probs, just log into your online banking (on computer, not phone).  There's an international payments option - then just follow steps.
    You'll need to send money to your coinbase account first (which is fee free) - think I sent about £10.  Once this reaches your coinbase then your account details will show up and you just click withdraw   
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    thebol got a reaction from Xander in Withdrawing from coinbase ?   
    @Xander Coinable doesn't charge fees for the withdrawal from fiat to bank, however bank gives me a pretty sh** rate....standard though I expect.
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    thebol got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Withdrawing from coinbase ?   
    I withdraw in Euros to my UK bank.  Done this several times with no issues, although you'll need to deposit a little first (via SEPA is best).  
    Sepa transfers are free from my account (First Direct).
    You can't withdraw in GBP unfortunately/annoyingly.
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    thebol got a reaction from mondy41 in Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series   
    @mondy41 Schoolboy error, lol.  Thanks for your help
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    thebol reacted to mondy41 in Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series   
    @thebol -      @muenzdachs is not following this topic nor have you tagged him - he may not see your post - maybe best to message him - hope this is of help
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    thebol reacted to Martlet in I want to buy back in   
    It may already be over.  The volumes for BCH/KRW driving Bitcoin Cash have halved.  Transaction times and consequently high fees are a problem still. 
    It has been a fairly orchestrated attempt to take over Bitcoin, I wonder how authorities and more importantly institutional investors are going to respond in the next week or so.
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    thebol got a reaction from arshimo2012 in 1oz Queens Beasts gold dragon   
    Wish I'd seen this earlier
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    thebol got a reaction from NumisNewbie in Cuban coins   
    @sixgun Thanks   @NumisNewbie  - You selling anything at the mo buddy?
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    thebol got a reaction from oliversw5 in 2017 I Rare Indian Sovereign   
    What did it sell for out of interest?
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    thebol got a reaction from stackspot in silvergoldbull.co.uk   
    Pretty sure you can get them on Bittrex with BTC
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    thebol reacted to mr-dead in silvergoldbull.co.uk   
    Bought up IOTA a while back (went up around 4000% from ico level)  then traded into KMD just after the ico.
    Ended up with 106,600 KMD
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    thebol got a reaction from mr-dead in silvergoldbull.co.uk   
    I've used them a few times before and paid with bitcoin without issue wth them twice.  If it's a new account there used to a code knocking about for free delivery to the UK.  
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    thebol reacted to sixgun in Will gold prices ever return to pre-recession levels   
    Gold and silver have been real money for 1000's of years. This forum is all about collecting and investing in gold and silver money. The Russian and Chinese central banks have been amassing huge amounts of gold, probably in the order of 30 000 tonnes each. Gold and silver are not going away, they are safe havens b/c they keep their value. 
    There needs to be a medium of exchange. i have 50 gallons of petrol in cans and i want 20 sacks of corn you have but you don't want the petrol, you want 30 sacks of fertiliser. i have to find someone who will swap my petrol for fertiliser. A medium of exchange cuts out these problems. i can sell my petrol for the medium of exchange and then buy your corn with this.
    i imagine cryptocurrencies will come to replace the paper money. These are multipurpose electronic tokens. Some are backed by commodities. There is one from Russia which represented ownership of volumes of sand. There are those which represent gold or silver. A token that represents something tangible has value either b/c they are title of ownership or they enable you to do something useful; these will increasingly be used as currency.  
    Taxation is legalised extortion and is used to pay private banks for worthless currency that never needed to be borrowed in the first place. Taxation is a slice of the value of the work and assets of the people.  By the time currency has been earnt and spent a few times in the economy, most of it goes to the tax man through income tax. NI, VAT and corporation tax. This enables government to borrow more currency and issue more bonds. Governments have nothing other than what is taken from the people.
    A cool way to reduce tax would be to be paid in UK legal tender gold and silver. You do a job and get paid with 30 £2 silver Britannias. You got £60 in face value for tax purposes. You got £500 value in silver Britannias. i have not heard of anyone doing this and it would be something to keep quiet about if you did.
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    thebol got a reaction from Numistacker in Chinese Gold graded pandas   
    Any movement on these prices?  
    Tempted in the 2014 1/4oz.  The guide price for an ms69 is $350usd - could you get anywhere near that figure?
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    thebol got a reaction from Numistacker in Chinese Gold graded pandas   
    Thanks for your reply.  No probs.
    The price guide I was referring to was here https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/chinese-coin-prices-detail.aspx?lang=en-US&ChineseSetID=1302&subcat=gold-panda-coin-prices
    You've got a lovely collection.
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    thebol reacted to StackerMike in Chinese Gold graded pandas   

    The guide price is always out of date!
    I go for what is on the market for sale,
    If you can find one cheaper than mine let me know and I'll see if I can match it,
    I'm not going on their guide price,
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    thebol got a reaction from woody65 in 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars   
    @woody65 Received today.  Just what I was after, thanks   
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    thebol reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    The remaining cuban coin is with 18 others awaiting NGC's pleasure - because its in the "value" tier NGC take time...

    You can see your coin is 2814615-009 )) and its in good company but still grading...
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    thebol got a reaction from Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    @NumistackerAh such a shame as it's a beautiful coin and was hoping for a good result. At least it's genuine though (and still beautiful)
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    thebol reacted to Numistacker in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Update on grading.

    NGC is still processing the second half of the April Grading. One half is in London awaiting my pleasure..

    I just dropped the May Grading off with USPS. I decided to send it Priority Registered Mail as this is special handled and locked up to its destination. I insured for $50,000 with USPS which is the maximum. We are sending almost 200 coins this time the largest ever and I figured it was better to play safe.

    One has to seal Registered Mail with special brown tape and they stamp onto the tape everywhere on the box which is secure and tamper proof.

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    thebol got a reaction from Aaron in Hi all   
    Hi all,
    I'm mainly interested in Cuban coins and have collected quite a few silver and gold coins both old and new.  If anyone has any for sale that I don't have I may be interested
    I also love silver coins in general.  I've got a collectors brain I think so once I buy one in a series I'm compelled to buy more.  I love the Queen's Beasts and also the Privateer series.
    Stumbled onto this forum after a facebook group pointed me in this direction following a query on coin grading.  Had a look through posts and it looks like a great forum and place to come to feed my growing addiction.  
    Best wishes, thebol