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  1. withdrawn Chinese Gold graded pandas

    Thanks for the unsolicited lesson in gold prices and mathematics. I politely asked a question to the seller in good faith and had an answer which was accepted. I don't remember asking you for anything...!
  2. withdrawn Chinese Gold graded pandas

    Thanks for your reply. No probs. The price guide I was referring to was here https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/chinese-coin-prices-detail.aspx?lang=en-US&ChineseSetID=1302&subcat=gold-panda-coin-prices You've got a lovely collection.
  3. withdrawn Chinese Gold graded pandas

    Any movement on these prices? Tempted in the 2014 1/4oz. The guide price for an ms69 is $350usd - could you get anywhere near that figure?
  4. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

    @woody65 Received today. Just what I was after, thanks
  5. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

    If that includes postage and they're 1964 Kennedys then yeah that's a fair price. Can you pm me payment details. Thanks
  6. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

    @woody65 Could you do for £70?
  7. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

    Depends on price but thinking about 10.
  8. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

    Could be tempted by some Franklins but just fancied a few cheap, so called junk silver coins and liked the look of the Kennedy ones. Why, what you got mate?
  9. 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars

    Evening all, After a few of these for my collection. Anyone selling any at a good price? Ta
  10. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    @Numistacker Any update on the Cuban coins submitted?
  11. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    @NumistackerAh such a shame as it's a beautiful coin and was hoping for a good result. At least it's genuine though (and still beautiful)
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Hi, Thanks for the update. Regards to the Cuban one - What does unc details mean - does that mean it's not got a grade Any news on the other Cuban one I submitted?
  13. Hi all

    Thanks for the welcome
  14. Hi all

    Hi all, I'm mainly interested in Cuban coins and have collected quite a few silver and gold coins both old and new. If anyone has any for sale that I don't have I may be interested I also love silver coins in general. I've got a collectors brain I think so once I buy one in a series I'm compelled to buy more. I love the Queen's Beasts and also the Privateer series. Stumbled onto this forum after a facebook group pointed me in this direction following a query on coin grading. Had a look through posts and it looks like a great forum and place to come to feed my growing addiction. Best wishes, thebol