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  1. completed 1oz Queens Beasts gold dragon

    Wish I'd seen this earlier
  2. for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    WOW!! Love these. How much are they please incl. delivery to UK?
  3. completed 2017 I Rare Indian Sovereign

    What did it sell for out of interest?
  4. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    Pretty sure you can get them on Bittrex with BTC
  5. wanted Cuban coins

    Thanks mate, I kept a few of those when I last went. It's the silver/gold ones I'm after though
  6. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    @mr-dead Any alt coin buying tips would be gratefully received....by me at least
  7. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    How much did you start out with?
  8. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    Worth mentioning Jay Parker takes bitcoin too. Bought a few ounces of silver off him recently using bitcoin. Nice guy too
  9. silvergoldbull.co.uk

    I've used them a few times before and paid with bitcoin without issue wth them twice. If it's a new account there used to a code knocking about for free delivery to the UK.
  10. wanted Cuban coins

    @steve1905 Sorry, only just seen this, thanks for the offer mate, however I'm after unmounted coins.
  11. wanted Welcome to Silverbug Island

    Sorry bud, these are ones I'm referring to... https://www.providentmetals.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=welcome+to+silverbug
  12. Anyone got a full set to date for sale, preferably antiqued? Cheers
  13. for sale Various silver coins

    Hi, same question from me. Anything still left and are the prices the same? Cheers
  14. wanted Cuban coins

    @sixgun Thanks @NumisNewbie - You selling anything at the mo buddy?
  15. wanted Cuban coins

    Sorry got myself confused there. Thanks for letting me know