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  1. Silver bar No. 10 did arrive safely over here in the Netherlands!!! Thank you for this great item, looking forward to the next one!!
  2. I would like to have one as well, because my 1oz bar has number 10 I would like to have the 100 gram bar also with number 10!!
  3. The finished product looks great, and I'm looking forward to receive my No.10 bar!!! You can sign me up for the 100 gram edition!!
  4. I can see two of them, a large one behind his head(mum) and a small one(baby) on the right next to his arm
  5. The reason the sold out is that the have a great marketing department, and I think most of them went to buyers outside the Netherlands who taught it was a legal tender coin. On the Dutch coin forum nobody was really keen on this medal, and I did not here from anybody who bought it. I'm happy for the Dutch Mint that the did sell all of them, because the did have a lot of problems the last few years. Mintage numbers for most coins went down a lot, because the did get to expensive(especially the gold €10 coins). Most of those coins you can buy at local actions for 50% of the retail price only two years later, mainly because the designs are crap. The design of this medal is ok, but I rader buy an 400 year old original lion dollar!!
  6. I did not buy this item, because it is just a medal not a legal tender coin. Also it's not a serie, just one issue(gold and silver). I do not be leave this will be a popular item for collectors within the Netherlands, not many people here in the Netherlands collect medals from the Royal Dutch mint. I think the 2017 200 year anniversary gold ducat will be a much more interesting item, as its still a legal tender coin!!
  7. These look great, I would like to have number 10 if possible!
  8. Thank you all, for the warm welcome !!!
  9. Just joined this forum, after I have been watching Numistacker's video's for a year (maybe even longer)!! I live near Rotterdam The Netherlands and started collecting silver& gold world coins about 8 years ago. I mainly collect Chinese Panda's and buy any other silver coin I like, I do also collect old Dutch coins in mint state and proof quality!!! Inspired by Numistacker I send in my first NGC submission early march, looking forward to see my first results!!!Greetings from Holland!!!