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  1. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Did anyone see the proof coin for (pre)sale some where, I think it's a great looking coin!!!
  2. For sale: A rare MS70 gold 20 Yuan panda from 2006 NGC Graded MS70 Price: €350,- incl EU registered secure shipping Payment true Banktransfer (preferred) or Paypal
  3. 2018 Trigos Money Show Panda 60g and 300g silver

    I think these medals where struck by the Shanghai New century mint, this is a private mint. I do like last years design better, the details from this year are not so good!!!
  4. withdrawn 2016 brass Nanjing panda PF70!!!!

    Last week this coin is for sale (till Dec 10th) ,because of the upcoming holiday's Price drop, now €349 incl EU registered shipping!!!
  5. withdrawn 20 Yuan 2006 NGC MS70 gold panda

    Last week this coin is for sale (till Dec 10th) ,because of the upcoming holiday's Price drop, now €299 incl EU registered shipping!!!
  6. withdrawn 20 Yuan 2006 NGC MS70 gold panda

    Bump!!! still available
  7. For sale the great looking brass Nanjing/great wall panda in TOP quality!! NGC Graded PF70 complete with box and coa Price: €399 Now €349 incl EU registered shipping!!! Payment: paypal gift or banktransfer
  8. Thanks Chris, when I look at my "wanted" advertisement for the 2014 Brittania box I can only edit the last post and not the first (main) one. It does work for the new one with the 2006 panda.
  9. I'm still a newbie and I just started to use the trade section, now I have a question how to change the advertisement. I have one "wanted" topic and I want to change it from "wanted" to "completed", how does this work? Thanks for your help!!!
  10. The hard to find gold 20 yuan 2006 in MS70, only 50 coins graded this quality by PCGS/NGC . Only one available!!!! Fixed price €350 €299 including EU registered shipping (please ask for worldwide shipping) Payment by Paypal gift or banktransfer!!!
  11. Congratulations to all the winners!!! But I think Poppy appeal is the real winner here, with 400 pounds of forum members donations!!! Great Job!!!
  12. The Moon Panda is dead?

    Interesting article, will this include all non fiat panda series and coin show items? If all series are stopt by the Chinese government, collectors could go after the earlier issues. And prices for these non fiat coins could go up really fast. On the other hand people could also lose interest, because some series have only one or two releases. I'm curious to know how this will develop!!!
  13. wanted 2014 1oz proof Britannia box&coa