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  1. Savvy Metals has been born

    I appreciate the warm welcome and hope to contribute to the forums as time goes on. /blush
  2. wanted 2015 Australian Kangaroo

    Nice to have a second set of eyes out there Jester. I actually never heard of the one you pictured above. All I knew about was the one I provided a picture of above. I seen that JMB has them but holding off my next $100+ order for a minute until the spot slows down. Just figured that one man's trash is another man's treasure and I was on the hunt locally before going to the 'store'. Ya never know, the guy with my treasure may be dying for a Koala or Elephant in the year that I own and that makes two very happy collectors.
  3. wanted 2015 Australian Kangaroo

    That is correct. I am just making a full circle of 2015-2017 Australian Kangaroos in 1oz Silver and nothing more. I personally never dove into the "privvy" world and have no desire to do so. Thank you for responding and happy to find other "cool" stuff along my search but the goal is for a 2015 'roo on this hunt.
  4. wanted 2015 Australian Kangaroo

    I'm looking to fill a gap in my run of the 'roos from Australia. I'd like to know if anybody has one they wouldn't mind coming off of. Willing to trade a 2013 Koala or a 2013 Elephant or buy it outright. Wish me luck.
  5. Savvy Metals has been born

    I personally started this "hobby" on Valentine's Day of 2017. In a short time I've learned and stacked a nice investment to hold me solid in whatever comes. Just wanted to send a shout-out from the Wheatfields of Oz to all those out there. Pleasure to finally join the group I've heard so much about. 2017 Stack