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  1. Rosland Book of Gold Adverts on TV

    Good moustache that.
  2. More 50ps found by my wife and snaffled away by me.
  3. Or diversity managers in the NHS.
  4. If you can manage without watching any BBC channel or any live TV or recording any TV programme, you can opt out of paying the licence fee. http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/topics/telling-us-you-dont-need-a-tv-licence
  5. Richard Rock's Trading and Chart Analysis

    I still have no idea what you are going on about but I'm strangely aroused.
  6. My first oz of Gold. Going the 'right' way?

    It's cufflinks with me. I must have 150 pairs. Nice coins by the way. I'm just about to branch out into gold.
  7. Today I received.....

    That's fairly terrible typo there @LewisRichards Imagine if this was twitter!
  8. Today I received.....

    I love those coins @Coinan I picked up a 1940 one kronor (Gustav V) recently and I've vowed once I have got all the Dutch silver I want, I may move onto the Swedish. Also got my coins from @BackyardBullion via GS.BE. Mrs CarlosSilver has fallen in love with the kookaburra so I may need more of those soon.
  9. completed **JUNE** Combined order of Silver & Gold from Goldsilver.BE

    Brilliant. The only downside is that tomorrow is the one day in the month where I have to go into the office! Arrrrggghhh.
  10. Richard Rock's Trading and Chart Analysis

    I genuinely wish I understood this thread.
  11. Today I received.....

    Lovely coins and that 1887 double florin is in much better condition than mine. They may have only been minted for 4 years but there are varieties. Such as the inverted 1 as an "I" in Victoria on the 1888 and 1889 coins. The 1887 coin was also minted with a Roman 1 in the date.
  12. Silver Deals.....

    I've bought from the Bullion By Post eBay account. It is them as far as I can tell due to the branded bags, business cards etc included in the packaging.
  13. @morezone I've got a spare 2010 Belfast if you fancy swapping it for your Edinburgh
  14. I watched the video yesterday, well I watched part of it and skipped through parts. He was critical of the Royal Mint but to have his account closed (if that's what has happened) seems very harsh.
  15. Today I received.....

    I find this book useful and easier than Google when looking for the weight and silver content of foreign coins.