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  1. "Random Year" Coins

    The last 4 lucky dip / random year sovereigns I bought from ATS have been 1963, 1930, 1927 and 1912.
  2. Roll up! Design your own useless privy coin!

    A classic cartoon cock and balls, 3 spurts.
  3. Stacking old British Silver

    Very nice. I've got a small stack of old silver circulated coins. Mainly British but also Swiss, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.
  4. The End of Progress ?

    All of them.
  5. The End of Progress ?

    I've got one word in response to this thread. Fidget spinners End
  6. Does anyone carry a coin or piece of silver daily

    I used to carry a 1571 (Elizabeth I) three pence in my wallet but since getting a slimline wallet the coin has been lobbed in with the others. I use a silver threepence as a golf ball marker most weekends.
  7. Numistacker Appreciation Post

    I've never heard of her.
  8. **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Arrived safe and sound. Thanks very much Mrs BYB and @BackyardBullion I love the trade dollars.
  9. Football died in about 1996 (just after the euros) for me but I carried on until about 2001. Before switching to non league. Mid 80s was probably my favourite time. I lived with a woman who's dad was a proper 1960s/70s football hardman. He showed me all the referee reports compiled when he had to go to a FA disciplinary hearing. I was wincing just reading them never mind seeing some of the "tackles". He wouldn't last 5 minutes of a game nowadays. That said, let's be honest, the skill back then doesn't compare to the skill of today's players. A lot of football was fairly dire but if felt more honest. Nostalgia ain't like what it used to be
  10. Sovereign Rings

    She is (was). She also used to rally drive in an Evo and an Impreza. She said you will know what they are. *shrugs shoulders*
  11. What is going on in the UK ?

    Hyde Park on Sunday has the makings of a remarkable event.
  12. Sovereign Rings

    I wore a half sovereign ring back in the 80s. And a rope chain. I know nothing about cars but my wife got through nearly a dozen Ford Capris. I've just asked her and she says from what she can remember she had lots of 1.6 mk2s, a 2.0l mk2, a 2.8l injection and her favourite a 3.0l mk2 gxl (V6) rebored twice. I have no idea what any of that means but it may make some people have a tingly tail.
  13. Cheap Copper Rounds

    Double snap @ilovesilverireallydo
  14. Cheap Copper Rounds

    @Bullionbilly as someone who mainly works from home, a good 10% of my working day is spent that way. I also build towers. This is my 5p tower.