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  1. @Jay2 I'm not claiming to be an expert on coin grading but that 1891 crown looks in decent condition. The main points of wear are usually seen on George’s sword, the muscle definition on the horse and Vicky's jewellery and hair. I could see someone paying £40 for that.
  2. The 1887 crown has a mintage figure of 173,581 with 1,084 proofs according to my reference book.
  3. 1889 had the highest mintage of 1.8 million. Then 1890 at just under a million. These are the most common dates seen on eBay although it's not always easy to get a great bargain there. Car boot sales are often a good place. Condition is key though, good grade crowns can sell for hundreds of pounds.
  4. This is true although the crowns had a much lower mintage. There were only about 150,000 crowns minted in 1894 for example. Low for a circulated coin.
  5. Some beautiful coins there @shortstack68
  6. Lovely coins. Got any of the double Florins? I've got a1887 and 1889. Just need the other 2 years.
  7. The 1900 and 1892 were above spot but still quite reasonable.
  8. Here's some I picked up recently. In poor condition I can sometimes get these at lower than spot. I love crown sized silver coins.
  9. Good idea. I throw all my coinage into a bucket at the end of every day. Sometimes it is a few pence other times it can be as much as £15 (usually when I've had a night out as I tend to only pay with notes in bars). It soon mounts up, I must have nearly £200 in my bucket since the start of the year.
  10. @gavinfry if you haven't melted that Boliviano down and want rid of it, drop me a message with your price please.
  11. A 1888 Alfonso xiii five peseta coin. Some fairly average condition crowns.
  12. I'm going to need more popcorn.
  13. Fantastic website. That's me sorted for the rest of the afternoon.
  14. My thoughts exactly. Pass some of that popcorn.