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  1. Tickets to see Mickey Flannigan Tickets to see Ricky Gervais A new kitchen.
  2. I've got a fitbit and a smart watch that I bought specifically for the golf apps. Oh, and this. It looks a bit like me so I was prepared to spend the princely sum of £1.00 on it.
  3. I'm in again. I'll have a look over the weekend at what I want.
  4. for sale

    Thanks for the offer @Madstacks that's a reasonable price but I'm currently picking them up cheaper than that with my regular dealer. Best of luck though.
  5. for sale

    Are you talking post 1920? If so, do you have any 1935 and 1937 crowns?
  6. Mine arrived today. Thanks @BackyardBullion
  7. I've never really understood the need to blow massive clouds when vaping. It screams "look at me! Look at me, please look at me" It especially makes me tut and roll my eyes when someone does it in a pub that has been kind enough to let me discreetly vape. I use an e-cigarette as a means to keep me off the fags but whatever floats your boat.
  8. I've got a blog that I hardly use. It's linked in subject to a twitter account I run. The twitter account has 35,000 followers but the blog has hardly any. I've considered dedicating more time to the blog and monetising it but I'm a lazy sod.
  9. I used to make and sell moustache wax, beard oils and beard balms. I used to supply a few trendy local barbers and sell online. I was also in early talks with a well known London shop who wanted my product but with their branding. It was fun while it lasted and I made some decent money but it took up more of my time than I was prepared to dedicate. Especially as the brand took off. You may be surprised at the size of the competition out there in the hirsute grooming world.
  10. Anarchy in Timperley by Frank Sidebottom
  11. That's a beautiful crown @sovereignsteve
  12. While I can see your point, you are not 100% right. Valuations for housing benefit and local housing allowance are not determined by the state, they are determined rent officers. They have a large database of private rented properties that they use to set LHA and HB levels. The properties on this database only have tenants that are not getting HB, this ensures the market level is set by actual paying tenants rather than HB recipients. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/rent-officer-handbook-lettings-research/lettings-research-collecting ("housing benefit data" tab)
  13. Can you explain this to me?
  14. Do our American friends think the respectful, intelligent, well-rounded British people on this forum are a true representation of the British in general? Believe me, I wouldn't trust half of my countrymen with a fruit knife, never mind a gun.