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    Goldmick reacted to Skelator88 in NGC Grading Submissions Open   
    Can you point me in the right direction to the bags and sealer ? 
    Also I would like to send you a small extra payment as I strongly believe what you do is worth more than the price we pay!  
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    Goldmick reacted to smithy117 in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    Brought one of these over a week ago and still not posted. Pretty sure they don’t have it in stock. This has happened before and the refund money after two weeks. 
    Just a heads up guys. 
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    Goldmick reacted to phoenix in stacking goals 2018   
    I’m three weeks into the stacking journey and have a few ounces of silver on order and a quarter ounce gold coin. Already hopelessly hooked. By 2019 I’d like 50 ounces of silver and an ounce of gold. I plan to stack generic bullion, but we’ll see how long that lasts!
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    Goldmick reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Latest two halves from HGM, lucky dip style. My first Victoria too!
    Old Head, a bit smooth on high spots, still pleased with the condition though.

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    Goldmick reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received   
    Finally picked up the two lovely gold one - ouncers that I bought in the dip a few weeks ago. A 2017 eagle and a 2017 anniversary Britannia. Nice to contrast the colour and the designs, with the US eagle of course being 0.917. Sorry about the poorer photo of the Brit - but I am reluctant to take it out of its capsule. Regarding the designs; while the Eagle is very good (and with a big ounce you can see more of the finer details of the eagles nest and the White House ), it does make me appreciate that the Royal Mint here in the UK is willing to take some risks and plays with new tweaks to the designs on the front and back. Lets face it, we do grumble about the RM and pile into them when they get it spectacularly wrong (eg the 2018 lunar dog) but at least they take the risk. On the US side - i guess it would take another revolution to change the design. Maybe President Trump will order a new design - with the genius himself on both sides!?
    Anyway - back to the final gold coin - a cool pickup from a visit to the LCS when in the States, a 1923 Melbourne sovereign for the same premium as any other bullion.  Not in pristine condition, but this was a pretty low mintage by 1920s standards so quite pleased with that.  That one goes into the semi-numismatic pile of sovereigns😊.
    Also snagged a few of the annual silver 1 ounce designs - but my favourite by far is the Netherlands Lion restrike.  I could only find the bullion version, but i see now what all the fuss is about....and i may need to track down a proof! Some nice 1990 Canadian maples in OMP - i do like the old maples, and these are in great shape. Maybe being in the wrapper prevents spotting ? 

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    Goldmick got a reaction from PansPurse in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    I'm up for breakfast and drinks after 
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    Goldmick got a reaction from Sovereign in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    Nice one good day for it buy yourself a coin for your birthday 
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    Goldmick got a reaction from Sovereign in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    Nice one good day for it buy yourself a coin for your birthday 
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    Goldmick reacted to Sovereign in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    03/feb is my birthday 
    so might be there  
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    Goldmick reacted to shawy2510 in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    Doubt I will be there all day but happy to meet people there if others want to.
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    Goldmick reacted to SovTracker in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    I have put it in my Diary! I come down on the Train from Wolverhampton to Euston. Only a 10 minute walk from the Station!

    Maybe those who attend should get together for a drink and a chat after?
    As the Fair is in February, all those on a dry January will be OK for a drink! The bar does a great G&T!

    Been there twice now - a great day out!

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    Goldmick got a reaction from SovTracker in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    Here we go pic

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    Goldmick got a reaction from JunkBond in Today I Received   
    That's what I think lol
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    Goldmick reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    You just get your sovs out every couple of weeks and take another picture...  please tell me I am right.
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    Goldmick reacted to JunkBond in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    Do we all meet in the bar at the end of play to compare booty.
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    Goldmick reacted to BackyardBullion in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    This was my latest outing to the coin fair. 
    Highly recommend it - lots of fun regardless of whether you get a good deal or not!
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    Goldmick reacted to creative in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    I couldn’t allow myself to go to a coin fair. When I physically have access to something I can have immediately all reasoning and logic goes out the window!
    ”This coin 300x more expensive than I can get online...hmmmm...but I am saving on postage...and I can take it home NOW...hmmmm...I’ll take it please” 
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    Goldmick reacted to Sovsaver in Today I bought.....   
    A 1 kg metalor silver bar from Arshimo2012, couldn't resist it. Planning to fit a thick chain to it and hang it around my neck so everyone at work thinks I'm rich. Having said that, the 13 year old Seat I drive might give the game away )-:
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    Goldmick reacted to Tpbullion in Today I Received   
    Recieved these two beauts today from HGM. Always tend to receive newer sovs from the lucky dip, others tend to get the older sovs. Doesn’t bother me too much. I suppose that’s the point of a lucky dip! Keeping my fingers crossed for an oldie or two at some point though. Maybe in the next purchase 🤞🏻

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    Goldmick reacted to augur in Today I Received   
    MS69 1/4 oz gold Queens Beasts Lion

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    Goldmick reacted to austack in Today I Received   
    My first Sovereign from Atkinsons, usually buy from HGM but at the time they were out of stock, Atkinsons was the same price or cheaper (because of free P+P) coin quality is the same as HGM but Atkinsons was packaged better, plus I got a free chocolate coin, might stick with Atkinsons in future depending on price, overall happy even though they had no Edwards in stock.

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    Goldmick got a reaction from Kman in London coin fair Feb 3rd   
    Big coin fair on Feb 3rd I'm saving up lol. Been once before it's a good day out gunna pick up a few sovereign.s check out on you tube worth a visit