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  1. Cool I would do it then cos I was told they was gone the piedmont is a good buy to I ant got that much spare cash lol
  2. All gone only bu left
  3. Just was on the phone getting one for my m8 at 7pm and that washe what the rm told me
  4. Only 300 ish left of the bu the others have now sold out from the rm
  5. Bu one for me 525 is my limit lol looks well nice hope I'm doing the right thing lol all this month's coin money for me
  6. Just ordered mine well happy
  7. Hi welcome
  8. Sounds good to me m8 gunna have a look
  9. I would have a few m8 dont mind what no is on it don't understand why people want the same no.s it's a different bar lol
  10. Wow there well nice feel so nice in hand love them thanks byb
  11. completed

    No worrys lots of coins to buy lol
  12. Well done I was 1 away lol. Not bad for my first go
  13. completed

    Hi m8 would have it next weekend don't get paid til then lol up 2 you dude
  14. Big thanks mate got mine today ps anyone khow ware to get coin caps for the 2oz beasts