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  1. Wow there well nice well done can you imagine them in gold lol good idea m8
  2. Today I bought.....

    Better pic with info in case anyone wants some
  3. Today I bought.....

    Just ordered 2 of these on the bay look ok
  4. Newbie's first half sov

    Hi and welcome yer can't go wrong with sovereign.s my favourite coin the is lots of info on here
  5. Why is it

    Sovereign.s are very popular on here and I can see why people rate them so many to collect good price and easy to sell didn't start off my favourite coin but is now the is so much to learn to
  6. Collection of coins and bullions need some advice

    This is true my jewellers pay £180 for sovereign.s and sell them for £280 £300 and as for silver they only pay for 925 silver even if 999 silver
  7. Stolen goods - please read

    What a mad funny idea i love it will start it off sellotape behind a picture
  8. Sounds good what company is that might give them a go
  9. completed 1866 20 FRANCS

    Good buy nice one
  10. for sale 1909-P Edward VII Full Sovereign

    Holiday already booked for May I go to Turkey 2 times a year love it there lol
  11. for sale 1909-P Edward VII Full Sovereign

    Got 2 sovereign.s off Mike last week lovely cond. Good price peeps. If I wasn't skint I would buy lol
  12. Today I Received

    Not really bought today but just wanted to show you all my lovely 99999 gold 1oz Canadian mint coin very nice yellow gold do like it what do all think a
  13. 20 sovereign.s now

    Thanks for all your like.s everyone
  14. completed 2010 SOVEREIGN

    Come on peeps good price