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  1. Yer know that feeling lol I've got both them coins and love them
  2. So true 100%
  3. Look much better now
  4. Very nice I'm after this one next
  5. Yer khow what you mean there nice looking I like the price of the half but it's like a drink at the pub a pint or half lol
  6. This was my plan lol be nice to have one proof but like you say got lots of time so won't rush and will pick up at good price I have done well so far and set my price when choosing one
  7. Yer khow what you mean it's a nice coin but over priced me thinks I khow many peeps have got one and love them but does seem a lot of money at the moment I wonder if the price will drop in time
  8. completed

    Are they sold
  9. I'm getting hooked on sovereigns but have been stuck on buying close to spot makes sense so bullion so far but getting tempted with the 2017 proof sovereign not sure to go for full or half I've got 10 sovereigns so far and I'm tempted to go for more so bullion makes sense what you think people
  10. I just got the gold set last week and love them some peeps on here say the silver 10 oz is nice to hard one to choose I would say get some gold I'm starting to get hooked on sovereigns myself there just tops for everything lol
  11. Got these today like new mint condition I'm hooked on sovereigns now lol I'm now up to 10
  12. Yer how much would they have charged for it I'm just after a nice sovereign one that I can say is nice yours was very nice but I won't give up I'm all ways looking for a good bargain lol
  13. Nice one 330 well done didn't mind not getting it
  14. Hi and welcome to the mad house