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  1. Goldbenj can you post a picture when you have done what's needed to make this watch look the dogs bollocks? 😎
  2. Beautiful looking coin BYB. Wish I had the money. 😎
  3. The silver bullion bars are now in my hands, what a beautiful hand made bar. Many thanks BYB. Craftsmanship at it's finest. 😎
  4. Love the look of this watch. 😎
  5. withdrawn

    Nice one Ollie, thanks for letting me know. I will give you a shout soon if it's ok? Definitely better price than what I have been getting. Many thanks. 😎
  6. withdrawn

    Hello mikesol, Interested in your coins but I have checked the scrap price where I use and it's only £38.45. If you don't mind me asking what is the place you use as I often sell scrap silver. Cheers Trumar
  7. Hello has anyone got Falklands Penguins 50p Series: Northern Rockhopper 2017 Coloured Cupro Nickel for sale? Cheers mark 😎....... All sorted thank you 😎
  8. Nice one BYB can't wait to have them in my hand.......😎
  9. Nice one BYB, can't wait to have them in me hands. 😎
  10. Cheers sovereign Steve I will have a look. Cheers mark
  11. Hello Goldbenj, sorry to jump in this topic. I have a question on melting Gold, can melted 9ct Gold be turned into 24ct? Cheers trumar
  12. Hello shortstack68, I have no idea what happened to the original box, they are in a coin box, do you know if I can get a maundy box for them?
  13. Nice one sixgun thanks for the info. I think? Lol
  14. Ok thanks for the info.
  15. Sorry G I'm new to precious metal's what is the spot price?